Edited: 2/21/09

AN: Well, here's the first edited chapter. I've taken some stuff out and added some more details. Its short, but if I typed anymore the whole story would have changed and I don't think my original reviewers would like that much. :O

Her fingers flew over the keyboard, lightly tapping the keys as she skimmed file after file of research. The Commander was demanding a complete overview of the past 5 years of research to present to the budget committee; the other researchers had gone to bed hours ago. Which left Mimori to finish up the loose ends. She sighed wearily as she picked up another file, pushing away from the computer and skimming the page for some different facts. She stifled a yawn, closing her eyes momentarily to give her aching head a break. A stoic face framed by green hair and crimson eyes greeted her from behind her closed lids. She shot up in her seat and cursed. 'Ryuhou,'she thought tiredly. 'Ugh, I need sleep,' she reasoned, saving her work and depositing her files in the proper cabinet.

Mimori swept her ebony hair away from golden brown eyes as she unfolded her body from the confines of the computer chair. She locked up, walking down the hallway deep in thought. She slammed headfirst into something hard as she turned the corner. She scrambled for balance as she felt the floor slipping from beneath her. She winced as she felt her head connect with the floor, and opened her eyes to see Ryuhou balancing his weight on his arms to keep from falling on her. Feeling her headache come back with twice the pain, she slid out from under him and stood up.

Ryuhou grabbed her upper arm, bringing her to a standstill. She clenched her teeth together in frustration; she hadn't slept in days, couldn't even remember her last meal.

"What do you want,Ryuhou?" she asked, the question coming out more bitter than she had expected.

"You know exactly what it is that I want," he answered coolly, watching as her face turned to one of understanding. He saw her upper lip curl slightly into a scowl before it disappeared. She forcefully shook him off and continued down the hallway before Zetsuei appeared and blocked her path.

She snapped.

"You've been so spoiled in this place, Tairen," her voice was soft, cutting through the air like a blade using his last name for the first time ever. "You get everything you want. Your orders are always followed. And you like it that way. Fine. Consider me gone. I'm as good as back to the mainland."

"Good," he nodded, Zetsuei fading away.

Mimori stood there for a long moment, and finally disappeared behind the corner; missing Ryuhou clenching his hand in regret. Grunting in frustration, his fist slammed into the wall with a dull thud that resounded amongst the empty hallways of the building. As his legs carried him in the opposite direction, his thoughts drifted back to Mimori. 'What was she doing at the lab this late anyways?' he thought to himself, a pang of worry embedding itself in the pit of his stomach. Running his hand through his hair, he stepped through the threshold into his apartment.

Mimori sighed as she placed the thick file on the Commander's inbox, and checked the time. 'I still have some time before my flight,' she rubbed the back of her neck anxiously.

"Minori!" Cougar shouted, running up to her. Mimori smiled slightly, slapping her forehead.

"Its Mimori," she repeated for old times' sake. Cougar shrugged, grinning.

"Do you have any plans for the night, madam?" he wiggled his eyebrows suggestively, making Mimori laugh softly.

"Oh, yes. By tonight, I'll be in the mainland unpacking," she replied, heading back into the lab. Cougar stopped suddenly, frowning for what had to be the first time ever in Mimori's presence.

"Unpacking? You're leaving HOLD?" he ran a hand through his hair, confused. Mimori looked away, momentarily distracted.

"Hmm? Oh, yes. I feel homesick and this isn't good for my work. So I've decided to move back to the mainland and become a researcher for medicine," she flashed him a grin, her feet tapping a beat into the linoleum floor.

Cougar scowled, and abruptly walked away from Mimori; leaving her in a state of mixed guilt and confusion.

"You're a godforsaken idiot, Ryuhou. How could you be so selfish as to actually persuade Miss Minori to go back to the mainland?" Cougar asked him exasperatedly. Ryuhou paused in his array of attacks on the punching bag to look at Cougar properly.

"Its Mimori," he mindlessly corrected. "And I did nothing to persuade her. I merely suggested it. Has she told you otherwise?" he continued, focusing back on the punching bag.

Cougar caught Ryuhou's fist and spun him around so that they were standing face to face.

"She didn't need to," Cougar hissed, before leaving Ryuhou in the gym with a rattling punch bag.