My inner most thoughts

By Sirius Alexander Black


I got this thing for Christmas last year so I'd better use it, so here goes. My name is Sirius Alexander Black, ha-ha I bet you didn't know my middle name before this, many don't even my best friends don't, not that I hate it mind.

Anyways enough babble, the thing is….I'm not like other 17 year old boys, I have a crush…a crush I shouldn't have. I dated girls sure, but something just doesn't feel right maybe this feeling will pass, who knows, I sure as hell don't


Ack! I ache all over!

Quidditch practice was hell; our team is going up against Slytherin next week so James wants each of us to push ourselves to the limit. What I wouldn't do for a big oily beefy-

Whoa! Where did that thought come from?

I need to sort myself out and fast!


I had to lie to James today. We were sat at the lake talking about allsorts and girl watching, you know what guys do and I had to lie when he asked my opinion, I hate lying to my friends, instead of gazing at the girls who were literally inches from my face and they'd fall all over me as most girls do with me and James, girls were actually jealous when he started dating Lily that they even resorted to hitting on Peter….blech

Anyways where was I?

Oh yeah, for some reason I found it difficult to take my eyes away from the boy sat under the oak tree, he was quiet pretty despite the fact that he was a boy, I was intrigued by him, why couldn't I take my eyes from him?



We beat Slytherin's arse 150 to 80, yeah!

Malboy (my name for Malfoy) had the usual sour look on his face when the whistle blew, serves the bastard right for all the years that he's tormented each and every Gryffindor to cross his path during the last seven years, especially the muggleborns, since when does blood determine your status in the wizarding world, Lily's a muggle born and I like her.

Anyways, James is pestering me to 'stop writing in that thing and get my arse to the common room and party'


Blech…..why did I have to have that extra fire whisky, why?

Remus was wasted last night which is a BIG surprise, maybe he's letting his hair down before graduation, anyways, I feel like crap so I best go lay down

21/9/77 5.20pm


Sirius is in the bathroom at the moment as a result of last night, that boy can not handle his alcohol, so I decided to take this opportunity to read his diary, Lily's in bed nursing her hangover so I'm bored.

Ha-ha, Remus was wasted last night, it was very entertaining to see him that way, and he's usually the quiet one so to see him like that was…...different.

Siri's right, blood shouldn't matter, Lily is as equal to any of us


Who's this boy Sirius wrote about?

Anyways, Sirius is coming back so I better go before he sees me reading this thing