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In Spite Of Us

In every girl's life there's a boy she'll never forget and a summer where it all began…

- - -

"Yeah you bloody sure you don't need to blow in the bag there mate?" Finn asked, his voice slurring together slightly as he walked through the front parlour along with Colin, Logan and Jake.

"Blow in the…?" Colin repeated, turning around and pointing a finger at Finn, a frown coming onto his face. "I've told you not to talk to me when you're drunk! You don't make any sense."

"What you talking about? I make a lot of sense," Finn shot back, although with the alcohol swimming in his system it came out a little slower then usual. "And at least I'm not the one who was off his face by 9pm!"

"Hey! Hello guys! The whole purpose of sneaking in was that no one would hear us," Jake reminded them, walking faster into the house and leading the way down into the basement, where their voices couldn't travel.

"Oh would you stop whining Jake!" Logan exclaimed, draping his arm around his friend's shoulders. "No one woke up. I remember your parents, they sleep like a log."

"Yeah well it's not just my parents," Jake informed them, throwing himself onto the long leather couch that lined one of the walls. "My sister's back for the summer."

"Now which sister would that be?" Colin asked, sitting down on the edge of the coffee table in front of Jake.

"You mean out of the two?" he asked dryly, kicking his shoes off and watching as they crashed onto the floor.

"It makes a huge difference," Colin answered, stretching his arms backwards and laying his palms flat on the table.

"I'm glad, considering one of them is only, oh I don't know…six years old!" he told them, seeing that all three guys were now waiting for an answer.

"Let me clear up what Colin here was wondering," Finn announced, slapping Colin on the back and making him jerk forward. "We would like to know if it's the older, more lovely, Miss Rory that would be joining us this fine summer?" he asked in a very fake, very dignified manner.

Jake narrowed his eyes slightly before he nodded his head. "Yeah she got back from school last week or so," he explained hesitantly.

"You know I if remember correctly you told us Rory was taking after her mother," Logan said offhandedly, obviously implying something else in that statement.

"Did I also tell you guys that she's only eighteen? So whatever's running through your minds the answer is no," he declared, glaring at them with that over protective edge in his eyes.

"Well look whose turning into Papa bear," Logan teased, smirking at the narrowed eyes of his friend.

"I mean it, Huntz, not one of you is touching my baby sister," he warned.

"Your 'baby' sister is 18. I'm pretty sure that's legal age," Logan went on, smiling when Finn drunkenly called 'here here!' "And if I remember correctly she also had a little thing for me, didn't she?"

Jake practically growled, not refuting the truth of that statement. He could remember as if it were yesterday when he finally realized that his sister had a crush on Logan. He could only hope that being away from him for two years had changed that.

"Shut up," he mumbled, burying his face into the plush cushions on the couch and letting unconsciousness take him.

- - -

It was around 1 o'clock in the afternoon when Rory found herself sitting on one of the stools in the kitchen, sipping on a large mug of steaming coffee. She couldn't help but let her eyes dart around the room, hoping to take in everything and wondering if anything had changed.

She'd only been home for less than 24 hours due to a change in her exam schedule at school which had made her stay in New York for a couple days extra. She didn't think it had hit her yet that she was indeed home, not back in her dorm room at Millbrook School in New York. Not only that, she was sure that it hadn't registered yet that she had also graduated and would be going to college in the spring with her brother.

She couldn't count the amount of time it had been since she'd last been in her house…more then a year at least. She'd been going to Chilton in Hartford with her best friend Jess ever since they were little kids in grade one but at the end of sophomore year Jess had moved to New York with his mother. Rory could remember how miserable she'd been all summer, wondering what the rest of high school would be like without Jess there. But then he'd asked her to come to New York with him and go to his boarding school with him until they graduated. Rory smiled as she sat in her kitchen, remembering the day her father had surprised her by giving her a suitcase and wishing her good luck in New York. She didn't think she'd ever been happier.

But all good things somehow always seem to come to an end. A bittersweet ending for her and Jess, for while they'd managed to stick together all throughout high school, they had finally parted for college. But Rory somehow knew that it was time, she could feel it. College had always been a huge part of her life. She'd always been thinking about it, working towards it, making it her goal. It somehow fit –in a twisted sort of way- that she would be saying goodbye to one part of her life and saying hello to another.

And although she was sad to see Jess pack up and leave for college in California, Rory couldn't help but let a wide smile spread across her face as she heard her brother coming up from the basement. The two of them had always been close, despite them being 3 years apart, and Rory had been looking forward to spending the summer with him, something they hadn't been able to do since she'd left for New York.

- - -

Jake had finally managed to drag himself out of the basement. He'd been up for an hour or two, woken by Finn and Colin fighting over the controllers on the Xbox. By now he was feeling slightly better and alive enough to venture out into the house, no doubt to be greeted by his family.

He climbed loudly up the stairs, seemingly not having the strength or the energy to fully lift his feet. He was almost halfway up when he heard the squeak of plastic against the kitchen tiles and then the definite sound of his sister's warm laugh. That sound alone proved enough to make his mood lift and a smile come alive on his face.

Jake quickly mounted the next couple of steps and swung open the basement door, greeted by the sight of his sister, clad in her pyjama's and leaning against the wall opposite, sipping on a cup of coffee. It seemed a lot had changed since he'd last seen her. Gone was his innocent, cute little sister and in her place was a young woman. Her hair had grown down a couple inches past her shoulder, falling in large waves and a rich brown in colour. He didn't think it had been more then a month or two since he'd seen her but she looked older to him. Although she was still the same Rory with her bottom lip captured between her teeth and her amazing blue eyes lighting up with happiness.

"Hey little sis," he finally greeted her, smirking slightly as the two of them walked forward and embraced in a hug right out of the Brady Bunch reunion until Rory slapped her hand across the back of his head and pushed away from him.

"I can't believe you didn't come to my graduation!" she exclaimed, stopping her foot like a petulant two year old and glaring at her brother. "You've sure got your spot held as jerk of the year!"

Jake paused for a moment, his mouth open slightly and a hand rubbing the sore spot on his head. He cocked his head to the side and held up his free hand, motioning for her to wait a minute before walking off into the kitchen, hearing her following right on his heels.

"Okay, one," Jake started as he flicked the coffee machine on and waited until it started to brew before turning around. "I wanted to come, you know that, but I had finals to study for and other things, college things." He held up his hand shushing her for the second time as she opened her mouth to say something. He walked casually over to the other counter and opened a few different cupboards before pulling out a packet of Danish's in victory. "And two," he paused, drawing out the silence as he poured himself a coffee and watched as Rory walked over and set her mug in the sink beside him. "I really just didn't want to go," he finished with, laughing soundly at her vexed expression.

"You ass!" Rory said, her lips thinning into a straight line but only for a moment before they stretched into an evil smirk. "But I'll forgive you," she added sweetly.

"Aww, thanks sis," Jake cooed and was about to raise his coffee cup to his mouth when Rory reached out and snatched it from his hand and walked off. "What the hell? Get back here!"

Rory let her laugh carry into the huge house as she picked up her pace and turned the corner, walking into the hall. She shot a look over her shoulder and saw Jake leaning against the doorframe with a knowing smirk on his face. She stuck out her tongue at him and turned around, crashing straight into rather hard chest.

"Well it's nice to see you to, Ace," Logan purred, gripping his hands on her forearms and keeping her steady.

Rory felt her cheeks heat up slightly and let her head drop down to his shoulder in embarrassment. She could feel her lips lengthening into a smile but it stopped short when she heard Logan laugh.

"I always knew you wanted me Ace but do you think we should really be doing this in front of your brother?" he asked in mock seriousness.

Rory almost growled and pushed herself away from him. "Well I see two years hasn't changed you at all," she told him, taking one more step back and sipping at the coffee her brother had seemed to forget about.

"But it certainly has done wonders for you," he leered letting his eyes travel down her body and making her feel very uncomfortable in only her plaid pants and a tiny black tank top. "So when are you going to show me your room?" he asked, ignoring the way her brothers eyes narrowed at him.

"How about never?" Rory asked with a bright and cheery smile lighting up her face. "Is never good for you?"

"Oh, you pain me Ace," Logan cried dramatically, clutching his hand to his chest like he was shot.

"You'll live," she said and turned towards her brother who had been watching their interaction. "Please don't tell me Master and Commander is staying here for the summer?" she pretended to plead with her brother although she thought it would be fun having the gruesome twosome around.

"Well," Jake started and crossed his arms over his chest, "I don't want to lie to you Rory," he trailed off again but this time shrugged and walked past her into the living room, followed by Logan.

Rory huffed but couldn't hide the smile she was now sporting as she followed them into the living room and plopped unceremoniously onto the couch. "Well this should be an interesting summer," she commented dryly, rolling onto her stomach and supporting her chin in the palms of her hands.

"Yeah, just think Rory, you and me and a huge house for two months," Logan stated, loving how easy they could slip into their usually banter even with the amount of time that has past. "Me, an experienced college Junior," he bragged, laughing as Rory stuck out her tongue for the second time that morning. "And you, finally 18 and finally able to act upon that insatiable crush you have on me."

Rory snapped her head around and glare hatefully at him. She knew it would only be a matter of time before he started in on that. She pushed herself up onto her knees and whipped the cushion she'd been laying on straight at his head.

"How many times do I have to tell you, Logan?" Rory asked. "I don't have a crush on you."

"You used to though," Jake chimed in from the other side of the room, earning him a glare to.

"What can I say, I was young and stupid," she declared with a small smirk in place.

"And you aren't now?" Logan asked although the laughter in his hazel eyes took away any sting the comment might have had.

"No," she said. "I concocted a full proof plan of action two years ago. A motto if you will," she told them, sounding wise beyond her years.

"And what would it be, if you don't mind me asking?" Logan wondered aloud, letting his eyes follow the petite brunette as she stood up from the couch.

"See no evil; hear no evil…date no evil," she exclaimed and walked out of the room and up the stairs to her own, a smirk forming on her lips a she thought about how much fun the summer was going to be.

- - -

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