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Authors Note: I remember this time last year I was reading this fabulous fan fic where Riku was Santa's son and the KH crew was either elves or children who got gifts...but they quit the fic after one chapter. So I'm sort of doing something like it. Hope you enjoy it! By the way..this is my first 'first person' fan fic.

Yes, I believe in Santa
Chapter One: Introduction
By Lili-Sama

I hate bells.

No I'm not an anti-Christmas communist or anything. I like silver bells, jingle bells, and all that jazz. I just hate the bells that release you from class. While you are going "What the crap", let me explain.

See, I was reading a book. Not just any book! This book was the best book I've read since ..well...that summer. See, this girl can see ghost...and she can talk to ghost...

Well, I've never been the one that was good at explaining things. Anywho, my math teacher was teaching us about graphs. But, me being the "let's hang out at the library!" geek, I had already learned that and therefore I was giving myself an award. AKA, the book. This is what I had happened to be reading...

"We both have a gift," Drew smiled at me. He used the same smile he used to win half of the girls in our school. This, was not including me. He had be pinned up against the cold marbel walls. "Think of what we could do together!"

"I don't want to." My voice shook. Can you blame me for being scared? This guy had tried to kill off my boyfriend! Except ..for the fact he's already dead. You get my drift. "In fact, I'd like to get to class now, thanks." I tried to duck under his arms.

"Oh no you don't!" he cried. He just used his body to pin me to the wall now. And let me tell you, even though I hated Drew's guts ..his body didn't exactly make me cringe. He looked me straight in the eye. I chose this moment to notice that his face was a little to close to mine. "I'm going to-"

Yep. The bell rang. And I couldn't exactly sit there and continue reading. Then Ms. Ami would know I wasn't paying attention in class. So I had to quickly bookmark my page before Wakka got out of his chair, giving her a clear view of me.

"Kairi-chan," I heard a voice call me while I was thinking about my silent rant. I turned around to find an overly tan foreign boy waving to me. "What class to you have next?"

That was Wakka. He's from Jamaica (or something). He definitely stands out here in Japan. Since he plays a lot of outdoor sports he's really tan and muscular. And if that didn't make him stand out enough, he has this flaming red hair. But they always say to never judge a book by it's cover. And I should know. I've checked them all out from the library.

"Biology," I sighed while shoving my algebra book into my eye matching back pack. I swung my backpack over my shoulders and began leaving the room.

"Alright," Wakka waved to me. "I'll talk to you later!"

But I couldn't exactly tell him as I was waving goodbye to him that he wouldn't see me later. Not until much later. Because today was the day I-

"KAIRI-CHAN!" Someone glomped me the moment I got out into the hall. I opened my eyes and saw I was on the cold tile floor with Selphie, an overly hyperactive, sugar obsessed girl with beautiful brown hair, holding onto my neck. And she seemed to nuzzle her head against me as if she were a cat. "Ohayo!" (A/N: "Good Morning!")

"Ohayo Selphie," I greeted her awkwardly as I pushed her off of me. I already had enough people looking at me strangely. I didn't need a girl hanging off of me for them to have an excuse. "What's going on?"

"It's almost Christmas break!" Selphie nuzzled me more. I swear, if she didn't have a crush on Leon (like most of the girls, not including me, did) I swear she was a lesbian. "And I'm going to misssss yoooou Onee-chan!" (A/N: "Older sister")

"Hai, hai Imouto-chan," I gently pat her on the head. Hmm..I wish she could get off of me. It's sort of awkward having a hundred pound teenager strangling you while her body weight was causing your math book to dig into your spin. But I wasn't going to complain. (A/N: "Yes ,yes younger sister")

No wait. Yes I was. "Can you get off of me?" I asked politely while keeping a straight face.

Selphie happily nodded and did so. Then she held out her hand to help me up. She brushed her uniform off and started walking with me. "So, what class are you going to next?"

I think everyone was out to get me. Either that or everyone around here just thinks a like. "Biology."

"That sucks!" Selphie exclaimed in her sugar happy tone. "I'm going to PE! We have to run three miles today. That's gonna suck. I think it's-"

"Hmm," I nodded, not caring that much what she thought. It doesn't matter if I really pay attention. Everyone says the same thing. Watch.

"Don't you agree Kairi?" Selphie asked me as she flicked her brunette hair.

"Yeah," nodding once more. "I don't see the couches running with us! So how dare they order us around?"

"Here, here!" Selphie cheered, causing a few people to turn around and look. That's just the type of person Selphie was. She was doomed to have people stare at her with straight jackets in their hands for all eternity.

Actually, about my comment...I know why couches don't run with us. Because they don't want to. They could prove to us any day of the week that they could run their fat asses off. They chose not to because they are lazy. A sad human quality.

"So where are you going for Christmas break?" Selphie asked as she went inside of my biology room with me. I set my stuff down at my desk.

"Oh, just spending time with the family," I smiled at her. Lie. Lie. Lie. Total lie. But it wasn't like I was going to tell her that.

"That's fun," Selphie nodded as her a thousand-words-a-minute-mouth continued blabbering on. Something about going to Jamaica. Yea...have fun seeing Wakka. He's probably going to worship the native cocoanuts ..or whatever foreign people do.

Don't get me wrong. I come off as bitter, I know that. It's not that I don't like my school mates. I just get PMS-like because I never get to spend any time with the people I adore. Two weeks? Not enough time at all. Most of that time I'm working anyways.

I can see your face. Your probably at your computer screen in your 'super man' PJs eating cheetos. Or something like that. And your probably thinking 'Work? During Christmas Holiday?'

But there is a reason for that. You see...I'm an elf.

And now I imagine your cheetos are on the floor because you are probably laughing your ass off. So let me set a few things straight right now:

A) Elves are not green little people with pointy hats. Thoughs are called Sick Munchkins.
B) Yes we work for Santa.
C) Yes there is actually a Santa Claus. Or, Santa Claus'. It's like a family business. Whoever is the son of the current Santa will take over when the dad dies. And then the son will have a son who will take place when he dies. Ect. ect.
D) We do not stay at Santa's "Work shop" all year round and make toys. Maybe that's what they did a hundred years ago but today we just mostly buy them from toy stores.

Any questions? Feel free to email me at much?

"I can't wait for the break!" Selphie sighed dreamily. "Only one class period left. I say we celebrate with Wakka and them. What do you say?"

"Sure," I nodded with a yawn. "Why not?"

Selphie hugged my neck while screaming 'BANZAI' in my ear. I think she was glad that I got out of my anti-social state and decided to get a cup of coffee with them. But I only did this knowing I had a few hours to spare before I had to go. I wasn't totally heartless.

Maybe just a little, but not totally.

Authors Note: That's it so far. That's more of an intro .everything actually starts next chapter. If I get enough positive reviews I'll continue the story. One chapter (I'm hoping) a day until Christmas. We shall see how that goes. This is the list of characters:

Kairi: Secretly one of "Santa's elves" who his son, future Santa, picks on Kairi a lot.
Sora: Son of Santa Claus, AKA Cloud. Likes to pick on Kairi.
Riku: Head elf and Kairi's love interest.
Tidus: Another elf and Kairi's friend.
Wakka: One of Kairi's classmates at school.
Selphie: One of Kairi's friends/classmates.
Namine: A fellow elf
Cloud: Santa Claus, Father of Sora.
Aerith: Mrs. Claus, Mother of Sora.
Leon: School stud and member in the band 'SQUFFIE'. Not a major character.
Yuffie: Leon's friend, member in his band. Not a major character.