As Sirius went to the staff table with Fleur, Sirius was very suspicious. When they got to the table to where they sit, Umbridge was sitting next to the chairs that they sit every time in the Great Hall. Sirius gives a dirty look to Umbridge, a short squat woman with mousy brown hair.

"I am suspicious of this new Umbridge lady," said Sirius to Fleur "I have many suspicions that this lady will do some evil."

"That lady?" asked Fleur "I deedn't know that Umbreedge become an 'ogwarts staff."

"She became inquisitor," answered Sirius "I read it on the Daily Prophet." Sirius and Fleur sit down and they kissed each other. Their kissing was interrupted by Umbridge.

"Hem… Hem…" said Umbridge "Kissing is not allowed at Hogwarts, dear."

"Are you questioning about my authority?" asked Sirius.

"Detention Sirius!" said Umbridge in a sweet voice.

"'ey!" yelled Fleur "You can't geeve my Sirius a detention!"

"Yes I can," said Umbridge "I am Inquisitor and I can give punishments to anyone, including you. You can't even speak English correctly!"

Then Fleur slaps Umbridge in the face for that insult about her. Then they started to fight. Minerva gets out of her seat and tries to stop the fight.

"Stop fighting, both of you," yelled Professor McGonagall. Then they stopped fighting. "This is not the place to fight. I ensure you Umbridge, if you give teachers detention, then you will be sacked from Hogwarts. Since you gave Sirius a detention, I will transfer it to Harry and also Ron instead of having a teacher do a detention with you."

McGonagall walks away and sits back into her chair. Umbridge, Fleur, and Sirius do the same.

When Harry, Ron, and Hermione went into the Great hall, Professor McGonagall approaches them.

"I need to see Harry and Ron for one minute," said Professor McGonagall

"What did I do wrong, Professor?" asked Ron and Harry

"Nothing," said Professor McGonagall "but Sirius and his wife got into an argument with Umbridge. Fleur, Sirius's wife then got into a fight with Umbridge for insulting her because she doesn't speak English correctly. The inquisitor cannot give detentions to teachers so I was asked to transfer the detentions to you two."

"What?" said Harry "A detention?"

"Yes, Potter," said Professor McGonagall "Your detentions with Umbridge will happen every night at 5 PM to 8 PM for 3 days. Please try not to provoke Umbridge." Then she walked back to the Staff table while Harry and Ron took a seat at the Gryffindor table.

"This is not fair that Umbridge gave us detentions," said Harry

"This Umbridge lady is driving me mad," said Ron

"Why does Sirius have to kiss Phlegm?" asked Ginny in disgust.

"Don't call her that," said Hermione "That's Sirius's love, Ginny. Don't get Harry mad."

"Fine, but I still thought that their marriage is wrong," said Ginny.

"What happened to you Harry?" asked Hermione "Why you and Ron got a detention?"

"Well," said Harry "Sirius was kissing Fleur and Umbridge told him that kissing isn't allowed at Hogwarts and Sirius said that she was questioning his authority and Umbridge have Sirius a detention. Then Fleur defended Sirius by saying "You can't give my Sirius a detention!" Umbridge responded that she can with her powers and that Fleur can't speak English correctly. Then they got into a fight."

"Oh," said Hermione "That was mean for Umbridge to do that. People who are in love should be able to kiss each other. Also…"

She was interrupted by Cho Chang. Harry seemed to look happy when he saw her. She was a beautiful Chinese girl from Ravenclaw

"Harry!" yelled Hermione "Are you even listening."

"Hi Harry," said Cho.

Ron stares at her and he was thinking about himself and Cho kissing each other. His thought was interrupted by Ginny.

"Snap out of it Ron!" yelled Ginny "That's not you're type Ron."

"I don't care," said Ron

"Hi Cho," said Harry.

"You are so brave and courageous, Harry," said Cho "about Cedric…"

Cho still haven't gotten over Cedric Diggory's death in the Graveyard.

"Do you want to go on a date when we go to our first Hogsmede weekend?" asked Cho.

"Sure," said Harry.

Then Malfoy came to Harry Potter with his friends, Crabbe and Goyle.

"Potter!" yelled Malfoy "You got yourself a new girlfriend!"

"Leave him alone," said Cho.

"Well, you must be Cho Chang," said Malfoy "Do you miss Cedric? What a loser."

Cho Chang started to cry after Draco mentioned his name with an insult. Harry comforts her while Draco was smiling.

"Leave them alone!" yelled Hermione.

"No one asked you to stand up for them, you filthy little mudblood," snarled Malfoy.

Then Hermione punches Malfoy in the stomach and Malfoy and his friends run away.

Then Umbridge got out of her seat and ran to Hermione.

"Detention, Granger!" said Umbridge in a sweet voice "For punching another student."

"What," said Hermione "He deserves it!"

"We do not hem hem… punch other students," said Umbridge "Your detention will start tomorrow at 6 PM."

Then Umbridge leaves while Hermione sits back down. Cho finally stopped sobbing.

"Thanks for defending me Harry," said Cho "I have to go, bye!" She kisses Harry on the cheek and she goes back to the Ravenclaw table.

Then Fleur walked up to Harry, carrying a letter. She was smiling.

My seester sent you a letter, 'arry," said Fleur throwing her Silvery Blond hair to the back. Fleur hands Harry a pink envelope. It had a sensational smell.

Harry opens the letter and he was in shock.

"What is it Harry?" asked Hermione.

"A love letter," answered Harry. Then he reads the letter.

Dear Harry,

I love you sooooo much Harry, since the day you saved me in the Tri-Wizard Tournament. You are sooooo handsome and brave to save me. I can't stop talking about you which drive my sister crazy. I have a crush on you ever since.

I wish we can go on a date so we can have our first kiss, Harry, my sweetheart!

Love you lots,

Gabrielle Delacour

Harry was shocked after he read that letter. Fleur was smiling while Harry was in distress. Hermione, Ron, and Ginny were surprised after Harry read the letter.

"But Harry," said Hermione "Don't you have a girlfriend?"

"Yes," answered Harry "but I never expect this to happen."

"We never expect this to happen, Harry," said Hermione

"Probably Phlegm wrote that letter," said Ginny.

"Don't call her that, Ginny," said Hermione "I checked the handwriting and it's Gabrielle who wrote it."

"No," said Harry "isn't Fleur being a bit too dismissive that I already have a girlfriend."

"Probably she didn't know," said Hermione "She has been a bit haughty lately, with her new job and such. She is too overconfident."

"Or maybe Phlegm spends too much time with Sirius," said Ginny in a nasty way.

"Ginny!" yelled Hermione "You need to stop calling her that, it's Sirius's wife."

"Sorry Harry," said Ginny sweetly.

"No problem," said Harry.

After they eat dinner, Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Ginny went back to the common room. Harry checks the bulletin board and sees a new decree.

----- By the Order of -----

The High Inquisitor of Hogwarts

Education Decree 23

Kissing and Making out in the Great Hall is prohibited. Anyone kissing or making out with another student in the Great Hall (except teachers and staff) and caught by the High Inquisitor will be rewarded a detention with Umbridge

Signed by Dolores Jane Umbridge

Educational Decree 24

The High Inquisitor will henceforth have supreme authority over all punishments, sanctions, and removal of privileges pertaining to the students of Hogwarts, and the power to alter such punishments, sanctions, and removals of privileges as may have been ordered by other staff members.

Signed by Cornelius Fudge, Minister of Magic

"No Way!" yelled Ron "No Kissing in the Great Hall? That is very unfair!"

"This Umbridge is getting out of control!" said Hermione "these rules are not fair."

"Well," said Harry "We better get off to bed."

Then Ron and Harry go into the boy's dormitories while the others go to their dormitories.

The next morning, Harry, Ron, and Hermione went down to the Great Hall for breakfast. They took a seat at the Gryffindor table. Hermione takes out a copy of The Daily Prophet and she read more bad things about Harry.

"Look at this Harry," said Hermione.

Breakout at Azkaban Prison

Lately, there were reports that Death Eaters which escaped Azkaban Prison. We are still not sure who might have done it. The ministry was interviewed today and they said that Voldemort did not let them out; it was one of the people from a secret party who is plotting this massive escape of Death Eaters from Azkaban prison. Azkaban Prison used to hold one of the most dangerous wizards, Sirius Black, which has been released with the capture of Peter Pettigrew for killing Lily and James Potter on Halloween of 1981. He was given the Dementors kissed the day after Sirius was declared innocent. The Ministry refuses to say any comments about this recent accident.

"The Daily Prophet is being biased," said Harry "They won't tell the truth that you-know-who is back."

"Well, its tough, Harry," said Hermione.

Meanwhile at the staff table, Fleur was arguing at Umbridge after she was caught kissing Sirius.

"Hem Hem…" said Umbridge "Did I tell you already that Kissing is not allowed at Hogwarts."

"Et's not fair that you won't let me kiss Sirius," complained Fleur.

"Hem Hem…" said Umbridge "Well; you are a filthy half breed. I hate Veelas. Shoo." She takes her wand out.

"You are not going to stun my wife," yelled Sirius. He takes out his wand.

"Yes I will," said Umbridge "I have the power to do so."

"Cut it out, both of you," said Professor McGonagall "This is not the place to fright."

Then Umbridge walks away. Fleur was crying and Sirius was comforting her. Umbridge while walking away, smiled like a toad.

"What's wrong, my love?" asked Sirius to Fleur.

"Umbreedge called me a feelthy half breed," sobbed Fleur.

"Don't worry, my love," said Sirius "I will make sure that Umbridge won't do that again."

Everyone was staring at Umbridge for the violence caused by Umbridge. Harry knew that Umbridge will do something to harm his godfather and his wife. Harry feels angry inside his heart with Umbridge. He couldn't stop the anger after the scene Umbridge caused.