Author: First crack fic. Gods of anime forgive me for shameless self-insertions, overuse of cliches, and much fangirlage. This encompasses Gankutsuou, Samurai 7, Rurouni Kenshin, and Naruto. Please don't kill me if I write people wrong. Other than that...


"Shut up! I'm trying to find good porn!"


"See, that's why I like Naruto. No one actually dies; whenever it looks like they do, it ends up being a clone or something. Either that or they miraculously are revived."

Plastic-san glared tearily at a Bagel-san who was casually flipping through websites looking for IrukaKakashi smut.

"But it's the COUNT!"

Kelp-san squee-d. "SANO'S ONLY 19!"

Plastic went back to watching the last two episodes of Gankutsuou, mildly sulking. She immediately perked up after a few moments, and started laughing. "HE'S SAVED BY THE POWER OF LO-- crap." Plastic watched in horror as the Count died in the overused Japanese-obsessive catholic cross of blood. "That's not fair!" she exclaimed in outrage. "He and Albert are supposed to get together!"

"Guess what I found!" Robin-san said with a smile. Plastic immediately turned, pausing the burned technically stolen fan-subbed Gankutsuou and looked over.

"What?" She squinted and then grinned. Robin shared the same grin and clicked to print out the picture.

"You guys are nuts," Bakery-san muttered as she tried her best to ignore the others and read fanfiction.

Kelp looked amusedly at Bakery. "You agreed to room with us even though you knew how insane we were, so what does that say about you?"

Bakery conceded defeat. "good point."

Plastic looked forlornly at the frozen picture on her computer screen. "I wish I could go and change things in there. If the Count didn't die it'd be closer to the storyline. and maybe I could save Franz too!"

Robin nodded sympathetically. "I want to save Kyuuzou-sama...and Heihachi-sama too."

Plastic's face darkened. "Stupid Katsushiro."

Kelp drooled over fanart, and sighed. "I wish Sano was reeeeaaaaal..."

"kakashi!" Bagel exclaimed after reading a line in a smut fic. "That's not physically POSSIBLE." She continued reading and snickered. "I'd love to meet Kakashi and Iruka...and force them to get together."

Bakery gave a small sigh, and resigned herself. She liked all her friends, and, after all, they introduced her to worthwhile series, they still could get a little trying on her patience. Silence fell as each girl became absorbed in her separate anime.

Outside, there was a clump of ominous-looking clouds that seemed to be headed directly for the dorm that housed our 5 fangirls. All were happily oblivious to the impending doom headed their way. It took a flash of lightning right outside their window to make the look up, and the sound deafened them briefly, and they were unable to see anything from the light.

Once the pretty sparklies disappeared from Plastic's vision she gasped and looked around. This was definitely not her dorm room. She sat up and felt an itching sense of recognition. It took a very familiar voice to snap her out of her funk and tell her where she was. She pinched herself to make sure she wasn't dreaming before she jumped up with a high-pitched "DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUDE!" she turned, and there on the bridge above her, sure enough was Albert...talking with Franz.

'Yes!' she thought happily. She listened closely and frowned. She couldn't understand them. And she needed to. She glared indescriminantly up at the sky, demanding of the Powers That Brought Her to give her the ability to speak and understand whatever the weird French/Japanese they were speaking. After a long moment of awkwardness, the words Franz and Albert were speaking made sense to her. She grinned maniacally and found the stairs that would lead her top-side, and she barely managed to constrain herself from skipping up the stairs.

Kelp blinked repeatedly, her glasses slipping down her nose as an accent to her confusion. She looked around, and felt a weird sense that she knew this place, even though she had no idea where it was. She looked down at herself and wondered at how her clothes could have possibly changed to a yutaka and hakama, but accepted it. She was probably dreaming, and dream logic was weird, so she just stood. She looked around and her mouth fell down in shock.

That. Was. Kenshin.

She barely managed to keep herself from squeeling and glomping Kenshin, but just barely.

'Wait...I don't know Japanese though,' she thought. The Powers That Were did not need provocation again to give Kelp the ability to be fluent in archaic Japanese. With a happy smile, Kelp bounced her way to Kenshin, knowing that if she followed him long enough, she'd eventually find Sano.

Robin coughed and sat up slowly. She was glad that whatever she had landed on was soft though. She looked down and murmured and apology. She backed off the person and ran into another. She looked quickly up at the person, then back to whom she had landed on.

'I don't believe it.'

She slowly stood and looked at the two people who were looking at her just as curiously.

'It's...Katsushiro. And...Kirara. Wait. Then, then, then...'

Katsushiro and Kirara did not understand how the girl(who looked to be 13 at oldest) could go from confused such a short span of time.

"Are you okay?" Katsushiro asked carefully.

"Couldn't be better." Robin chirped.

The Powers That Were apparently had decided that they needed no more provocation from the author to give the girls the ability to understand what they needed.

"I'm coming with you."

Kirara looked skeptical. "You're not a samurai."

"No, but I can help anyway."

Katsushiro stepped in and sighed. "Fine. For now. You look lost anyway. We'll help you find your parents."

Robin was used to this treatment.

"I'm 19." she said rather dryly.

Kirara and Katsushiro stared.

"Now, you were going somewhere?"

Bagel rebounded quickly,shaking her head to clear it of the fuzzies. She looked around and her eyes widened.

"O M G!"

She was immediately on her feet and walking. It took her two minutes to find what she was looking for.


Miraculously, no one heard her, and the Power That Were bowed one more time under the author's pressure and gave Bagel the ability to do jutsu and understand the language and what not.

She barely managed to keep herself from skipping along and instead meandered down the main street, sighing in happiness.

Bakery looked around quickly, and was confused.

'Where'd everyone go?' she thought. She looked at the empty desks and neglected computers. She stood and looked around. She looked on Plastic's computer and gaped. Was that her on the screen?

She looked quickly onto each of the vacant computers and found the retreating form of each of her friends.

"Ah, fuck..."

She collapsed onto her bed.

"This is all a dream. I will wake up tomorrow and they will all be back and insane and I will not have to explain away what the hell actually happened."

With determination she closed her eyes and ignored the fact that she had a paper due tomorrow as well as a physics assignment just so that she wouldn't have to deal with the fact that her four friends had somehow been absorbed into their favorite anime.