A Harry Potter Fanfiction

Take a Picture of Me, Harry

By: Aria DC al Fine

Genre: Romance

Rating: T

Disclaimer: Not mine.

Synopsis: Photos cannot lie. He loves me, even if only through the camera. SLASH HPDM. Ignoring HBP

A/N: a weird fic spurred by a Gravitation fanfic entitled Mou Ichi Dou which means One More Time. Leave a comment about this after you read it, please.


"Let me go, Potter!" The blonde boy struggled.

"No, Malfoy," His black-haired caretaker said, his grip on the paler man's bloodied hands absolute, "and stop moving so much! You'll be loosing too much blood."

'The bloody plant…I'm going to destroy it…' the Slytherin muttered and sighed. "Why does it have to be you?" he said more loudly.

"I've told you, Malfoy," Harry sighed too as he inspected the wounds, "I'm the best in Medi-wizardry Education Class."

Malfoy hesitated before asking his next question. "What about Granger?"

Harry smirked and waved his wand to clean the cuts. "She's not in the Class. She's more interested in modifying spells. I am interested too, but I don't have the brain to grasp the concepts of all those difficult charms…"

The grey-eyed boy eyed his archenemy silently as he went to retrieve a few rolls of bandages, before he asked, "Why did you choose to be in Medi-wizardry Education Class, though? Why didn't you choose other enrichment classes?"

Harry stopped dead, his back facing Malfoy. "I…"

Malfoy saw it and got the answer he wanted. "Forget it. I forget that you are such a righteous Gryffindor."

They fell silent as Harry opened the cabinet to look for some Iodine.

Everyone had been doing Devil Snare in Herbology when Malfoy's attacked him, giving him nasty cuts on his arms, legs and some parts of his chest. Professor Sprout had stopped the plant's assault, and Harry, as the best student in Medi-wizardry Education Class, was asked to treat the Slytherin in the Infirmary before the blonde could set the plant on fire. Thus placing them in the situation described above.

After he found the bottle of Iodine, Harry returned to the Slytherin and poured some on his wounds, which was still bleeding. Malfoy hissed and tried to pull his hand. "Ouch! That hurts!" he glared at Harry before pouting, "Why can't Pomfrey heal me?"

Harry stopped dead again.

Malfoy saw it and the pout was gone from his face. "Order business, isn't it?" he asked silently.

The Gryffindor looked up fast. "How do you know?" he inquired, his green eyes wide.

Malfoy sighed heavily and lay down on the bed. He offered his hands to Harry this time, and Harry took them into his care quietly, blushing slightly for asking such a stupid question. Of course Malfoy knew. The blonde was not really that ignorant about the war.

They stayed in that comfortable silence for a while, with some occasional hiss from Malfoy and a quiet 'I'm sorry,' from Harry, before Malfoy decided to talk. "I'm having my birthday in the Manor this Christmas Holiday."

"Oh?" Harry responsed, his sole attention still on the cuts on Malfoy's arms, legs and toned pale chest. The gashes looked very red on Malfoy's stark pale white skin. The Gryffindor then proceeded to wrap the bandage around each wound.

Malfoy nodded absentmindedly and stayed silent for a while before he said something again. "I'm turning eighteen soon."

Harry's eyes widened again, and he dropped the roll of bandage he was holding. It fell to the floor with a soft, muffled thud, as he raised himself on his feet.

Malfoy turned his head to look at Harry and stretched out his hand to him, untied bandages trailing behind, brown and red liquid seeping through. "Potter…" he said weakly.

Both of them knew that it was going to be their goodbye.

"Potter…" Malfoy said again, and Harry blinked his tears away. After having a conversation with a drunk Malfoy after the Halloween Ball, Harry had come to know that Malfoy really didn't have any desire to be a Death Eater, but had no other choice, since he didn't want to be on the Light side either. The two of them had been civil to each other after that, behaving even almost…friendlily to each other, pretending that the world was fine and there was no mad Dark Lord trying to rule it outside the castle.

The pretence had to be over, though. And it was killing them both.

Harry looked over his new 'friend' and gasped at the sight. Harry took his camera from his pocket, and when Malfoy was about to sit up, the Gryffindor said, "Don't move. Lie back on the bed. Keep that expression on your face."

Malfoy obeyed and let his hand fall on the bed, his grey eyes looking at the lens of Harry's camera as he moved to get a better angle, tapping his wand to change the colour of Draco's slacks to white and add stray white feathers on the bed. He stayed still as Harry snapped a few pictures, his breath soft and his face dejected, but at the same time almost expressionless.

Perfect…Harry thought, and released the breath he didn't realise he was holding.

Harry had started taking pictures since Colin and Dennis Creevey died last year, sacrificing themselves for their hero. It had been their last wish then, for Harry to continue their dream of taking pictures of beautiful sceneries and keep people happy with the photos, so, feeling guilty but determined, Harry granted their wish. He soon found himself immersed with it though, and now he was inseparable from Colin's camera. Only, Harry preferred muggle photographs to magical ones, because only then he can truly capture the beauty of a moment, of an expression on a person's face.

Harry put down his camera and smiled uneasily at Malfoy as the blonde asked, "Are you done yet?" The Gryffindor nodded before returning back to taking care of his patient's injuries. "Sorry about that," he blushed, "it was…breathless."

"Hmm…" the blonde only said before he hissed again as Harry poured more Iodine to his gashes.

You-Know-Who Finally Defeated!

Azkaban is having a field day today, as all Death Eaters were caught yesterday, after You-Know-Who was finally defeated by the Boy-Who-Lived, Harry Potter, graduate of Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry year 1991-1998 and the youngest Seeker in history ever, after years of struggle and wars. You-Know-Who's body was cremated publicly and sealed by the strongest magic possible so that he will not resurrect again. More details about You-Know-Who's last breath…

"Draconis Lucius Malfoy," the judge looked disdainfully at the thin blonde boy standing in the centre of the courtroom, his pale hands bound behind his back, "You are sentenced to punishment for being a Death Eater. However, because you surrendered willingly, and you have no records of murder, we are not going to give you a death sentence. No, the court had decided to exile you to the Muggle World. You are never to enter the Wizarding World ever again, and your wand is to be snapped to pieces. Do you have any say about your punishment?"

The last Malfoy on earth shook his head and, with his head bowed, declared, "I agree to receive my intended punishment."

The judge nodded to the wizard next to him, and he snapped Malfoy's ebony wand to halves with a resounding crack. The judge nodded again before turning to the blonde boy, "now, you may leave, Mr. Malfoy."

The Aurors were latching onto the ex-Slytherin's side when Harry Potter stood up from his seats and shouted, "It's not fair! He didn't do anything, he was just there!"

The judge looked critically at the Saviour of their world. "Yes, Mr Potter, but he was a Death Eater, and we cannot let Death Eaters go unpunished."

Harry protested. "But-"

"It's okay, Potter," Malfoy said to him from between the Aurors, "I will be fine."

The green-eyed man looked at his ex-enemy in disbelief. "But you know nothing about the Muggle World! You may get killed there!"

Malfoy smiled at Harry, the first sincere smile he had ever given the Gryffindor after years of darkness, and Harry genuinely wished he could take a picture of it. "I'll be fine, Potter," the blonde said one last time, before the Aurors pushed him out of the room.

"No…" Harry slumped back to his seat, "no…"

The judge looked down to his papers and cleared his throat. "Now, we shall proceed to the trial of Ms Pansy Parkinson…"

Saviour of the Wizarding World Disappeared!

Harry Potter, 21, also know as Saviour of the Wizarding World, the former Boy-Who-Lived and The Most Eligible Bachelor in the Wizarding World had disappeared since ex-Death Eater Draco Malfoy was exiled to the Muggle World. Everyone claim that he could not be found anywhere. Is his disappearance related to Malfoy's exile? If so, what is their relationship, really? Details about their relationship at school are provided on page…


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