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Yes, I believe in Santa
Chapter 13: Tension





Not his usual "lets pick on Kairi and oh looky here is Riku to save her" (yes pretty Riku...whom I'm still very much in lurve with...) picking on but ..the kind that reminds you of your little brother.

Except I have no little brother.

I had a neighbor that was kind of like my little brother. But then he moved...and unless your parents get a divorce or something your siblings don't move away from you..

But I am rambling. I shall now get to the point.

I'm sitting here trying to help Aerith (because she found this 'lovely fabric in town and must see if there was anymore left') make up a meal plan for the elves tomorrow and he keeps staring at me! Stupid Sora, keeps smiling at me, sometimes humming some random anime theme song, and staring at me. Not my work. Not my boobs (I hope that's the case since I barely have any). Me.

Might as well suck it up and talk to him. "I'm thinking about something simple for dinner. I mean the big holiday rush isn't for another three days or so. No use wasting food to fuel them now."

"True," Sora nodded as he casually let his hand slip to my knee. He's your bosses son Kairi. Don't kill him until after the holidays. And don't blush either. He'll try to lure you into his bed and try to play 'find the worm' with him.

Then he'll try to have sex with you.

"For lunch I think we should give everyone a break from all this reindeer food," I laughed at my clever pun or whatever you call them. Get it? Reindeer food? It's Santa's workshop. Reindeer...oh hush it's funny. "And do a sort of a ballpark food thing. You know, corn dogs, pretzels, French fries."

"Baka-chan," Sora added to the list while licking his lips.


Breath in and out Kairi. He's your bosses son. And don't blush either.

"And for dinner," I could feel my face reddening despite the fact I was trying to not do that. "I was thinking doing something different. Like a buffet! I know your mom would have to cook more but she could always use left over's."

"Also true," Jack Ass-kun winked casually as his other hand 'fell' on top of mine.

Commence major blushing.


"Yes, lovely?"

"Your hand on my knee."

"Yes it is."

"Why is that?"

"I like your knee."

"I can see that."

We stared at each other. And I think Sora is looking at my flat chest once and awhile.

"You have another hand on top of mine."

"Yes I do."

"And why is it there?"

"Your hand is nice and smooth."

Does Sora hope by staring down at my chest that boobs will suddenly pop up? I hate you tell you Jack Ass-kun but it ain't happening.

...I've tried before.

"Sora?" I asked him as I tried to calm myself down.

"Yes?" Sora smiled back at his 'Kairi-san'. I miss Baka-chan honestly..

"Are you hitting on me?"

"And she strikes again ladies and gentlemen!" Sora announced to no one. He turned his attention back to me. "Yes I am."

"Goodbye Sora," I stood up suddenly and began to gather my things.

"Hey," Riku suddenly appeared in the doorway, blocking my exit. His attention was towards Sora, sadly. "What was that one thing you asked for earlier?"

"A life," I muttered as I stormed back the silver haired teen.

As I stormed away from the room I heard Riku say something to Sora. "Whats the matter with her?" Ouch. Say it a little nicer!

"Women problems," Sora sighed. "And you know, I asked her for sex, and she's not in the mood.."


"..Are you two dating?" Riku asked Sora. And now I find myself sliding closer and closer back to the door to try to catch a glimpse at what they are saying.

Sora chuckled softly. Oh great. Another one of his evil plans. "And what would you do if we were? Kairi already rejected you, didn't she?"


"I wouldn't do anything," Riku told him. Ooooh I really wish I could see what they are doing. So very, very badly. "If Kairi wants to date you then she can." And I was just about to walk away, because I obviously do not want to hear that Riku has already given up on me, when I heard Riku mumble softly, "Even if you are the scum of the earth."

"Riku, Riku," Sora silently tsked at him. "Just admit you want to get into Kairi's pants too. It'll be easier to handle the fact that she rejected you."

"Will you stop bringing that up?" Riku sighed, keeping his cool.

"Let's make a deal," Sora seemed to be ignoring Riku. "Shall we?"

"...Depends," Riku calmly told him. I saw Sora smirk.

"We'll have a contest," Sora told him. "And whoever wins gets to go to the dance with her. Deal?"

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