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CHAPTER 8: Nande?!

She went away.

Kanata's mind was floating as he walked the same path he always passed every morning.

"Hey! Kanata-kun!" A rushing Santa stopped beside him. Kanata just looked at him with a serious face which made the very jolly Santa into a depressed Santa.

"Is there a problem Kanata-kun?" he asked as Kanata started to walk away from him. "It's been a month now since you and Miyu-chan stopped coming to school together… Are you having a Love Quarrel???" Santa joked to cool this hot-tempered heartthrob.

But before Santa knew it – Kanata's bag landed on his face and made him drop back flat on the ground. "Just shut up."

Rooftop… Lunch.

Kanata sat alone on the roof floor. It has been a month since Miyu started to keep away from him. She almost decided to rent an apartment but thanks to Ru who had stopped her from leaving.

A month earlier

"I don't know how, I don't know why… But there's something special about you," Kanata continued making her freeze again.

Looking back at her, looking straight into her eyes, he said… "And I think that's why –"

"Manma… Panpa…" Ru suddenly came from nowhere. Rubbing his eye with his closed fist. Floating into Miyu's arms. "Manma…" He looked up at her and closed his eyes to sleep again.

"Maybe Ru missed you…" Kanata looked at Miyu.

"Yah… I've been inside my room the whole day..."

"Uhm. Miyu-chan…" he suddenly whispered as he placed his hands in his pockets again facing the sunset.


"As I was saying…" Miyu's heartbeat ran fast – faster than ever before. This was it. This was really is it! After the weird acts; the interruptions; after evertything that had happened… Now his gaze went back at her soulful eyes… "I think – these are the very reasons why I'm acting weird… I think I – I already fell for you."

Miyu, stunned as any girl would be when a heartthrob tells her that he already fell for her. She felt her cheeks warm. "I - " Miyu finally manage to say. "I - I'll just put Ruu back to his bed." And she went off.

Back to present

She went away.

Was all he said to himself again and again since that afternoon. This was what he was afraid of. This is why he wanted to keep it to himself. He thought she would run away. And she did run away.

The following morning after his' confession, Miyu went to school early and tried not to have dinner with Kanata around the dining table; but, well of course, she couldn't. So the following days she always had early meals and early stuff-to-do just not to meet Kanata.

After two weeks of trying to keep away from Kanata –


"NANI!!!????!!!" Wannya cried aloud which made Kanata run down stairs. It was already late but the kitchen lights were still open.

He immediately went into the kitchen and found Miyu and Wannya still wide awake. Wannya ran to him and cried on his lap.

"Kanata-kun! Kanata-kun! Miyu-chan wants to leave us and rent an apartment! Stop her Kanata kun! Master Ru would be very very very sad if she goes!" Wannya cried hundreds of gallons of tears which wet his pajamas.

"Miyu-chan… Is that true?" Kanata looked at Miyu with hurting eyes.

Miyu couldn't look straight at him. But still she managed to find her voice, "I – I just want to be on my own… That's all." She said, her voice shaking.

"Miyu-chan, if this is about what happened – "

"No, it's not…"

"Miyu-chan, if you want to have distance – so be it."

Wannya stopped crying. Miyu was struck.

"I won't walk to school with you anymore. And you don't have to wake up earlier than me, I know its hard for you 'coz I always wake up earlier."

"That's not true! I get up earlier than you!!" Miyu blazed.

"Alright, alright." Kanata said with a lazy hand gesture. He coughed and went on what he was saying. "I'll try not to talk to you in school. I'll have dinner after you have eaten yours. And –" his face now downcast and you can't see his eyes. "if you really want me to keep away, I'll do it. But – please, don't leave me."

Miyu's eyes suddenly widened. Is he – is he pleading? She asked herself as Kanata's sorrowful eyes found hers.

"If not for me – please – stay for Ru."

After that night, everything became awkward. Too awkward. They try not to meet at the hallway of the temple. They peak first to be sure if the other is around or not before one gets out in the open.

Back to present…Rooftop.

If only I kept my mouth shut. Maybe she would not keep away from me.


"Miyu-chan – " Kanata called out hoping it was from Miyu but –

"Chris-chan…" Kanata uttered as he saw the pink haired girl look at her with tearful eyes.

"Ohio – Kanata-kun…" Chris asked with a forced smile as she walked towards Kanata.

"I'm sorry I've mistaken you for Miyu. I wa –"

"It's alright. You don't need to explain." Chris interrupted as she placed down a very elegant lunchbox.

"Oh, okay." He nodded. "what a large lunchbox you brought today Chris-chan…"

"Hai. I actually made this myself." Chris smiled. "I made this for you."

Kanata wasn't surprised. Other girls had already prepared lunch for him and most of them stink. But the best lunch he had ever had was the one Miyu made. It was not good but still – it's from Miyu.

"Oh. Thank you." Kanata smiled as he took out his chopsticks. And landed on a piece. Chris' cooking isn't that bad. It's good – very good.

"It's good." Kanata smiled at her which made her cheeks glow.

Finally he smiled… Chris said to herself. She had noticed that Kanata had been very blue this month. At least she made him smile.

"Can I have some more?" Kanata asked as he snapped his chopsticks together. Of course it flattered Chris.

"Su – sure! Why not? Here…" and she handed the lunchbox to Kanata.

And as they had lunch there… Miyu was at the rooftop door watching them as she held the lunch she prepared for Kanata.

At the Temple…

"I'm home." Miyu said as she opened the door. And she didn't see Kanata's shoes. He's not home yet… she thought.

"Miyu-chan!" Wannya greeted with a wok on her left paw. "Did Kanata-kun liked the food?"

'Ehehe, Chris-chan had prepared one, too." She said as Ru flew into her arms. "So – I decided not to give him mine. Maybe next time." She smiled and went in the living room.

"Miyu-chan…" Wannya uttered as Miyu disappeared from sight.

"Miyu-chan prepared lunch for me?"

"AAAAAAAAAHH – " Kanata's hand covered Wannya's big mouth.

"Keep your voice down…"

"You were there all the while?"

"She forgot to close it."


"Did I hear it right that she prepared lunch for me?"

"Hai. But Chris-chan was there."

"How did she know Chris-chan was there?" Kanata murmured to himself.


"Oh. Nothing. Just don't tell her I've come home yet, okay?"


"Ja ne!"

"hey! Where are – " but he already went down the temple stairs.

"I think his' going to get something."

"WAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!" Wannya almost died of fright. "You!!!!"

"Me." The yellow haired alien Seya nodded as he folded his' arms.

"What are you dong here??"

"Is Miyu there?"

"Hai. She's with Ru pla – "Wannya was left alone. "Where did he go?" She asked herself in bewilderment.

"Why do people and aliens come and go like that… they're gonna kill me if they practice that often…" Wannya said to herself as she walked in the temple.

As she entered the living room, she heard merry laughter. And for her surprise – there was Seya.

"Hi, Wannya-san…" Seya greeted as if he hadn't saw her a while ago.

"You – you – How did you get in here???"

"Through the door…" Seya smiled.

"And through the door you could get out."

Everyone looked at his direction. Wannya's hair raised as the voice came from her back.

"Kanata-kun?" Wannya asked with her face white. "I thought you were – "

"I forgot my bag. I had no money. So I had no choice but to go back." He said as he pointed to his bag on the entrance.

"Oh." Was all Wannya said.

"And now - you yellow haired alien, you may leave." He said as he turned to Seya.

Seya's face hardened. "But I just got – "

"I said, you can leave." Kanata's voice was scary. He was serious. Darn serious.

"No!" Miyu yelled.

"What?" Kanata raged as Wannya took Ru upstairs.

"I said No."

"And who are you to say no?"

"He's my visitor! You can't just throw him out of here!"

"Why you – Octopus Head!"

"And you – Arrogant heartthrob!"

"Ahaha, at least, I'm still a heartthrob." Kanata laughed as he made a hand gesture telling Miyu she had lost that round.

"Wait!" Seya crashed in the fight.

"What?!?" Miyu and Kanata raged at the same time as they looked at him.

"If I'm not welcomed here… Then I'm going." Seya smirked at Kanata, "but not alone…" and in a split second, he took Miyu's hand and ran to the exit.

"Miyu don't go with him!" Kanata called out.

"Bye bye Arrogant Heartthrob!!" Seya called out as he almost stepped out the door. And when he had gone beyond the door he felt Miyu stopped.

"Alright. Octopus Head! If you go with him – " he stopped to think of anything.

"What Arrogant heartthrob?" Miyu turned back.

"If you go with him – "

"Come on Miyu-chan!" Seya said as he pulled her out and ran down the temple stairs.

"If you go with him – I'll be sure enough that I'm nothing to you." He uttered as the two disappeared from sight.

Meanwhile at the Saionji stairway… (where Miyu and Seya are running down…)

"Wait…" Miyu whispered but Seya didn't hear.

"Never mind him, Miyu-chan, he'll be fine after an hour or two – he'll forget about this later…" Seya smiled.

"Wait." Miyu said and finally the alien heard her.

"Nande?" Seya asked with a wondering expression.

What am I doing? I shouldn't be affected by that arrogant being. Miyu thought to herself as she stood still.

"Miyu-chan, are you alright?" Seya asked pretending not to have read her mind.

"Um, Hai. Hai. I'm fine." Miyu replied with a smile and never did she recall that Seya could read her mind at that moment.

"So let's go…" Seya smiled and continued their journey down the staircase with his hand on hers.


She whispered as flashbacks of his jealous face came into her mind as they walk down the stairs.


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