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Warning: Shounen ai, some descriptive kissing scenes and fowl language.

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Under My Tree

'No One Else But Me And You

Nothing I Would Rather Do

Than Hold You All Through The Night

Under My Tree'

Broken glass littered the inside of the cold apartment, snow already billowing in through the broken windows and smashed door, wetting everything it touched. Clothes and scrolls were covering the floor while the bedroom was in the same shambled state, the mattress was tipped and torn the insides thrown about the small area. In the kitchen what food had been in the cupboards was missing or opened and tossed to the floor, in the living room the couch was in pieces and his Christmas tree was burnt. The cold air swept through the small apartment and over the figure standing in the doorway.


That word seemed to just about sum up the feelings of the blonde who had come home from a cold hard day of training out in the snow, and found his apartment raided, and wrecked. It was shock that had him still standing in the same spot even as the door to enter the apartment complex sounded, someone was coming. It was a little over a week until Christmas, the coldest winter he'd ever experienced and someone had done this...his walls were red with spray painted words, all to hateful for him to want to read or remember. Did they all hate him this much?...The boy almost jumped at the sudden awareness of two figures at his side, he turned and looked at Iruka and Kakashi. The men, who had come to invite the blonde to the usual Wednesday lunch of ramen at Ichiraku's, were looking into his apartment, shock and disgust painting their features.

"Who..who would do something like this!"

Kakashi glared hard at the apartment, "Morons."

Naruto sighed and went into the apartment, the men following him in. Everything he had was trashed, most of his clothes were ripped and his weapons were missing, even is ramen had been destroyed. Iruka came up beside him, putting a hand on his back while Kakashi patted his shoulder on the other side. The gestures were supposed to be nice and reassuring but Naruto was close to tears. This had been his home...who would do that to some ones home? He'd never done a thing to hurt anyone! Sure there was a few pranks that some people had held grudges for, but this was going overboard.

"We can't fix it huh?"

Iruka and Kakashi exchanged a sympathetic glance, "I don't know...but I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you."

There was a moment of quiet until Kakashi spoke softly to his bright student, even though he felt like hitting something really hard.

"Come on, we'll go see Tsunade-sama about this."

Naruto sighed but nodded, they gave him a moment to gather what few things he had that weren't ripped painted or broken then the three men left for Hokage Tower. It was a cold and silent walk, both men searching for one bad look from any villager that would give them reason to take their anger out on someone. Wisely though no one even took notice of them as the walked through the snow. Finally they reached Hokage tower, thankful for the warmth provided, they made their way to the Hokage's office and found Shizune in the middle of lecturing Tsunade-baa-chan. Thankful for the intervention Tsunade smiled at her favorite pint-sized ninja and the two men. Smiling she leaned a little over her desk, her cheeks tinted with the pink showing she had already been celebrating the upcoming holiday.

"So, what did you do this time that you require a Jounin guard brat?"

Naruto glared leaning over the desk too, his usual short temper getting the better of him.

"Want me to kick your ass Tsunade-baa-chan!"

The Hokage laughed one hand reaching over to the ruffle the boys mass of spiky hair, Naruto was always a welcome visitor, however the solemn expressions on the faces of the men made her cut the witty banter short.

"Hokage-sama...we have a problem."

"Hm?" Tsunade sat back watching them curiously while Shizune greeted Naruto happily.

"During training today someone trashed Naruto's apartment."

The busty woman looked over at Naruto and saw him frown, the woman frowned as well, she hated how the boy was treated, yet for all her power as Hokage nothing she said changed their minds.

"Is it bad?"

Kakashi nodded, Tsunade looked over at Naruto, the boy was trying to ignore the conversation, taking pity on him she looked at Shizune.

"Why don't you take Naruto for some coca, hm, Shizune?"

The woman got the hint and nodded happily leading the blonde from the room, the promise of warm coca at least bringing a small version of his usual wide grin to his face. After they left She sighed leaning back in her chair as the men sat.

"Do you know who did it?"

"No. They were gone by the time we got there."

"It will be a while before we can get anyone there to fix anything...does he have anywhere he could stay?"

Kakashi looked thoughtful and Iruka blushed slightly, looking sheepish.

"I would offer my home to him...but I don't have the space as I recently got a roommate..."

Even during this somewhat sad meeting Tsunade had to smile at the blushing man and Kakashi who smirked behind his mask. Right, is roommate what they're calling it now?

"Well, what about a friends house?"

"He doesn't really have any. None who will let him stay at least."

Tsunade thought for a moment, it pissed her off how judgmental the adults in this village could be. They were all like children holding a grudge like that against someone as blatantly innocent as Naruto. She thought only for a moment longer before it popped into her head. The parents would be the problem...there was only one other boy who had none and had room to spare. Of course neither boy was going to enjoy this.

"Well...There is room at the Uchiha estate."

Both men scoffed, "Granted there is room, but they hate each other."

The Hokage sighed, "You have a better idea?"

There was silence. That decided her. Sitting up she motioned to Kakashi who was closest to the Uchiha boy.

"Could you go get Sasuke?"

Kakashi sighed at the futility of it but nodded, poofing without standing from the chair.


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