A/N: Just so that everyone knows – this story is complete. In my head it was an ongoing universe that would continue forever, but that is not what the story was meant to be. What I have written is over and if you like this world then it will just have to continue in your own heads.

I have re-read and re-edited the entire story (if I missed any typos or erroneous words in changed sentences, please do let me know) and coming to the end, I realised that that is it. It was meant to set up a new hope and a new world and now that they are all there, it can take of itself; I am done!

I am sorry if you would have liked this to continue. All I can say is – try another of my "possibilities" and see if you like that too.

This was tremendously enjoyable to write. In review, I made myself laugh, which is arrogant as hell but in my mind it can only be good. I hope you enjoyed yourself. For a change – they do all, mostly, live happily ever after.

Glad tidings to you all.

And by the way, the majority of my references in this fic are true. I am a pagan priestess, senior school English teacher, theology PhD and everything from the sangers to Bellerephon are real and true. I am nothing if not the Queen of research – sad perhaps but it works for the Granger and it worked for me long before she was even a concept.

All my love,

Akinaria xx


Ch 2 – Okay, I made the Tibetan Touchling up, but the cultural aspects are real.

Ch 3 – I feel that this would be the place to apologise to any Wiccans and followers of Crowley, Gardner, Dorothy Clutterbuck or any other perverted aspect of Paganism or witchcraft BUT I KNOW what I am talking about, so you'll just have to assess yourselves and the relevant history and see whether what I placed in Dumbledore's mind holds any resonance for you. I would ask that you place TRUTH (empathic, spiritual, historical, scientific etc) above all concerns of personality and appearance in this case. The Shamanic details are also correct. I have not been through the ceremony in Mexico itself but I have completed it here, Salvia Divinorum is only for the enlightened mind and you will scream if you have not faced yourself!

Ch8 – Australian references come from Australian family, they (my family) are a bit lazy and hickish but it's relevant nonetheless. The computer stuff – well, that is fairly basic but if you need a pedigree – computers were introduced to UK schools when I was in the third year (Year 9) and I started the first computer programming club at my school.

Ch 14 – I imagine if you google Chimeras you will be able to find the legend of Bellerephon. I write children's fantasy novels professionally and this stuff comes naturally now, it is there somewhere so feel free to check it out. I did invent a lot of stuff in this story but if it sounds credible then give it a google and you'll learn something.