Reverse Mirror 6

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The ready room doors swished open admitting an expressionless Sular and a slightly confused looking Den'l.

Both saluted, and Calvertson noted that Den'l's Officer's Blade was missing from its customary place in her right boot, as was standard procedure. No one got to approach him in the ready room with a weapon except security personnel.

"You wished to see me, Captain."

"Dismissed, Commander."

The tall man looked about as surprised at that as a Vulcan could. Then again, it could simply have been a trick of the light.


"I said dismissed. If there's a problem, I'll let you know. You do have a shift to supervise, unless I'm mistaken."

The words were cold, but the look in Calvertson's eyes promised to inform his most trusted officer later of the situation.

"Of course, Captain."

Sular knew that whatever the issue was, the Captain must have had a good reason for not going into it then and there.

Saluting once more, and nodding again to the Trill woman next to the Captain, he turned on his heel and left.


Calvertson studied the woman in front of him.

She'd reported to him for duty at the start of their mission, but he hadn't scrutinized her physically at the time.

Right now, she was respectfully standing at attention, ice blue eyes glued to a spot just above his left shoulder.

Ice blue. Not black. That's interesting.

Her posture was cautious, but not overly concerned.

"You're probably wondering why I've called you here, Commander." He was testing her, of course. Everyone knew about Betazoid telepathy.

Intellectually, he understood why the Empire had made an alliance with them instead of destroying them like it had so many telepathic races before, but he still wasn't comfortable with them serving in the Fleet.

He saw a hint of a smile ghost across her lips, but in another second it was gone.

"The idea had crossed my mind, sir."

He noted with some interest that her eyes slid briefly across to where Doctor Oner was standing at his left before making eye contact with him for the first time.

"Am I ill?" The question sounded perfectly genuine on the surface, but he could detect a hint of amusement as well as hostility towards the doctor.

She's not intimidated by me. Then again, why would she be?

Choosing to be blunt, he continued.

"You know why you're here."

Without changing inflections, she spoke again.

"Contrary to popular belief, not all of my people enjoy prying into the minds of other species. Betazoids appreciate bluntness, yes, but I find that Terrans in particular are quite secretive by nature. As a scientist, I find your people far more interesting if I choose not to delve into the recesses of your minds."

The Doctor snorted.

Calvertson suppressed a smile.

"It doesn't seem like that policy of yours is very conducive to military life, Commander. Your people have an advantage."

This time, the woman's smile was genuine, if chilling.

"As you say, sir."


"The doctor was looking over your medical scans. She's noted something unusual about them."

Breaking posture for the first time, the petite woman turned and glared at the Trill woman.

"The doctor," she spat, "hasn't found anything in my current scans that hasn't been already discovered by Imperial doctors."

"So you admit that you are part Cardassian."

"There's nothing to admit, Captain, the note has already been made. All non Terran species granted admission to the Academy are given several tests to prove themselves. Quite thorough tests."

The bitterness in the woman's voice was unmistakable, but he didn't focus on it. Sitting on his desk, he shrugged.

"Your previous medical records don't show any evidence of your Cardassian bloodline." His voice was soft, calm, just the kind that had lulled others into feeling comfortable before their words hung them.

Immediately, Den'l focused piercing blue eyes on him. She opened her mouth to say something, but he cut her off.

"Let me make myself clear, I quite frankly don't care what species you are, as long as you get your job done. However, I don't like when records are tampered with; that constitutes a threat to me and my ship, and I don't take kindly to threats."

Cocking her head to a side, she observed him, alien eyes glittering.

"I don't care for shipboard politics, and I didn't tamper with my records. What would be the point of removing information from my own files which would be discovered anyway during my physicals?"

The captain had been wondering that exact question.

Den'l smiled. "Exactly."

Doctor Oner snorted in disbelief.

Den'l ignored her.

"This isn't the first time this has happened, Captain. At my last three starship postings similar incidents occurred. I'm a Betazoid and part Cardassian. Someone on the crew may simply be trying to get you to mistrust me from the start."

Doctor Oner rolled her eyes. "Why would anyone trust a telepath?"

Calvertson templed his fingers.

"You're dismissed, doctor."

"But sir…" The sentence died on her lips as she saw the glare the captain sent her.

"Aye, sir."

Giving the other woman one last mistrustful look, the doctor saluted and marched out of the door.

There was silence for a while, while the Captain contemplated his steepled fingers. Den'l stood patiently, waiting for him to say what he had to, slightly cautious, but more curious than anything.

"The doctor doesn't seem to like you very much, Commander."

Den'l blinked. "She's a Trill, sir. Her people bear a grudge against mine for both conquering them and turning them over to the Empire."

"I meant that she seems to have something against you personally."

Den'l actually laughed. "I'm a Betazoid. That's enough."

Standing, Calvertson shook his head.

"We just started this mission; I'd hate to lose any of my senior staff over trivialities."

"As you say, sir. However, that's part of the risk of your job. There's a reason I'm in the science track."

The captain smiled, but didn't say anything.

"Dismissed, Commander."

Den'l saluted, but before she could leave, a violent tremor shook the ship, throwing Den'l to the ground.

"What in blazes?!"

Calvertson strode towards the door.

Commander Sular's voice sounded eerily calm over the comm.

"Red alert, all hands to battle stations; Captain to the bridge."

The captain was already out of the door, leaving Den'l to pick herself up and follow.

Shaking her head, she frowned.

This wasn't good.

Not good at all.


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