A/N: Haven't written anything in a while so I'm really just jumping back into it. This fic was inspired by the song 'Step In My Office, Baby' by Belle & Sebastian and it will probably include some lyrics throughout the story. I'd love some reviews - no flames please. Well, here it is, chapter 1. Hope you enjoy!

Step Into My Office, Baby

Chapter 1


"People! Do we have an editor on board here? Do we even have a spell-check? I believe that the answer to both of these questions is yes. This means that there should be no excuses for errors in our magazine!" Hermione Granger sighed and slammed her door shut.

"Angry today are we?" Hermione spun around quickly as soon as she heard the voice.

"Furious. What are you doing in here?" Hermione hated it when he just showed up in her office. She put plenty of spells to lock her office securely and somehow, he still managed to get in.

"Snooping, what does it look like? So far, I've found some very adorable pictures of you, Potter, and Weasley, a vivid romance novel, and a list of things to do. You're not much fun Granger – though the novel did provide a bit of entertainment for me. What's a girl like you doing reading a book like that?" His smirk made her loathe him and want him at the same time.

"It's historical fiction. It's um… written beautifully. Now, why are you snooping in my office? Go rummage through Cecilia's office. I'm sure you'd find various interesting things that are much better than a silly novel." Hermione strode to her desk, picked up the pictures, book, and list and put them in a drawer. "And honestly, this isn't what I'm paying you for Malfoy."

"You mean you don't pay me just to sit here and look good?" Such a cocky remark usually signified the end of their impromptu meetings. "Good seeing you Granger."


"So you mean he just… shows up? Unannounced and lacking any real reason?" Ginny Weasley, her long time best friend, inquired.

"Yes. That's exactly what he does. And it's not like he ever has anything intriguing or thoughtful to say to me. It's always the usual 'Look how good looking I am.' And 'I sleep with all of the women in the office.' Doesn't he know that I could fire him whenever I want to?" Hermione yelled while getting dressed for an evening out.

"Then why haven't you?" Ginny asked with a Mona Lisa smile plastered upon her face.

"Don't try to act like I have this hidden attraction towards Draco Malfoy, because I most certainly don't. I mean, sure he's attractive but the guy is a total prick." Hermione applied a small dab of glitter on each of her cheeks and checked her reflection in the mirror.

"I didn't say anything of the sort. So… back to my original question: Why haven't you fired him?"

"Because Ginny, he has access to basically anything that I could ever want. He knows everyone, he has everything, and he can get me any information that I could possible need. And it's not like he's bad at his job, I mean, he has one of the highest rated columns in the magazine." Hermione shrugged on a coat, grab her purse and her keys and signaled for Ginny to follow.

"Whatever you say Hermione, whatever you say…"


"Granger! Fancy seeing you here! I had no idea you socialized." The deep voice made her spine tingle.

"Malfoy… I didn't know you had friends to associate with outside of work." Hermione's retort was unexpected and Malfoy looked at her only slightly taken aback before recovering.

"And this must be Ginny Weasley. It's been a while and my, have you grown up nicely." Draco gracefully took Ginny's hand and kissed the top of it. "So nice to see you again."

Much to Hermione's dismay, her friend wore a completely sincere smile and a small blush had crept to her cheeks.

"Come on Gin, let's go dance. After all, that's what this place is meant for." Hermione hopped down off of her stool.

"Yes. There is an adorable male across the way who has been playing eye-tag with me all night. I'll catch up with you later!" Ginny skipped away towards a tall guy with brown hair.

"Care to dance then?" The invitation was startling to Hermione. There's no way that he could be asking her to dance with him. That would be like a wolf dancing with the sheep. Insane. Incredulous. Stupid.

"Sure." Hermione had no idea what she'd just said.

Sure? I believe that answer is incorrect. Any one of these answers would have worked – "Hell no.", "You must be kidding. There's no way I'm dancing with you.", or "Absolutely not. No way."

Draco smirked and knew that she was outraged at herself. "Well, let's go then." He placed his hand on the small of her back (a shocking gesture) and guided her to the middle of the floor.

"No! Wait! I meant to say no! I didn't mean to accept your invitation to dance…" Hermione tried to stop Draco and go back to her seat but instead, he stopped her.

"Then why on earth did you say sure?" He smirked at her.

"Temporary insanity?" Hermione replied meekly. She assumed that's exactly what it was in all honesty. She had no idea what would ever compel her to dance with Draco Malfoy.

"Or maybe… you want to dance with me." He titled his head to one side, placed his hand on her back, and guided her back to the middle of the floor.

"Whatever. I know you won't leave me alone anyways so let's just dance and get it over with." Hermione reluctantly danced the tango and salsa with Draco, only enjoying it a bit.

"Why do you come into my office?" She suddenly asked as he dipped her back. He pulled her back towards him, their faces so close together they could feel each others breath.

"Because I can." He replied and continued the dance. The answer was not what she had anticipated or wanted.

"A better question might be how do you get into my office. I've put at least 10 locking charms on those doors."

"12 actually and they're not as difficult as you think. A couple flicks of my wand and a few words and those doors swing wide open." Draco smirked. "I think it's illogical too. That spacious, private office where no one can disturb you… why not take advantage?"

"What do you mean? Of course I take advantage of it. I have a sofa that pulls out into a bed, plenty of cabinet space, a nice sized bathroom, and a microwave all to myself…"

"Not that kind of advantage." Draco abruptly stopped dancing and left the dance floor.