A Mixed Love Story

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Ch.2: A New Hope

"Money sir, money for the poor?" a young man said to the people of the streets.

"Go back to the dump you came from, you filthy peasant," a monkey-faced looking man said to the boy while kicking him in the stomach.

The teenager just stood his spot though. How was he supposed to feed his sister and uncle tonight?

"Zuko!" a girl in fire nation clothes came up to him with a worried look upon her face. She was quite beautiful; she had ivory black hair that was pulled back into a bun and golden eyes just like her brother. "Uncle says that we've got to go home now!"

"But Zula…"

"No but Zuko, I won't here nothing of it."

Zuko sighed and started walking home with his sister. This was the third time that week with no money. Zula looked at her brother, she felt a sorry for him; he was a powerful firebender who had a very bad temper. He was a hard working normal teenage boy, but no one would pay attention to him because he was a mere peasant.

"Zula, why don't we get some fish from the water, I'm sure that would fill us up tonight!"

Zula nodded as they headed to fire nation waters. While fishing in the waters, Zuko stuck his fishing pole into the ground. All of a sudden the siblings felt a rumbling under their feet. Zuko stood his ground while he told Zula to run away. The water began to swirl into a massive whirlpool and a spherical shaped ball rose through it. Zuko looked at the mass of air with fear, but still acted brave and stood his ground like the heard headed person that he was. A massive blue light was released into the sky for everyone to see.

The blue light stunned Katara and her crew; while it was disappearing, Katara had a smile on her face. Her crew knew what that light was for, her grandmother knew what that light was for, and she, most of all, knew what that light was for. He was back!
Zuko just stood there, amazed and shocked at the same time to see a boy lying on the sand with a big furry creature behind him. All of a sudden, the boy's stormy eyes shot wide open. He stood up carefully, looking at his surroundings, when he suddenly saw two faces, one of a girl and one of a boy.

Zuko looked at the boy with curiosity; here was a strange little boy with arrows engraved on his arms, feet and the top of his head. He looked to be around the age of twelve. He wore very strange clothing and he had a smile that could brighten your day in a matter of seconds.

"I'm Zuko, who are you?" Zuko asked curiously looking at the boy, " and what's that" he said pointing to the big furry creature.

I'm Aang and this is my flying bison Appa!" he replied with a huge grin on his face.

"… Yeah, and this is Zula, my flying sister," Zuko replied with a joking manner.

An abrupt sneeze was heard and Aang was seen up in the air, coming down to the earth slowly.

"You just sneezed and flew ten feet into the air!" Zula explained

"Really? It felt higher than that." Aang replied foolishly.

"Wait, you must be an Airbender" Zuko said while pointing at Aang

"I guess I am," replied the boy.

Aang walked up to Zuko and in a pleading voice asked, " Could you do one thing for me?"

" What is it?" Zuko asked curiously.

" Will you go tortoise sledding with me!" he said so fast that Zuko could barely understand what he said.

Zuko looked at Zula then at Aang and smiled while leading the way.

After hours of playing together and having fun, they all headed back to the village. Once they arrived, everyone crowded around the newcomer, staring at him with awe.

"Why are they all looking at me like that; did Appa sneeze on me?" Aang asked while looking at his clothes.

"It's just that we haven't seen an airbender on over a hundred years, we thought they were all extinct," a pleasantly plump man told him, "that is, until my niece and nephew found you."


"Aang, this is my uncle" Zula told him.

"Call me uncle Iroh."

Aang amused the villagers with many of his airbending skills. Showing them his tricks with his staff.

Zuko and Aang had been talking for a while, when they stumbled on an old water navy ship. Zuko tells him that this ship had been haunting their village ever since his uncle was a little boy; it was one of the first attacks that started the war. Aang asked him what war was he talking about. Zuko knew that Aang must have trapped in the ocean for more than 100 years. He also told him that that the ship may be booby-tapped; Aang just ignored the comment and went in.

"Aang, I'm warning you, something bad could happen."

"Don't worry Zuko, with your firebending and my airbending, we'll be safer than u can say yip-yip."

Sure enough, Zuko was right and something did happen; Aang stepped of a small string setting of a flare that whistled through the sky. At that very moment, Aang and Zuko ran out of the ship, just barely making it out before they were trapped.

Princess Katara had been looking at the events taking place. That boy dressed in fire nation, had she seen him before? He looked oddly familiar. Her thoughts were interrupted when her grandmother tapped her on her shoulder.

"What is it Gran-Gran?"

"Look for yourself."

Katara looked through her telescope once again, but instead of looking at the fire nation boy she looked at the boy next to him.

"Head south men" she yelled with an evil grin on her face.

'You will be mine Avatar, whether you like it or not.'

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