Chapter 1

The corridors of Community General Hospital were abnormally quiet that night. Though it had been extremely busy and chaotic that day it had thankfully settled down and not a single patient had been admitted since then.

The doctors and nurses on-call that night were either strolling down the neon lit corridors or else catching up on some much needed sleep. In all it couldn't have been a better night to be working.

In room 225 Samuel Thomas was beginning to stir as the effects of the anaesthetic began to wear off. Cracking open his heavy eyelids he was greeted by total darkness and a dull pain in his side. Blinking it took him a few seconds to get used to the darkness and remember where he was. Trying to sit up he winced as pain shot through his side and he remembered that he had just had his appendix removed. Cursing silently under his breath Samuel settled back down into bed, still exhausted by the operation. Closing his eyes he allowed himself to slowly slip into unconsciousness.

Samuel's eyes suddenly sprang back open and he felt panicked but knew not why. He didn't know how long he had been asleep for but something had awoken him. Heart racing he tried to make sense of the darkness before him but could see nothing, so instead he had to rely on his hearing to pick up any sounds. But there was nothing just silence. Taking in a deep breath and repressing the shudder spreading down his spine Samuel took once last strained look around the darkness and decided that he had probably been having a nightmare and had thought it was real.

He was about to go back to sleep when he suddenly heard the shuffling of feet and a pillow was brought down on his face.

Taken completely by surprise Samuel yelled out but his cries were muffled by the pillow and no one but his attacker could hear him. Samuel lashed out with his arms ignoring the pain in his side. His hands connected with skin and he began to claw at his attacker's arms but still the pillow did not move.

His attacker held the pillow in place ignoring the scratching of his arms. Eventually the scratching got weaker and after a few moments ceased completely. Removing the pillow the attacker looked down at his victim and smiled at his success. Placing the pillow under the head of the victim the attacker silently left the room.

Half an hour later the door to room 225 is once again opened and Anthony Parker creeps into the room. Seeing that the patient is asleep he starts searching through the person's belongings and successfully finds a 24 carat gold watch and a wallet containing $100. Grinning he creeps back out of the room.

Throwing his finds into his rucksack Anthony Parker does not notice the nurse behind him at the other end of the corridor watching him suspiciously. As he stalks off towards the elevator she decides to go check in on the patient.

Switching on the light of room 225 she moves over to the still body in the bed and gently removes the covers from the person's face. She gasps as she notices the blue skin and quickly turns to the heart monitor only to find that it has been switched off. Turning back to the body in the bed she checks for a pulse and on finding none calls a CODE BLUE.

Doctors rush to the scene but there is nothing the can do.

Samuel Thomas is pronounced dead at 12:20pm.