The Legend of the Ones who Saved the World

There was once a pair of good friends.

A boy with eyes like the sky and hair the color of the deepest ocean and a girl with a voice like a bell.

The boy was living happily with his brother and grandfather until tragedy struck. All alone, he called out for help, wishing for a kindred spirit to help him avenge his dead family.

The girl was living peacefully, not knowing of the tragedy that befell her counterpart. She was torn from her body and cast through time and space, where she met with a boy who wanted companionship and a strange world.

They became friends and Bonded, their fates intertwined. Guardian and Guarded.

For nearly three years they were together, until they met an unusual young woman with eyes of gold and hair like the sun. She spoke of a coming crisis and pleaded for their help.

Soon after their party was joined by a friendly fisherman from the neighboring nation who wanted to help protect all he held dear. He was possessed of quick reflexes and even quicker humor, and always knew how to lighten a mood.

A soldier with hair like fire and an affinity to music requested to help. Slowly their party grew, but unfortunately, so did the threat of the crisis.

In the next nation, they acquired another member of their rag-tag party. A huntress with midnight hair and eyes of steel with a sharp tongue and sharper weapons. She agreed to help the cause to find her place in the world.

The last to join the group was an odd little girl. Youngest of the seven, she was always clothed in a rainbow made solid and floated above the ground with some sort of unearthly power.

Together, they formed a tight group that trusted each other unconditionally.

At least, until the betrayal.

Surprisingly, it was the boy who betrayed the group. He had conspired with the enemy to avenge his family, doing what he had to for power. In his power-blinded haze, he cast out his long-time Guardian, and pushed away his friends.

The girl with the sunshine hair took it the worst. In order to comfort her and carry out their mission, the Guardian formed a bond with her. Together, they rescued their companions and confronted the boy.

He refused to give up his newly-found power, even though it stemmed from an evil resurrected god. The group was beaten soundly and retreated to regroup.

The sun-haired girl took them to her homeland, least affected by the evil power. She revealed herself to be the Queen of her lands, those of Ice. She retrieved a mystical item that was hidden away, and the group returned to bring back their wayward companion.

They narrowly succeeded, and fell back once again to gain strength. The boy, whose head was now clear, saw the error of his ways, and begged forgiveness. His former Guardian forgave him when she saw his sincerity, and, trusting her judgment, the rest did as well.

The group fought many battles together and formed bonds of friendship and unity stronger than any seen before. Soon, they were ready to fight the evil god and erase his taint from the world forever.

It was a long and grueling battle. Three mystical artifacts were used, but not even they could hold up under the terrible onslaught of evil. In the end, only the trust between the Guardian and her Guarded could destroy the ancient god and seal his power away from the hearts of men.

Battered and bruised, the friends went their separate ways to help repair their war-torn homelands. No place escaped damage.

Soon, though, it was time for the Guardian and her Guarded to finally part ways. Neither wanted to let the other go, for they had become such good friends they couldn't imagine nor remember life without the other.

"Will I see you again?" the boy asked, voice thick with suppressed sobs.

"Of course. This is more my home than that one ever was," the Guardian replied. She said more, but it was lost as she was pulled back into her own body, through time and space, though her final words echoed through the clearing and the boy's mind.

A year later, the girl and boy still never forgot one another. The girl found a potential partner, and the boy courted the girl with sunshine hair.

Unfortunately, the Guardian's happiness was about to take a drastic turn. Her partner left her for another, leaving her heartbroken.

Heart-sore, the girl jumped at the chance to be reunited with her Guarded while in her physical body.

Overjoyed to see one another again, the group of friends caught up on each other. Another enemy had announced herself; one stronger than the evil god with even more wicked intentions. The newly reunited group made plans for the new enemy's demise.

It was an unknowing trade, their bodies for hers.

Sent home again, the Guardian was shocked to find that roles have been switched; she was now the Guarded and her friends had become her Guardians.

Taking this in stride, she found a way back again, only to find she had dragged yet another soul into this mess: her own best friend. Faced with finding and eliminating a goddess, the two young women travel throughout the nations, hoping to cut off the path of chaos this new woman is carving, only to find they are too late every time.

In the end it came down to the former Guardian against the new Goddess. The Guardian had the upper hand; her trust in her friends gave her strength. The tables turned when the Goddess played a trick: pulling the girl's former partner into the fight. However, the Goddess didn't anticipate the unbridled fury the young woman still harbored, and instead of taking over, she was banished to the farthest reaches of the universe.

Exhausted, the young woman didn't notice her body start to vanish. However, she did notice her six friends materialize around her, all giving their silent support. Soon, all that was left of the Guardian was her spirit, which was drawn back into her Guarded. Her best friend, intimidated in the presence of such seasoned warriors, asked to be sent home. The two promise to meet each other again and part ways.

The time came once again for the Guardian and Guarded to part with one another. This time, they promised to visit if at all possible, and the Guardian was transported through time and space once again, gaining back her body as she's sent 'home'. Her last words echoed through the clearing and through the boy's mind.

'I'll never forget you, my Raven…'

OMG, I finished. AND I have a sequel planned, called Glass Wings. Look for it soon!


Holy crap. I actually finished a fic. Me. Finished. This was posted at eleven at night, by the way. Hence the hurried 'OMG i finished' part. I DO have a sequel planned, it was thought up about four chapters back. -glares at Rebbe- Oh, come on, you spoiled it! now I have to summarize it to explain Brennan! Yeah, btw, I'd REALLY like to thank rebbe for helping me out so damn much, I wouldn't have been able to finish without her help.

Basic summary: Arietta is now almost thirty-five, and has a daughter named Willow. While at the park, Willow sees something in a tree, and when she climbs up to get it, she loses her grip and falls. When she wakes up, she's pretty shocked to find out that she's not in her body; not even home. The first thing she sees is a boy close to her own age wandering around the forest. Inexplicably, she's drawn to him and they bond.

Meanwhile, the big evil person is someone we all know. You'll all find out later, and DON'T give it away, Rebbe!

And that's all I'll tell you, you'll have to bear with me and keep track of updates.