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AsuCaga: Cagalli catches a killer, working for a serial killer, with her job as a judge, the serial killer was close to be kicked into jail, but his father, Patrick Zala, a lawyer managed to get him to do community work at a hospital for 2 months. The killer, Athrun, helps watch over Uzumi Nara Attha, the father of whom convicted him. AU.

Blue hair and green eyes, that's all you need to, recognize this killer. Athrun Zala's him name, killing for his boss is his game. Blue hair is not very common, so Athrun puts on a chestnut wig. He stalks the streets, killing those whom object him. Athrun (A/N- Athrun's not really that bad of killer, I'm just portraying him like that!) walks into a coffee shop.

"May I help you sir?" asked a waitress that came over when he walked through the doors.

"Ah yes, may I have black coffee?" he asked. (A/N- don't drink coffee, so I don't know much, but BLACK COFFEE)

The waitress nodded and wrote the order down. Athrun looked around and spotted a table near the window and gladly took a seat.

Meanwhile, a certain blonde walked in. A different waitress went over to her. Athrun, however, thought she was a guy… (A/N- oO)

The waitress, with black hair and piercing (A/N- I don't know what her eye colour is…) eyes, asked, "May I help you Cagalli?"

The "guy," Cagalli answered, "I'll take my regular Shiho."

Shiho nodded and spun around when someone from the back called her.

Shiho grimaced and said, "Later Cagalli, your order should be coming soon, my jobs' awaiting!" She yelled, "Keep your head on Yzak!" She walked into the kitchen.

By now, Athrun received his coffee. Athrun took a sip and spit it out.


The waitress came out and apologized while bowing. While bowing though, the tray in her hands slipped and landed on Athrun!

"HOLY CRAP!" yelled the unfortunate killer.

The sandwich, bagel, coffee and orange juice landed on him. The drinks got on his wig and the rest…Well…Let's just say he needs to go shopping…

The waitress whipped out a cloth and started wiping his hair, BUT…

Athrun's wig came off!

The whole shop screamed. Athrun pulled out a gun and yelled, "Nobody move! Everyone down!"

Everyone froze up and adjusted to the fetal position, except for one blonde that is.

Cagalli pulled out a gun, too and yelled, "Surrender or I shoot!"

Athrun grabbed a nearby girl, a girl with pink hair! (A/N- it can't be!) The girl, Meer/Mia screamed her head off. (A/N- Ha! I'm just pulling your leg!) Athrun placed the gun at her temple.

Cagalli froze and inched towards the killer. Athrun crept towards the door and rushed off and abandoning Meer/Mia. Cagalli started running after him.

Cagalli pulled out a walkie-talkie and said, "Code Red, Athrun Zala, a wanted killer, spotted in a coffee shop, now running into Mujitsu Street."

The response was, "Copy that, Ms.Attha. Sending in reinforcements. He's dangerous, Cagalli, be careful."

Cagalli smirked and replied, "No problem, Kira, you know your big sis can handle herself!"

Kira yelled, "We're twins, dammit!"

Cagalli shut the talkie off and kept pursuing Athrun. Athrun spun around and spotted the amber-eyed woman and jumped at her. He pointed a gun at her when he grabbed her collar and pushed her onto a wall.

Athrun blinked in surprise and stated, "You're a woman?"

Cagalli blushed hotly and kicked him in the spot where all hell breaks loose.

Athrun gasped in surprise and muttered, "Cheater…" He doubled over in pain.

Cagalli used the end of her gun and jammed it in the back of his neck and he fell unconscious.

There were sirens in the horizon. Cagalli smirked and dragged Athrun back to the coffee shop.

Cagalli looked at Athrun and snickered, "That's going to hurt in the morning."

By now, the police cars and Kira's Toyota drove over. The police dragged the unconscious killer into the police car.

Kira and all of his mopped-brown hair and violet eyes stomped over and yelled, "Why didn't you wait for reinforcements? I don't want any more problems! Dad has cancer, you took the liberty to be a cop and a judge and Lacus' birthday is in 2 days and I don't have a fcking idea what to get her!"

Cagalli slapped him across the face and yelled, "Get a hold of yourself! Dad has a surgery in 2 months, my job as a cop and a judge is keeping our family in check and get Lacus a ring, a necklace, a bracelet, a hairclip, whatever!"

Kira rubbed the spot where she slapped and said, "And you say I have temper problems."

Cagalli glared at him and asked, "Do I look like a guy? Tell me the truth, cause the killer said I looked a like a guy, well, indirectly."

Kira thought, I'll get hurt if I tell her…but it'll be a good tease. It's worth it!

Kira said, "You sort of do…"

Cagalli wasn't expecting that and she snapped.

She yelled, "Come back here you little brat!"

Kira started running for his dear life. Cagalli was only a few meters away form him.

Kira thought, it was worth it. It was worth it. It was worth it. It was worth it.

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