Two weeks. Fourteen days had passed, but to Raven it seemed more like two years. Everyday she woke to find herself in this nightmare. Fighting each night until they were too exhausted to move or she was knocked out. But now, things were a little different as he held her wrist tightly above her head. His heavy breath tickling the side of her neck as tears flowed from her eyes. Her body trembled as a few sobs escaped her lips. After two weeks of constant fighting, can anyone blame her for just laying there.
"Hush, Raven."

Her eyes slowly open. How long she's been sleeping, she didn't know. Then again, she didn't even know whether it was day or night. Her body was sore all over, she could barely move. Her hand steadily made its way up to the charm of her necklace and grasp it tightly. "Please," was all she said before staring up at the ceiling for a long while. It was usually quiet, since whoever else was living there stayed away from that end of the apartment. Yet, every once in a while she could hear something. She could hear someone talking. The television or the radio playing too loud. The muted cries of Shayla. And sometimes she could even hear a car outside passing by. It wasn't much, but it was something to remind her that she wasn't alone. That there is a world out there, even though see hadn't seen it in what feels like forever. And in that outside world, she wonders what Gar is doing and if baby Chris was doing well without her.
She finally gain some strength and slowly got out of bed. She suddenly became light headed and sat back down. She hadn't eaten in a while. She glances at the door and sure enough there was a small platter of food. Easing off the bed, she made her way to it. Then, her body froze. Eyes going wide and mouth agape from disbelief.

The door is slightly crack open. She pulls it wide-open and looks around. The coast is clear. She couldn't remember how to get to the door. She carefully walks around, peeking into the rooms. She pauses when she hears an infant's cry. Shayla's room was close to the exit, she vaguely remembers. She runs to the sound and didn't hesitate to go for the crying babe. However, when she came into the room, she became ice as she met face to face with Michael.
"You idiot," came Raychelle's voice, who's drinking in a corner on the other side of the room. Michael reluctantly place Shayla back in her crib. Walks calmly to Raven. His face unreadable. Yet with one touch, she melted and made a run for it to the door. He chases her outside, where she trips on the steps and falls to the concrete. He watches her body shake as she attempts to get up, only to lean up on a pole for support. He picks her up and after a moment of her struggling by holding on to the pole, he managed to get her inside again. He drops her in the bed and left out, slamming the door behind him. "Who the hell let her out?" she hears him yell as he stomps away.
"Damn it," she exclaims angrily, a throb in her throat. "DAMN IT! DAMN IT ALL!" Raven screams, running around the room in a frenzy. Abnormal strength possessing her as her anger bubbles up inside her. "Screw you, Michael! Fuck you, you punk ass bitch!" She punches the wall a few times before hurling herself towards the door. Kicking the door numerous times as she screams. She claws at her face and began storming around the room, flipping over the bed. "I fucking hate you! Why do you do this to me, you psychotic son of bitch!" She slams her self against a wall a full minute before storming into the bathroom. "You sick, twisted mother fucker!" she yelled as she tosses the already cracked full length mirror to the floor, shattering it into a million shards. Ripping the lid off the toilet, she swings it into the mirror hanging over the sink. She then slams it against the toilet itself, small chips of it cracking to the floor, before slinging it into the shower where it broke. She went back into the room and with a loud bang, crashes herself against the door. She then picks up her cold plate and throws it across the room. "I CAN'T TAKE THIS ANYMORE! YOU HEAR ME! I HATE YOU! AND I'LL NEVER LOVE YOU, DAMN IT! DAMN YOU, MICHAEL! I HOPE YOU BURN IN HELL!, YOU PIECE OF SHIT!"
She pounds her head against the door before collapsing to the floor. Her breathing heavy, her face red, her hair wild, her body in even more pain than before, and yet she couldn't help but give out a sardonic laugh when he opens the door.

They've been searching day and night with little results. Gar sat in front of the air conditioner, waiting for the phone to ring. He hated just sitting there. He want to go out and look, but they all said he needed to sleep. They said they'll call if something comes up. However, no matter what he did he couldn't fall asleep. So he just waiting for that call. His son begins to cry and he's about to go to him when his mother appears. She gives him a weak smile and kisses him on the forehead. "I got it. You really should try to get some rest."
He nods as she disappears down the hall. The phone then began ringing and he quickly answered it. "Did you find anything, Josh?"

"I think so. I think I just saw her, but I'm not sure. But I think you should still check it out."

The heat is unbearable. It wakes her out of her sleep. Raven stares up at the ceiling, watching the fan twirl around in vain. She lazily watches it turn, yet all she can feel is the heat. Consuming her. And hearing Michael's muffled voice from outside the room, she couldn't help but wonder if this was hell.

Raven gets up on her elbows, her hair frizzy as it glued to her sticky, sweaty body. The room she's now in is smaller than the first. The only things that occupied the room is the bed she's sitting on and the crib on the other side of the room. "Shayla?" she weakly says to herself, her voice a little hoarse from sleep. Raven makes her way to the little girl and rests her body on the crib. Shayla's brown eyes made their way to Raven's and after a few seconds she went back to looking around the room. Raven smiles at the babe, letting her hand fall into the baby's bed. Raven's fingers gently graze Shayla's cheeks and journeys up to her blond hair. Shayla lets out a soft giggle before wrapping her hand around Raven's finger.

Raven smile grew a little as she picks up Shayla and pulls her into a loving embrace. Raven held the girl to her bosom, humming a soft melody in Shayla's ear. And, if only for a moment, Raven felt at peace.

"What are you doing?" came a feminine voice. Raven twirls her head around to see a girl holding a tray of food. "Michael doesn't want us touching the baby. If he saw you, he'll go ballistic!" she exclaims. Raven stares at the blond hair girl. Her worried face has a bruise on it and so did her skinny arms and legs. Raven knew the girl must have been beaten for leaving the door open yesterday. Yet, Raven wonders, would Michael have killed this girl if she had successfully escaped. Maybe, but she seems more worried about Raven holding the baby than the fact she left the door wide open again. Nevertheless, Raven places Shayla back in her crib. The girl instantly calms and places the tray on the bed. A quick glance at the child and Raven asks, "What happen to Kree?"

The girl pauses at the door. Her yellow hair sways as she bounces in place, determining whether or not to say anything. Then she finally says, "Michael wanted his child, so he got it."
"But where is Kree?"
"I don't know. Hell, maybe," where her last words as she locks Raven in the room. Raven screams, but her body didn't have the strength to do anything else. She let herself fall onto the floor, hot tears staining her face. The tears continue to fall, even though she no longer felt anything. The heat is unbearable. Her weak body unable to do anything but fall asleep.

The door opens and Michael walks into the room after placing a red container on the floor. He reeks of gasoline, oil smeared all over his clothes. "Hello, Little Ray," he softly says to her sleeping form. He leans down to her and grazes her lips with a wicked smile on his. "I've been working on this car I found. When I'm finish we'll drive far away from here. Just me and you. I promise," Raven hears him say. She opens an eye to glance at him staring at the crib. She quickly closes it when he turns back to her. "Oh Raven," he whispers, playing with a few locks of her hair. "Did you love Kree? I bet you didn't even know how she would throw herself at me. I think she loved me at one point. . .I didn't mean to kill her. It just happened. She was always so fragile."
He was silent for a few minutes and his hand wonders from her hair and slowly gropes it way to her stomach. "You're the only one I'll ever love, Raven. Eventually you will accept that. You will love me Raven."

He places himself on top of her so that he could straddle her hips before pulling Raven into a kiss. He deepens the kiss despite Raven's immediate reaction of trying to push him off. His hand roams her body eagerly as Raven continues her attempt to pry him off. But she was just too weak to put up much of a fight. Her body began shaking when his hand slid up the sheer gown. "Stop," she plead desperately. He didn't and she hated him even more for it. His hand grazes against her underwear and Raven struggle to get away.
"Stop moving," he yell, causing Shayla to cry. His head snap up toward the crib. He takes another look at Raven, her face red and eyes full of sadness. It angered him, her sad eyes. He roughly grinds into her before getting up. Her body trembling uncontrollably as she laid helplessly on the floor. They glare into each others eyes and Raven manages to say, "I hate you." He lets out a incoherent grunt and leaves the room. After a few minutes Raven manages to sit up. Gradually she makes it to her feet and steps toward the bed. Right then she's startled by a loud thud.

Gar runs up the steps and frantically knocks on the apartment door. The door cracks open, but he burst in. The girl that open the door stood still before him. "Sorry for charging in like that. But have you seen a g-"
Gar turn his head the voice, Michael. "You. Where is she, you son of a bitch." Gar ran toward him, slamming him into the wall. Michael pushes Gar off and swiftly punches him.
"You'll never have her! I refuse to let you have her!" Michael roars as he punches Gar. Gar takes another blow before swinging at him. Gar takes hold of him and slings him into the wall with a loud thud. He slams Michael's head into the wall until he saw blood beginning to tinkle down his face. Michael then head butted Gar and he fell to the floor. He jumps on top of him and began clobbering him. The taste of blood fills Gar's mouth, but he ignores it and flips Michael over. He spits out the blood and starts throttling Michael.
"Gar! Gar, is that you!" came Raven's voice. Gar instantly jumps up and runs to the voice. "Raven?" he yells, pulling any door he past open. He unlocks a door and ran inside the room. Tears fill their eyes as they look upon each other for the first time in what felt like an eternity. He pulls her into an embrace and they stay like that for a few seconds. They separate and Gar gently touches a bruise on her cheek. She had bruises and scars all over and it made his heart ache to see her so weak. He ever so gently kisses her and she smiles with tears running down her cheeks. He takes her and make their way out the room.

"No!" Michael screams, body slamming Gar. Raven runs to aid him, but Michael swings her into a wall. He kick Gar before picking up the red container. "You will never leave me, Raven. Never! YOU'RE MINE! I WON'T LIVE WITHOUT YOU!"
He splashes gasoline around before lighting it up. Flames blew up immensely and spread like wild fire. Gar got and pick Raven up. Michael walks into Shayla's room, laughing like a maniac as the fire grew. Screams fill the air as Gar tries to maneuver his way to the exit. Raven jolts up in his arms and immediately jumps out of them. "Raven, what are you doing? We got to get out of here."
"I need to get Shayla," she calls out to him as she dashes through the fire to the smoke filled room. Shayla wails drown out everything. Even Michael, hovering over the crib, mumbling to the baby girl. Raven goes for her, but Michael pushes Raven away.
"No! You can't have her. Shayla belongs to me."
"Michael, I won't let you kill her!"
"We'll die together. The way it's suppose to be. Me and my only love," he says, almost hypnotic. Shayla screams become louder, the smoke unbearable.
"You don't love her if your willing to just let her die, you--"
"Shut up! Just shut the fuck up!" he yells. He coughs a little and looks down at Shayla. He picks her up and kiss her forehead. He looks up at Raven and says, "Can you love her, even though she is a part of me?" Raven hesitated, but nods. He hands her over to Raven and watches her as she rush out the room. "Love. . . is unbelievably painful," he whispers to himself as he waited for the flames to consume him.
Raven coughs as she runs in a daze through the fire. Gar finds her in the haze and they make their way out. They keep running until their a safe distance from apartment. The fire seem to have escalated since they exited. They stood in silence for a while, watching the smoke rise to the sky. Sirens began blaring and soon a small crowd collected around them. They didn't seem to notice. Gar took Raven's hand and she turn to him with a tear in her eye. He kisses her then looks down at Shayla for a few seconds before kissing her too. He then looks at Raven and she nods, knowingly. They turn away from the fire and walk away from it to a new life. For everything of the past shall be blown away with the ashes. And they'll live their life in happiness.

the end? yes, it's finally over. i'll probably will redo this one day, but this is it for now. i'll start back working on Blooming emotions (probably won't post anything until fall). if u have any questions about the story don't be afraid to ask. RnR,plz