Chapter 1- The Offensive

The chief was currently inspecting his equipment when the ships alarm went off he and the other Spartans, what was left of them that is had been on the Undefeated Honor mopping up the covenant for a few months now. The chief opened up his com to the arbiter and asked him what was going on. The arbiter informed the chief that the ship was detecting a brute controled destroyer and scans show that elites were being held in the brig. The Arbiter asked the chief if he would like to assist the arbiter gave him twenty minutes to get ready. "I'll be ready in ten he thought to himself." The chief opened the com channel, "Cortana?" he asked the AI who was assisting the ship master. "yes?" came a smooth femeneine reply, "I need you to get the destroyer's layout upload it to my HUD, take the destroyer's weapons off-online and lower their shields. Five seconeds went by before she replied "finished". with that the chief immeditely opened his team frequency. "Okay Spartans you know the situation Linda-058 and Kelly-087 meet me in armory A-3. Frederic-104 and William-043 head to hanger C-6 and prep our Longsword for take-off." Four acknowledgement lights whinked on. the chief donned his helmet and locked it it with a sataisfing click signialing his suit was sealed the then started running to the armouy. When he made it it to the armory Lindia and Kelly were already there. "Sir!" both saluted, the chief returned the salute "Okay Kelly grab a dolly and load up five of the new MA7B assualt rifles grab thirty-five clips of shreader rounds and hook up the laser sights to the rifles some of the new M95's five boxes of slug round and and five boxes of normal buckshot, grab some frags and plasma ", "Yes sir!" turning and heading off to her task. Linda was already puting tougther her custom SS5AM2 sniper rifle, she increased the caliber to sixteen mm and increased the clip size to ten rounds. "Linda hand me two SM8s " linda grabbed eight SMG's she hooked two to her own leg holsters before tossing two more to the chief fully loaded along with ammo. Kelly came and loaded them on the over-stuffed dolly along with a box of clips she also put on some plasma swords on it. After making it to the hanger and loading up the Longsword the chief recieve a call from the arbiter saying that lanch will occur in one minute. "Ready?" he asked the spartans they all gave a subtle nod."Okay" actvaing the longsword, "LETS ROLL!"