A/N: I own nothing but this laptop and flashdrive


Good lord, has it really been a year since I wrote in you?

Wow, just wow

Anyways, I should update my maybe avid fans who are nosy gits and hoped I would write in this again so they could read about my steamy love affair with one Remus John Lupin who has a very sexy very tight arse which I would like to…..sorry, got a bit lost there.

An update on my friends, yes that's what I'll give you to help me drown these impure, lustful thoughts of my boyfriend, you know saying boyfriend feels good but writing it down is kinda funny, I never wrote that word before, not that I had to, and I'm rambling about…..I don't even remember.

Ah yes, friend updates: James and Lily, are now married and living together in a beautiful little cottage in Godrics Hollow, Peter is…..uh…uh…..fatter and uglier than ever and his hair is thinning, actually I haven't seen much of the rat since we graduated, he was apparently busy with other commitments to attend the wedding of one of his best friends, and lastly, Remus, Remus gets more beautiful to me every day, I've never felt this much for one person….uhhhh…I'm writing about my feelings, if any of you out there have told anyone else of this fact that I, Sirius Black have feelings I shall hex you back to the stone age.

Get it? Got it? Good.


I've caught a bad cold or flu of something so forgive me if I start writing absolute drivel, Remus is pleading me to go see Severus for a potion but I think the dick would rather poison me than see me get well, I hope he dies a slow, painful and comical death that I'm still alive to witness.

Hmmm…maybe drown in a vat full of Flobberworms or a giant rabid Pigmy Puff can go on a rampage, oh the possibilities. Anyhow, enough of thinking of Severus, he makes me skin crawl and itchy and green….green?




Guess what I have? No guess!

I have the drum roll…..dragon pox so I've been advised to take a trip to St Mungo's, boo hiss.

So this morning, you and I accompanied by Remus took a nice trip to the magical hospital where the welcome witch looked shocked when I sneezed small stream of fire, nearly burning the neatly stacked files on her desk, and quickly escorted me to the second floor leaving Remus behind since I'm contagious.

Hmm…Snape should have been here, I could have infected the slimy git with my thousands of multiplying germs.

I hope my skin doesn't stay this colour of green; it makes me look like that Wicked Witch of the West in that muggle film The Wizard of OZ.

27/11/78 5.20pm

Hospitals are so boring!


I've considered how many handfuls of hair pulled out from the root it'd take till I'm fully bald or counting how many girls I had before Remus and trying to remember the names of them. Oh I 'accidentally' burnt a hole in the pillowcase sneezing into it.

Man, get me the freak out of this place before I go insane and go on a wild contaminating spree, that arse Snape being my first victim