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Warning: Shounen ai, some descriptive kissing scenes and fowl language.

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Under My Tree

'No One Else But Me And You

Nothing I Would Rather Do

Than Hold You All Through The Night

Under My Tree'

Looking at the clock Sasuke saw it was true, they had to get almost clear a crossed town and it was already 5:45. Sasuke got up and grabbed his hoodie and a jacket this time, it had gotten colder as it got darker. Naruto tossed him a box and he looked at it curiously.

"It's from Tsunade-baa-chan and Shizune-nii-chan."

Sasuke turned and put it on the table, Naruto blinked at him for a moment before sighing, "Uchiha, that's not where that goes."

Sasuke was now the blank one as he gave Naruto a are-you-insane look. The blonde smirked and grabbed the box marching over and putting it under the tree, Sasuke rolled his eyes but smirked. Naruto was so childish sometimes. But it was kind of cute. They left after that, braving the cold though it had stopped snowing for now, moving slowly due to frozen feet they walked silently to Iruka's house, Naruto clutching their gifts to himself for warmth. Again his nose and cheeks turned pink and their breath misted in front of them, Sasuke smiled the longer he looked at Naruto's face. He was really too adorable with the pink on his face like that. Naruto caught the smile and smiled back.

"What are you staring at, Sasuke-teme?"

"You look kind of cute when your quiet and cold, Dobe."

Naruto got pinker and went to smack Sasuke who dodged it, "Who wants to be cute, stupid!"

Sasuke laughed at the blondes reaction for a while until they reached the house, it looked like a toasty heaven in the freezing weather. And indeed when they knocked and were let in the heated house was more than enough to make Naruto forget the conversation and revert back to his cheery self. Which was good, he liked a upset Naruto, it was cute, but a cheery happy smiling Naruto was definitely best. It was just the four of them for dinner and Sasuke preferred it that way.

"So how is living together?"

Naruto smirked, "Good, I think Sasuke has fallen for me already!"

Sasuke scoffed even as he thought about simply nodding, "You wish, Dead-Last."

Kakashi smirked at him, as usually probably knowing exactly what he was thinking. That was very annoying. Sasuke calmly relaxed into the family like atmosphere, Naruto was being his loud self, announcing his glee when they were handed presents they could open right then. Naruto looked like he was ready to drool from the desire to rip into it but shook his head.

"Nah, I'll wait until Christmas. It's even better then."

Iruka laughed and ruffled his hair while Kakashi's eyes glinted, he apparently had the same want to unwrap anything that was encased in paper as the Dobe.

Sasuke smirked smugly when Kakashi went to unwrap Narutos and got a hard right hook from Iruka, there was a brief argument that was more like Kakashi whining and Iruka threatening him. Naruto leaned over and motioned Sasuke in, he humored him and the boy whispered in Sasuke's ear.

"They look really good together huh?"

Sasuke smirked, well Iruka could certainly handle the perverted jounin.

"Hn. Yeah, I guess so."

Naruto laughed behind his hand at the men as they bickered like an old couple. They had dinner soon after that and Kakashi again had to duck a swipe from Iruka who had been defending his plate all dinner, Kakashi had eaten quickly as usual and was now picking off Iruka's plate. The man pointed out Kakashi could have seconds but the scarecrow claimed he wasn't hungry right before stealing a carrot. Sasuke was almost sad to have to leave, partly because he would have to go back out in the cold, and partly because he liked being with a family again.

However one of those issues was taken care of as Iruka and Kakashi offered to 'poof' the boys home, Sasuke made a mental note to learn that trick as they held on to Kakashi or Iruka. The cold hit them like a ton of bricks as they appeared outside his house, shouting quick thank you's and goodbye's they hurried in the house. Shutting the door on the cold Sasuke sighed contentedly, Naruto who was leaning on the door frame beside him did the same.

"I definitely wasn't made for the winter."

Sasuke smirked, "That goes without saying stupid. You get cold faster than anyone I've ever met."

Naruto shrugged against the door, "Yeah, but your kind of a shut in, you don't meet many people, Teme."

Sasuke had to give him that one, he smirked and looked up, then stopped. Naruto curious at Sasuke's silence looked up too, belatedly remembering where they were leaning, and where he hung the mistletoe. They were both quietly staring at it for a minutes before looking back down, Sasuke was tempted to forget they saw it, but he also knew this was a chance to kiss Naruto while he was awake, and for a reason besides a slowly accepted attraction to the boy. The silence went on for a while more before Sasuke silently slid his hand over Narutos. The boy jumped but didn't pull away, his gaze was intent on the hall. Sasuke unintentionally licked his lips, his stomach doing the same flips it had before, he turned to Naruto.

Naruto was bright red, Sasuke could have smiled had he not been so nervous. Moving away from the door a little, Sasuke put his face in front of Narutos, there was a seconds hesitation before his lips lightly brushed the boys. It was another not quite kiss, Sasuke didn't want that this time, he wanted the kiss. With slightly more courage Sasuke pressed his lips against Narutos, the boy was breathing raggedly and pressed against the door, but compliant, his lips moving against Sasukes. Sasuke didn't remember the house being this warm...he pushed a little more, parting his lips, Naruto made a small sound in the back of his throat and Sasuke deepened the kiss sliding a tongue into the blondes mouth. Even if he had a dictionary and a lifetime he couldn't describe everything he was feeling, the way Naruto tasted or the pure emotions running from one to the other where their tongues met.

It seemed like forever, could have been mere moments but they pulled apart, panting slightly and both blushing furiously. Sasuke's gaze met Naruto's and his breath caught as he pulled away, releasing the boys hand and almost running down the hall.


Sasuke didn't look back or see the small smile on Naruto's lips as he slowly slide down the door, eyes glazed and far away as if reliving the moment over to himself.

Naruto quietly opened the door and snuck out to the living room, as he had suspected there were presents there, he'd caught Sasuke's ever growing hiding place problem. And he didn't go to give any out so he had hoped he knew who they were going to. Naruto pulled the present from his pocket, it was Sasuke's, he had bought one with him there (a set of Kunai, blue with a uchiha fan on the handles) and another when he'd seen it in the window of a store (a black picture frame with a golden leafy design in the corner, in which Naruto placed a picture he'd stolen from Sakura of Sasuke sleeping, his face distorted against the pillow.). Naruto tip-toed to the tree, placing the present by the others. The boy smiled at the presents and fought back a small yawn. He hadn't been able to sleep after Sasuke had kissed him earlier, he went back into his room but never slept, he stared at the ceiling. Naruto eyed the gifts, they were to varied...and there were so many...surely...one wouldn't hurt right?

The blonde checked over his shoulder then over his other, Sasuke wasn't there. The blonde pulled out the Santa hat he had saved from the garbage gifts and plopped it on his head smiling to himself as he sat and carefully chose a present, a small one would do. Lifting a palm sized one he carefully and quietly took off the wrapping smiling giddily down at the box, pulling off the lid he gaped at the sunglasses he'd drooled over the other day! Pulling them out of the box he smiled as he plopped them on his face, the boy smiled holding back giddy laughter. His eyes landed on the other gifts and he slowly grinned, surely...just one more...there were so many there...waiting to be unwrapped...Just one more...

Sasuke woke up and stretched, he smiled to himself at the dream he'd been having, damn he wished they had progressed to something like that last night. Of course Sasuke didn't know he knew half that stuff, but if he dreamed it he must have, which was good. He glanced outside and suddenly remembered what day it was, Naruto should be waking up any moment and when he did odds are he would drag Sasuke up as well. The Uchiha lay in his bed a while longer, waiting for his morning wake up call...for an hour...Sasuke frowned, there was no way that idiot wouldn't be awake by now. He was actually quite the morning person. Sighing and trying to fight back a bad mood he grumbled and climbed out of bed. He pulled on a shirt before leaving the room, still in his pajamas and went to Naruto's room, the door was open and the boy was gone.

Sasuke narrowed his eyes and turned making his way to the living room, if that little moron hadn't woken him up he was going to kill him! That was just ru-...de...

Sasuke stared at the tree, or more appropriately under it, wrapping paper was all over the place, ribbons and bows littering the floor along with the previously wrapped items. And right in the middle was Naruto, curled up wearing the sunglasses on his head and the shirt over his pajama top with his head resting on the orange fuzzy pillow. The fox slippers were covering his feet as he lay half under the spiral blanket with the book 'The World of Ramen', his new watch with a frog in the face center and his tongue as the minute and flies as the minute and second hands, and a bottle of cologne he'd almost stolen he'd wanted it so much, tucked in his arms. The blonde had wrapping paper and ribbons all over him and a bow caught in his unruly spikes. Making his way to the small boys side he cleared his throat, Naruto groaned something about 'five more minutes' and swatted lazily at Sasuke then froze. He turned and looked up very alert and smiling sheepishly.

"And what is this?"

Immediately Naruto shot to his knees and clapped his hands together bowing his head.

"It wasn't my fault! I have no will power! I just wanted to put your present under the tree and I saw all the gifts and...and...LOST CONTROL! Sorry!"

Sasuke was holding back laughter and kneeled down in front of the boy, with one hand he lifted his chin and looked at bright (guilty) cerulean eyes. He smiled again speaking to the blonde in a soft tone he had never used before.

"You're such an idiot."

Naruto went to retort but Sasuke kissed him, just a small peck but it shut the boy up as he blushed. It took a moment but then the blonde spoke again, sounding shy.

"But...what about your present?"

Sasuke smirked, "I believe I am enjoying it right now."

Naruto looked confused for a moment before it sunk in, he blushed a dozen shades of red and looked away. Sasuke smirked and kissed him again, on the cheek this time, Naruto closed his eyes and blushed. Sasuke kissed his neck and just under his ear moving back to his cheek and finally his lips again. The Uchiha pulled back and brought Naruto closer to him, the smaller boy grabbed Sasuke's shirt blushing as he spoke.

"I guess...if you want me...I can be your present..."

Sasuke had never seen Naruto so cute before, kissing his temple Sasuke hugged him tightly.

"It's the best present I've ever gotten. Thank you, Naruto."

The blonde buried his head in Sasuke's shoulder not really believing the situation was what it was. Or that Sasuke was kissing him like that. Breaking the lip lock and looking into deep dark eyes Naruto smiled.

"Merry Christmas Sasuke."

"Merry Christmas Naruto."

"...What?...What did you say?"

"Well, think of it on the bright side, Naruto. At least you know your apartment wasn't up to code, isn't it great we learned this before it collapsed on itself with you there!"

Naruto stared in shock at the woman who dared call herself Hokage...



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