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Summary: Atemu had been a vampire for 3000 years. Lost and alone because his love damned him, he finds a different kind of love. This one is just as sweet. YamiFather YugiSon fic.

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Egypt 1132 bc

"Nimataka, please don't, please…don't do this," Atemu moaned piteously, his system leaking blood at various places, though mostly at his neck and both wrists. His normally white tunic was now ripped, tattered, and stained with blood, and on his inner thigh, where his royal cartouche lie, were two small red pinpricks.

Nimataka only smiled and sat very close to Atemu, licking a drop of stray blood off of his cheek. He shuttered weakly at the touch, but wasn't able to make a move to get away. She chuckled softly, "What, my Pharaoh? This?" Bending over, Nimataka started to suck forcibly on Atemu's neck, and he winced, feeling his skin crack under the pressure.

Atemu had no energy left, though it was only hours ago that Nimataka entered his bedchamber with a familiar lust in her eyes. She had gone away for a few weeks across the kingdom, and all that Atemu could think about was her soft caresses and kisses. But now that she was back, Atemu eagerly greeted her, the dim light of his chamber not enough to warn him of her changed appearance.

As he kissed her hungrily and started to slip her light golden robe off of her shoulders, she wrapped her arms around him, shifted her head, and sunk new fangs into his neck. Atemu wasn't alarmed. Why, he didn't know, but he didn't care, either, as a feeling of pure ecstasy washed over him.

Atemu had never felt anything like this before…as she ripped her fangs out of her lover's neck and started to lap and suck at the revealed blood, Atemu felt such a pleasure…such unrefined bliss, that he pushed his body against hers and held her close, silently begging for more, grinding into her, loving how their bodies fit together.

Eventually she pulled away, and Atemu swung them around and pushed her onto the bed, then jumped on top of her and kissed and sucked at her own neck, getting moans of pleasure as his reward, "Atemu…" She groaned, and he stood up to light the rest of the torches around his bed to that they could see each other's perfect bodies.

When he turned back to her, his violet eyes practically dripping with passion and lust, Atemu realized that this was not that same person that he was going to be wed to. Her honey eyes that used to be soft and kind were now darkened, hard, and sharp, and pointed fangs stood out in her intent smile. As Atemu stared, horrified, she licked the corner of her mouth, slid her tongue over her fangs, and passed it over her bottom lip. She raised a perfectly shaped eyebrow, "What? Aren't you happy to see me after all this time?"

Atemu paled. She only went on a trip across the kingdom for a few weeks…to see all that Egypt had to offer. What could have happened? He raised two fingers to his neck; they couldn't be real. Weren't vampires just myths? "What…what are you?"

The next thing Atemu knew, he was cornered against the wall, Nimataka's hands pinning his wrists against the stone with a supernatural strength, "I think that you already know," she whispered in his ear, and he flinched at her unusually less-than-loving tone, "But I can give you another hint…if you want…"

That felt like so long ago, and Atemu could feel his heart slowing down, his life force finally giving out. He didn't' know who or what did this to Nimataka, but he did know that this wasn't the person he planned to marry, yet alone the person that he loved. She wouldn't do this to him. At least not on purpose.

Nimataka finally pulled away and licked Atemu's battered and bleeding lips, "W-why?" He whispered, staring at Nimataka through heavily lidded eyes. How could this happen? Why would she let it?

"Because you taste so good," She purred, as if Atemu wasn't in any kind of discomfort at all. Atemu coughed weakly, and Nimataka shifted his head so that it laid against her breast, "I am immortal now, Atemu…don't you want to be the same?"

Atemu's lids connected, and his breathing became more labored, "No." Atemu wanted to die. Nimataka was the only person that he made love to and didn't tell to leave afterwards; he wanted to have a child with her, was the one that was going to produce his heir, she promised him. Atemu loved Nimataka so much that he wanted to make a small gift from these Gods, and only from her. No one else would bear his children…no one…but how could someone that was damned ever love? Be loved? If she was dead, then how could she carry a living, breathing child? Atemu was confused, and his heart was broken.

Gentle fingers wove through Atemu's smooth silky hair, though it was damp with sweat and blood, "Why not? You just don't know how it feels…" As if inspired, her eyes lit up, and her bloodstained canines glistened with her smile. "Let me show you…let me show you eternity…"

Out of Atemu's line of vision, Nimataka bit into her own wrist and held the bleeding vein to her lover's lips. If Atemu's systems were working properly, he would have gotten nauseous, "Drink, my love…we'll be together forever…"

Atemu didn't want to be around forever; part of the thrill of living was knowing that that day may be your last; part of the thrill of loving was knowing that it might not have been there the next day. He didn't want to drink, "No, Nimataka…I can't…"

"You will…" She said, shaking her arm slightly in front of his face, tempting…taunting him, "Atemu…don't you love me? Don't you want to accompany me forever?" Nimataka seriously looked hurt at Atemu's refusal, yet was so blind as to why he refused in the first place.

Atemu couldn't breathe; the air was simply refusing to enter his lungs. This wasn't how he imagined himself dying, not at the hands of his lover…his love. "Don't you…love me?" He whispered, and his jaw went slack; he wondered if this was what everyone felt when they died: an utter loss for will.

"More than anything, my heart…and that is why you must drink!" Nimataka said strongly, and thrust her wrist into Atemu's open mouth. Atemu moaned as almost warm blood leaked onto his lip and dribbled down his chin. He didn't want to drink; if he did, there would be no going back. He'd be damned for all eternity, doomed to the underworld, and he'd burn. Nimataka whispered unwanted words of encouragement into his pierced ear, "Just a drop…that's all you need, and then your true life will begin…"

Atemu couldn't help it, there was nothing he could do to block it; a portion of that stolen blood hit his tongue, it was bittersweet, yet, surprisingly, not repulsive. As it traveled down his throat, Atemu felt stronger…and he wanted more.

Atemu's tongue slid over Nimataka's bleeding wrist, searching out the coppery liquid, blood lust taking over his senses, pleasuring him. He opened his violet eyes, and, staring at nothing in particular, raised his hands and grabbed her arm, pulling it closer to him, leaving no space inbetween them. His lips suctioned to the stained skin and he started to suck greedily, viciously, even, having tasted nothing quite like it before. He felt like he could drink forever.

Sooner than Atemu expected, Nimataka pulled her hand out of Atemu's grasp, and he groaned, feeling suddenly tired as the flow of red life stopped. Strong arms wrapped around his waist, and Nimataka's voice wafted over him, "Good, my love…that's enough for now…sleep, my darling, and when you wake up…eternity is ours."

Domino, Japan 1999

As the wind blew and the clouds started to infiltrate the sky, warning the inhabitants of Domino City of an oncoming fierce storm, all was quiet. There was no sound by any walking creature alive or dead. Dead, though, was a different story. Atemu was in the park that night.

The year was 1999, over 3000 years since he was reawakened as a creature of the night, yet he still walked, he still drank, and he was still alone. He shuffled through the leaves, not bothering to quiet his steps and warning all of his approach. But there was no one there. He could hear no breathing, and sense no one's presence. He was utterly alone in the park.

For 3000 years Atemu walked the earth, at one point leaving Egypt for good and traveling to other parts of Africa. He moved onto Europe, and even lived in America for a few hundred years. He strayed off to Asia, and now was in Japan; Domino to be exact. He never stayed in one place for too long, as he didn't want Nimataka to somehow find him, so he always picked up and left just as he was getting stable. He would find some dying victim in some level of financial comfort, and then take up their identity.

Atemu stopped, and the swish of leaves stopped. He could hear something; it was a wonder that he didn't hear it before. It was crying, a child that was crying; the sound was sweet and lost and sad. Terrified.

Atemu didn't understand it; it was at least 11 o'clock at night. Why would a child be crying and alone during the darkest part of the evening?

He walked towards the sound of the noise, which lead him to a large oak tree. The sound of his steps did nothing to the sound: it didn't stop, and it didn't intensify. He peered behind the tree and saw a small child. He was indeed crying.

Though saddened that someone would leave their child in a park all by themselves, the vampire knew that the poor thing wouldn't be sad much longer. Atemu didn't understand it; he would do anything for such miracle, but could no longer do his part to create one, so childless he remained.

Atemu stepped forward to pick up the child and feed quickly; it didn't hurt either of them as much when they didn't make eye contact, as the prey wasn't expecting it. Atemu didn't get attached.

However, the child, a boy as it turns out, somehow knew that he was there, and turned to meet his gaze with large, beautiful violet eyes.

Atemu stared for a few seconds, unable to tear his gaze away: the child looked much like Atemu when he was young, and was between 2 to 4 years old. His pale skin tinted a little pink at the cool temperature, and he had hair that stuck out in shades like the vampire's; a lock of blond hair hung delicately in his face.

And the child stared right back. He didn't look horrified; he wasn't even afraid. He looked…amazed. Through his watery eyes and tear-streaked face, he looked thoroughly amazed and intrigued.

Atemu bent down next to him and cocked his head slightly, "Why are you crying?" He was going to have to do this the hard way, even though he could already feel himself taking a liking to the small adorable boy.

He didn't answer right away, and instead opted to wipe his eyes with two clenched fists, "Because…"

Atemu picked the boy up and braced himself for a struggle, but he didn't get one, so he sat on the bench and balanced the boy on his knee, "You can tell me, I won't tell anyone." He said softly, wondering why he cared so much. In reality, he was as much intrigued by the boy as the boy was him. His weight felt warm on his leg; he liked it.

The child swallowed a few times, then held out the pinky on his small right hand, "Pinky swear?" Atemu was rather baffled by this; he had no idea as to what a 'pinky swear' was, but he hooked his own pinky around the child's and said, "Pinky swear." His flesh was so soft and warm…Atemu had to exercise caution with this one.

The boy then nodded a little, averting eyes with the crimson-eyed vampire, then, apparently satisfied, whispered, "My mommy and daddy are gone…"

Atemu pretty much knew that this was coming, but hearing it come out of the child's mouth hurt…a lot, "Do you know where they are?"

The boy shook his head as new tears spilled onto his cheeks, "They said they would come back, but they never did…" Atemu was nonplussed; what was he supposed to do? He rested the child's back against his chest and gently tilted his head to the side. The other didn't protest, lost in his own sorrow. Atemu could practically see the pulsing vein. The child's parents weren't coming back, it was for the best, so he leaned forward, and could feel the heat radiating off of the living boy.

The wind suddenly picked up, sending stray leaves flying. Even though Atemu barely felt it and wasn't at all disturbed at all, the small boy crossed his arms and started to shiver, chattering teeth adding to the mix.

Atemu froze, centimeters away from the child's neck; thunder rolled, and lightning flashed, though he didn't stop to admire the rainbows of color that made up the light. The only thing that Atemu noticed was the child's renewed sob and another emotion: fear.

But it wasn't just a small twinge of surprise at the sudden noise and light; it was intense fear. He was afraid of storms.

So instead of biting into the child and drinking him dry like he should of, Atemu enveloped him gently in his arms and whispered sweet nothings into his ear. He cared about this child so much, but he didn't know why. He hadn't cared about anyone in thousands of years. He didn't know where he got the knowledge to say these things, either. It just felt…right.

Apparently, it was also the proven right thing to do, because the amethyst-eyed child turned around in his grasp and clenched his arms around Atemu's neck, "Yami…I'm scared," He said softly over the new drones of thunder, and Atemu tightened his grip, wanting to protect the abandoned child from whatever was plaguing him. He wasn't sure if what he was planning to do was safe or ever sane, but he didn't want to feed off of him.

He couldn't just leave him there, though, abandoned and afraid…

Atemu stood up and shifted the little boy so that he could hold him better, and the boy buried his head into the crook of Atemu's neck as the sky started to fiercely rain, and cold drops of water were pelted onto the two figures. Atemu didn't understand why this child hated the rain so much. He could understand, though not relate to storms, but rain?

Not speaking, or even thinking about an opinion from the boy, Atemu ran in the opposite direction, his boots now sloshing not through not leaves, but newly forming puddles.

To Be Continued

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