To Dance- Chapter 7

Mimi stared blankly at her own reflection in the full length mirror. She was slightly disgusted by herself. For the past month and a half every day was spent on the street looking for a job.

Unfortunatly no clubs will hire an out of shape dancer, and no real places will hire an ex-junkie/ex-stripper comeing back from withdrawl. And the episodes weren't over yet.

Mimi had had her last breakdown the subway coming home from a long day of job hunting.


1 week ago

The unmistakeable dull throbbing began welling up in a small corner of her head. ' No please. Not now, not in public with all these people here.' Her self-protests were ignored as she sank to the disgusting floor of the subway car. People stared for just a moment before someone finally came to her aid.


Mimi continued to stare at the reflection she was almost positive wasn't her own. Since she had been fired from the Cat Scrach Club she had been eating less and less. She was slowly killing herself and she knew it too. 'What the hell am I gonna do?' she thought before everything went black.

Mimi awoke days later sorrounded by her remaining friends all looking upset and trying (and failing) to hide it. "Roger..." she murmered. She needed him. He must be here. "Roger..." Everyone shushed her. She needed her strength if she was going to...make it. Maybe she didn't want to make it. Whats the point of living without anyone to live for. She looked around at her friends. "Mark...?" she whispered. He knelt down next to pristine white hospital bed. Tears were brimming in his eyes "Mark...finish...finish your film...don't isolate yourself. Don't forget me or Roger" Mark nodded slowly and stood up.

"Maureen..." She muttered next. "Stay the sexy diva I know you will always be. Be good to Joanne and love eachother and live for eachother."

Mimi smiled at Collin's with all her strength. "I'll say 'hi' to Angel for you." she whispered. Tears rolled down his cheeks.

And then Roger was there. Roger was there on her bed, holding her hand and stroking her hair. "I got you baby."

"I love you..." she said as she finally slipped away.


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