Me: Hey

Isaac:Trixie's girl does not own Golden sun

Me: Right

Chapter 1: It's unfair

Jenna stared down at Vale, her auburn hair falling in her face. It had been a year since the construction of New Vale and since Isaac had left to go to Imil with Mia. It wasn't fair, what did he see in Mia. Jenna had always stuck up for him and he runs off to Mia. Jenna loved him but all he saw her as was a little sister who needed protection. She was twice as strong as Mia especially in battle. Jenna had been wishing his safety all the way to Jupiter lighthouse. He never even said hi to her. He greeted Sheba, Felix and Piers properly but all he said to Jenna was a quick hi. She had also noticed him avoiding her eyes.

Once they got back from Jupiter lighthouse Isaac had left, he had left her for the blue haired Angel. Mia was to perfect and that was what Jenna despised. A perfect angel was not a good thing to be. Jenna would have hated it. To be left out while everyone was making mistakes.

Jenna was a healer like Mia but Isaac chose the more experienced healer. Jenna hated that fact. If Isaac needed to be with a healer, he could have picked her. Jenna had always hated being the healer, Sheba and Mia would have been better than Jenna and Mia. The only reason Sheba would have been better was that Jenna was always competing with Mia.

Jenna felt a tear run down her cheek. She wanted Isaac for herself. It just wasn't fair.

"Hey Jenna" A hand came down on her shoulder and she saw Garet grinning at her.


"We're making a bet that Isaac and Mia will propose to eachother before they come back to Vale" Garet grinned and Jenna felt her stomach drop.

Jenna pushed away from Garet and ran down the hill ignoring his yelling. It really wasn't fair. The others were even betting on Isaac and Mia. Isaac shouldn't love Mia, he shouldn't. He knew Jenna more than Mia but then they hadn't been together for almost a year while Isaac was chasing them.

Jenna ran into her bedroom and pulled out a writing book. She flipped it open and began to write.

Dear Diary

The others are betting on Isaac and Mia. I want Isaac. Mia wasn't born in Vale and it's an old custom that people who are born in Vale have to marry people from Vale. Isaac won't listen to the rule though. He has his heart bent on Mia. Mia, the perfect Imilian healer and adoptive sister to the bloody traitor Alex!

Earth and water together makes mud, Isaac has never liked mud. I wish Mia would just disappear and I could have Isaac. Why doesn't anybody follow the old marriage customs?

Well, Beggars can't be choosers as Kraden used to say. Bless him in his grave. If only Menardi was here. I mean, I'm happy she's dead, maybe happy is too far. Anyway, she used to ALWAYS listen to me and give me answers. Mom's not the same and she never will be. Everything's changed in Isaac, I used to have hope in him but he doesn't even care about me.

This is how Mia works. She was jealous of me because I was sure Isaac liked me more and so was she. She steals him back and acts all innocent as if she didn't mean to hurt me. In fact I wish she did more than disappear, I wish she dies.

Make my wish come true


Jenna closed the diary and ran downstairs to find her brother. A black-cloaked figure appeared in the room. Anyone could see who it was.

"Your wish is my command" laughed Alex before disappearing.

Isaac: WHAT was THAT

Me: Review and he wont die