"Isn't she amazing?" Gar gazed at the gothic teen that sat on the other side of the math class.

Gar had just turned 16 and was a grade ahead, though he seem simple minded.

"If you ask me she's kinda creepy," his friend Robin said.

"I don't get you, man. One day your after one of the coolest girl's in school and the next you're tryin' to get with the least. It's insane!" Gar's best friend Vic said.

"Well, she is kinda out there, but she is hot. Most girl's at this school are sluts and she seems to be more of a challenge to get."

"Now I get it! You just want another star on your record of girls," Vic smirk.

Vic was a tall African American. This was his last year at the school and is going to a collage in New York the next year.

"I bet you can't even get her number," Robin laughed.

Robin often betted Gar on girls and would lose, but his adopted dad was rich so money didn't mean much to him. When he finish collage, he would take over the family business and the next summer he would be working there.

"Please. I can get it in ten seconds, maybe even less."

"Okay, twenty dollars say you don't."

"Hey, I want in on this too," Vic proclaim as he slam two ten dollar bills on top of the twenty dollars that Robin laid on the table.

"Alright. I guess I'll be fourty dollars richer."

Gar look up at the door making sure the math teacher wasn't coming back in. After a few seconds of nothing he got up and walk up to the girl.
Her skin was a bit pale and she had dyed her hair purple which matches her natural violet eyes. As Gar got closer to the girl, his heart raced and a small bead of sweat went down his face. She was beautiful. And smart. And slightly creepy, but still pretty. When he got to her table he realized that she was alone. He sat in the chair next to hers and all of his fear drifted away.

"Hey. I'm Logan, Gar Logan."

"Raven. Just Raven."

"Nice to meet you 'Just' Raven"

The girl turned her head away from him and started finishing the math assignment. Gar stared blankly at the girl. Bewildered by the fact she didn't seem to care that he was talking to her.

He twriled his head to his friends on the other side of the room. He smiled a greedily. His smile was almost evil looking and he look like he was crazy. The smile made Raven shiver.

"Raven, you wanna do something...later...in a car maybe?"

Raven frowned as she turned red from anger. She punched him as hard as she could and moved to another table.

Gar, now with a bruised arm, slowly walk over to his friends. The two was laughing as Gar gave them both twenty dollars.

After the bell rang, the students walk out the room. Gar waited for Raven in the hall. When she saw him she started walking fast, but he kept up with her.

"Raven! Raven! Raven, I just wanna talk! Okay!"

With a sigh she stop. She kept her head low so she wouldn't have to look at him. Gar wore a small smile when she stop.

"I just wanted to say that...that I was sorry for what I said. You deserve more respect than that."

"Why ... Why are you even talking to me? I mean, I know you been with just about every girl in the grade, but I never thought you would want me. You like skinny blonds and that's not me. I'm not what you call popular girl material. I'm not that pretty. And...,"
Raven rambled before Gar blurted out, "Raven, you are the most gorgeous girl I've ever seen...I mean...I.."

Gar's mind blank out when he realized what he said.

"You really think that..." her voice faded as she look over to the door. Her eyes widen a bit when she read the clock that hung oner the door.
"I gotta go!" Raven ran out of the school in a hurry.

Raven went up to a small brown brick house close to the alley. She knock on the door with a beat a few times when the door finally opened. A girl with short reddish brown hair stood in the doorway. She had her hair in two puffs and wore nothing but a long white tee and pink bunny slippers.

"Hey Kree," Raven said to the girl when she walk in.

"Hi lil Ray. How was school?"

"Hell, as always. But something weird yet great happened today."

"I still don't know why you keep on goin'. You shoulda' left that joint a long time ago. I know I did."

"Yeah, but it's not like you had much of a choice, Kree. You had to give up school."

"Yeah, I woulda' drop out anyway. That reminds me, Michael wanna holla at cha'."

Raven started walking towards the back room of the house. Other girls walk around the house and some sleeping on the dirty sofas. They all seem so faceless. As if they don't have a soul or any will to live.
Raven walk into the backroom. It was fogged with smoke and the aroma of beer and cigerattes filled the air. Michael sat on a sofa with another faceless girl smoking while sitting on his lap.

Michael smiled when Raven walked into the room. He push the girl off his lap and called Raven over.

"Kree said you wanted to speak to me."

"Yes, dear Raven. I think you need to put some money in my pocket. I'm sending ya over to the club tonight, alright."

"But I..."

"Raven, you're so lucky," he interrupted her, "Luckier than any other girl in this joint. I gave you a place to sleep and eat when your dad kick you out, I'm not making prostitue on the street like I do every other girls."

He paused and stood up. He cupped Raven's face in his hands. Her eyes widden in fear for only a moment as she quickly calmed herself. She hoped that he didn't notice, but he did. He frowned and released his hold on her face. He turned his back to her and he continued to talk.

"I haven't let anyone do the things you do and a lot of these girls did way more than you to keep their stay. Now I only make you strip once a week and now it's time to do it again."

"Sure, Michael. I'll be ready in a few hours," she replied with a broken spirit.

The next day, Raven sat on the bleachers in the football field. It was early and school wasn't going to start till another hour. The cold autumn wind blew as she just stared into the sky.

"You know, you could get a cold without a jacket."

Raven smiled at the sound of Gar's voice.

"I don't get sick," she replied with smirk.

"Well, I don't get algebra."

Gar climbed up the steps and sat next to her. Raven smiled slightly, but then looked back up at the sky. After a while she glanced at Gar.



"Are you trying to be my friend or are you just trying to have sex with me?"

"Is it possible that I want to be your friend and do the other thing?"

"Yeah, but what is your ture motive?"

"I want to be your friend, Raven. Can I?"

"Sure. I guess having you as a friend won't be too bad."

"Too bad? Are you sayin' that you think I'm not a good friend? I would do anything for a friend!"



"And you promise that you won't leave me as soon as something in a skirt passes by."

"Promise. Same goes for you, too. Only a guy version of what you said."

"I promise."

"I say we'll be friends forever, Rae."