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Sakura wiped the beads of sweat from her forehead, carefully measuring the right amount of powder-crushed salamander skin and armadillo bile. The rest of the ingredients to the elixir that she was learning to brew were just as vile sounding as they were gut-wrenching to smell. However, the result of it was supposed to smell nothing less of pure baby oil and passion fruit.

Passion fruit, how the hell is it possible to make bile smell like passion fruit? Sakura frowned at the clear flask before her, watching the sickly green potion that she had just concocted. As if Tsunade was reading her mind at the moment, she smiled and motioned for Sakura to look towards her. "Three heavy strokes, counterclockwise, and then five light strokes, clockwise." Her teacher then removed the stirring rod and waited exactly fifteen seconds for the contents to settle and then tilted her flask towards Sakura.

"Pink," Tsunade announced as her potion came out to be the text-book example of perfection.

"Still green…" Sakura replied sadly as she waited past the time the contents were allowed to settle.

"You need to control your arm better. Your heavy strokes are fine, but your light strokes are all uneven and unmatched. That creates a problem as the elixir doesn't settle properly, so clearly your issue is within the last few steps," her teacher explained her observations and watched as her student let out a sigh.

"Remember, this is only the first step," Tsunade went on. "It is very important that you master this level before we move on."

"I understand," Sakura answered her like she always did and went back to focusing on her work. What she was learning to create was something that's similar to artificial chakra. The liquid was designed for wartime ninjas to replenish some of their chakra for a certain amount of time when their chakra level has gone down to zero. The elixir however, has just been created and improved not so long ago, and has been banned for regular usage, even on missions.

"There is still one thing about it that I want to figure out to alter," Tsunade sighed as she absentmindedly took out a bottle of sake from behind her desk. "Some non-ninjas have been found taking the elixir for the artificial chakra, though the situation has been secured since then, it still proves to be a potential problem. If there was only some way to have the elixir acknowledge previous chakra controls…"

"Tsunade-sama, are you drinking again?" Sakura raised her eyebrow when she realized that her teacher was rambling on a bit. Over the years, she has come to find that Tsunade worked best when talking to herself with a bottle of sake.

"Yes…so if I can modify the string A portion of the elixir, and use it as a reacting agent for essence of real chakra…I see," Tsunade started making notes as she continued to think out loud.

"Tsunade-sama!" Sakura cried out.

"Ah Sakura, I think I might have thought of a way!" She smiled happily up at her student, ignoring her question of the alcohol. "Why don't we call it a day? I want to figure this one out before I lose my train of thought."

Then you can just drink again and pick up where you started. Sakura couldn't help but think that to herself. "But this is the first step I need to pass, and I've already taken more than two days on this!"

"We will continue tomorrow, that is all." Tsunade replied without looking up. "You are dismissed."

"Dismissed my ass," Sakura muttered under her breath as she decided to slip a few of the ingredients into her bag. She couldn't fit the flask, but she had already figured that a mixing bowl at home would do. If she weren't allowed to practice here anymore, she'd just practice at home.

"I'm going then. See you tomorrow," she smiled brightly at her teacher and hurried out of her office.

Under hooded eyes, Tsunade smiled. She had often told Sakura not to practice by herself under the confines in her own home due to the possibility of things going haywire, but this is one she's going to have to master on her own. Sakura is great with memorizing ingredients and the like; she was also very good with adding her own chakra into medicinal mixes. But Tsunade found that when it came to mastering strokes and other means of manual mixing, Sakura performed very poorly with high inconsistency. Sighing, the godaime fully pulled out her bottle of sake, now that there wasn't an audience to criticize her.

"Tsunade-sama! I urge you to put that away and get on with your work!"

"S-Shizune! When did you come in here!" Tsunade clicked her tongue with annoyance and slipped her bottle back into the drawer. If she pissed Shizune off enough, she knew that the black haired woman would have no problem confiscating it.