Pink is a Marvelous Color

By Lady Epur

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"Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore!" screamed a very unhappy Minerva McGonagall. She stormed through the Great Hall, all the way over to the Headmaster of Hogwarts, a school of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

She was dressed in her customary dark green robes, and her black shoes were on, but there was something quite different about Minerva McGonagall today.


And not a pale pink, mind you, but a wildly vivid pink that made you look twice.It would have been all right, if it was... oh say: Xiomara Hooch, who wore her hair in a buzz like cut. She was the craziest teacher in the school, aside form Dumbledore, and dyeing her hair was not uncommon.

But it was Minerva McGonagall. The world's most strictest woman, who stuck to the rules so splendidly, she scolded a child for not having a quill. So it was no surprise that she was Hermione Granger's role model.

And Hermione, she sat with a piece of toast inches from her mouth, shocked frozen. Her role model had dyed her hair? Hermione was not unused to spontaneity, being friends with Harry Potter always brought unsuspected things into her midst. But this? It was simply too much for her to handle. Was she starting a new fad? Should she dye her hair too?She didn't like the idea much, but if McGonagall was doing it, then it must be okay.

Harry and Ron sat there with smiles on their faces. This was going to be an interesting breakfast.

"Yes, my dear?" said Dumbledore calmly, irking Minerva even more.

"Do you notice my hair?" she asked, her voice loud and angry. Any other person in that position would have cowered in fear before Minerva McGonagall's famous Scottish Temper, but not Albus. He had known Minerva for so long that he didn't even shiver. Her temper always flared on him, and he could always control her, but he had yet to experience her temper in the midst of his students.

"It is quite lovely, if I might add," said he simply.

"I don't like it! Change it!" she yelled. By now, she realized that she was around her pupils, but

she was too maddened to do anything about it. Albus was always playing jokes on her, but not to this extent. It was usually a "haha I changed around your soaps" and things like that. But those jokes were minor, she could always say a counter-spell and undo it. And for this one, she couldn't.

Minerva had considered Peeves at first, but it certainly wasn't him. If Peeve's played a joke on her, it was because Albus had told him to. But for this... to not be able to mutter a counter-curse for it, Peeves couldn't do that. That left Albus. And this time, he had taken it too far.

"I haven't a clue what you're talking about, Minerva," said Albus.

"Yes you do, Albus. You dyed my hair, and I want it changed back. NOW!"

"Do I have to?" He sounded like a schoolboy, being scolded for vandalizing the Girl's Bathroom.


Albus stood up, looked at Minerva in the eye, and said: "No."

Her eyes widened. Why was Albus being so cruel? "What?"

"I said no, my dear. Pink is such a marvelous color on you, and you never wear it. Never. Something had to be done."

"All you had to do was ask me to wear pink, Albus! You didn't have to dye my hair the color!"

"I did!" he said. "Last night, as a matter of fact, and you told me I was ridiculous, and that only young women wear pink." Albus looked around his staff. "I beg to differ."

"Albus, just turn my hair back to normal, and we can talk about this later," said Minerva a little more quietly. But the entire Great Hall was so quiet you could hear a pin drop, and every word Minerva said was heard.

Albus smiled. That smile he had when he was up to something. "Xiomara, what do you think of Minerva's hair?"

Minerva gave her friend a pleading look, cursing Albus silently for choosing the one staff member who wasn't afraid of her.

"It's one of the best make overs I've ever seen! I do believe Minnie looks marvelous in pink," she said, smirking at Minerva.

"Then it's settled," said Albus. "All in favor of Minerva having her hair pink, say I!" He looked at his staff, and they all reluctantly put up their hands. They'd get hell from Minerva for this, but none more than Albus. Hopefully, he would keep Minerva from murdering them all, if she hadn't murdered him by then.

Slowly, more than half of the school put their hands up. With the exception of every Ravenclaw, and Hermione Granger, whom they all admired Minerva.

But all the Ravenclaws and Hermione Granger was not enough to dissuade the silly headmaster from changing his mind. He smiled at Minerva. "Come eat, my dear."

She looked at Albus. "Why can't you just change back my damn hair? Is that so much to ask?"

He still remained calm. "Come eat, my dear."

"I've had enough Albus! Why won't you change it back?"

He stood up, irked himself. "Because I'm the headmaster."

She shook her head. "And I'm the Deputy Headmistress!"

Albus stepped closer to Minerva. "I've been here longer!" he countered.

"I was the best student in my class!"

"I was the Transfiguration Teacher before you!" He was so close their noses were touching.

"Well I-" No one heard what Minerva said after that, for someone else's lips were on hers, and that handicapped her ability to speak. Her eyes had widened. For the suddenness of it, for the pleasure of it, this was what she had always fantasized about. She was too distracted to even notice the students, as well as her own colleagues whooping and catcalling at them.

She just slid her arms around Albus's neck and deepened the kiss. It was the most wonderful thing Minerva had ever felt, but the need of air was overwhelming. Albus broke away, and he looked at her, smiling quite a lopsided smile.

She looked around at her students, some of them still whooping- she distinctly heard Fred and George Weasley yelling: "Get it on, Minnie!"- and looked back at Albus.

"I... I have to go," she said, practically running out of the Hall.

Albus scolded himself. How could he have been so stupid? He hadn't even realized he had done it until he felt her lips on his, and he relished the feeling, never wanting it to go away. For he believed he'd never feel it again.

He looked around the Hall, and cleared his throat. "Breakfast is over," said he, rather weakly, walking briskly out of the Hall and towards his own rooms.

Albus and Minerva's kiss was the talk of the school. Someone would whistle or whoop whenever Minerva walked by, and her cheeks would turn as pink as her hair.

And Albus hadn't even left his rooms, but knowing he should face lunch, he finally left, taking the prime seat, and starting the lunch. He expected Minerva not to show up, but she strode through the hall, eating her meal without looking at Albus.

It was rather quiet in the Hall again, and Albus knew he'd have to fix this once and for all. Even if he had to confess his love for Minerva in front of the entire school. She ate her food quickly, and Albus grimaced. By the time he had summoned up all his courage, Minerva would have left. Finally, he cleared his throat, and looked at Minerva.

She looked at him. He saw her eyes. There was confusion written all over them. "Minerva... I..."

"What was it, Albus? What was that kiss about?" asked Minerva, cutting to the chase.

"I lost control Minerva. Being that close to you, my body reacted before I could stop it," said Albus truthfully.

"What does that mean, Albus?" asked Minerva.

He didn't say anything. What could he say?

"Just, never mind. Forget I asked," said Minerva, getting up and leaving.

Albus looked at her leaving figure, trying desperately to find a way to tell her.

"Because I love you, Minerva," he called out. She froze, her hand inches from the door.

Albus had stood by now, and he was practically sprinting toward her. "And I still never could find a way to say it that would justify it. It's wrong, I know. It probably ruin our relationship, too. Which is why I never said anything, and-"

"That's exactly why I never said anything, either."

Albus looked at Minerva, his eyes wide. "You couldn't possibly mean-" But now it was his turn for his words to be interrupted by a kiss. For a moment, he stood stock-still, too shocked to register anything that was happening. This Hall was definitely a lucky place for him.

Halfway along it, Albus had pulled out his wand and returned her hair back to normal, undoing the tight bun and running his hands through her hair. The kiss spoke more than a thousand words could. It said all there was needed to be said. Their love for each other, their devotion.

"Okay, okay, break it up," said Xiomara, smiling wide. "The children can only take so much."

The two grinned, and Dumbledore, still looking at Minerva, said: "Xiomara, you can take over Minerva's afternoon classes, I daresay she'll have other plans today."

He held out his arm to her, and they walked out of the room.

Snape coughed. "Wonder how long it will be until they've got a little Dumbledore. I give it a year."

Xiomara laughed. "You think too modestly of Dumbledore, Severus. I give it three months before Minerva says she's pregnant.

"I just hope he doesn't impregnate her today. Just think, while we're teaching, our boss is cohorting with one of our colleagues," said Remus. He give a little shiver.

"All, right, well... lunch is over," said Xiomara rather loudly.

So, to Albus and Minerva, pink was a marvelous color. And to prove that fact, they both went around wearing a garment of it every moment of their now-married lives.

Okay, I stayed away from the nasty stuff, filling it with enough fluff to make you smile, but not make you want to puke. I'll write some more, I might even make a sequel to this...

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