Title: Our Cartography

Summary: Getting stranded on a lifeboat in the middle of the ocean was only the beginning of Zuko and Katara's problems.


High above the coast of the Earth Kingdom, three children rode on the back of a bison—

No, that's boring.

Terrible way to start a story.

Fast forward—

The pirate ship tacked westward, painted prow embarking on a collision course with the Fire Navy vessel. From the deck a young man screamed at his lieutenant to ready the catapults—

Something's just not right there either.

Everyone loves pirates, but that's not what this story is about.

Try again—

The middle of a fight. The sun beat down on a tiny lifeboat floating on an infinite expanse of seawater. There was no sound but that of a boy and a girl who stood facing each other and shouting. The prince (a few pirates short of his Fire Navy crew) and the waterbender (a couple companions short of her bison) were having a rousing philosophical argument, the first of many to come.

And here is where our tale really begins.