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Chapter 1: Crossing Paths

"Ahhhh!" he screamed as he awoke. A shiver went down his spine as his past was reawakened. He clenched his teeth hard trying to make the constant flashbacks go away. Pure hatred flared slightly in his eyes as they turned from a mysterious obsidian to a blood like red. He suddenly shook his head back into reality. The sky was a midnight blue and the moon lit brightly in the sky.

'Another nightmare...' he thought to himself frowning as he got out of bed. Sasuke let his ebony wings drop and fold back neatly. He changed into a loose black sleeveless jacket along with sleek black pants. He left his dark locks of hair with a glossy sheen, falling onto his forehead carelessly and the style loosely done and slightly tousled. Two slits were made on his jacket specially for his wings. He lastly wrapped bandages around his arms, hands, and legs and also a strip of leather around his arms. He then flew out of his quarters and rose slowly from the depths of Hell, wings beating as he lifted himself in the cool midnight air. As he reached earth, his icy glare glanced all over the area around him. He finally spotted his first target in a hospital. It was an old man that was suffering a heart attack. The mission was to get the target's soul after an angel finished her job.

A pact between the Heaven and Hell had been made. Before the mortal is about to die, the angel must protect it with a sheild and soothe the life of humans from any physical or mental pains until the soul becomes free of its wounds. Angels and Devils have different kinds of healing instruments to use, which would be a way to attract a mate. After the treatment, the devil releases the case around them and carries the soul to the underworld where it may rest in peace. There was no argument about it, for this was the way of life. However, the devil and angel's most difficult job is making the ultimate decision.

Wether to grant the soul another chance of life, or let death remain its path. Devils normally worked during the night, and angels worked in the day so they could not meet each other. The only time they met was when they had to carry a soul to the underworld, mourn at funerals, or mate with each other. Sometimes there were other minor details about these jobs, but that was a small concern.

A figurine flew gracefully down the golden staircase of Heaven. Her warm glow surrounding her body perfectly shone like the sun, almost like a second moon in the night sky. Her wings fluttered behind, feathers sparkling like snow. Her lovely curves and gorgeous smile greeted the world, jade eyes twinkling like gems. Her rose colored tresses fell upon her back and her halo softly rested upon her forehead, wrapped around her hair like a tiara. Her white spaghetti strapped gown reached her lower thighs, loosely tied around the waist with a pearly pink ribbon that showed a bit of cleavage. The angel flew to Earth, the nature planet, as she let her wings carry her to her destination.

"Now where was it again?" Sakura said to herself looking around frantically. Suddenly she spotted a hospital with a devil waiting inside. She swooped through the window and immediately introduced herself.

"Hi! My name is Sakura and its very nice to meet you." she said with a friendly smile and bowed respectfully. He simply frowned.

" My name is Sasuke and you're 15 minutes late." He said smirking arrogantly.

" What! Well excuse me! I'm sorry! I kinda got lost and well at least I showed up!"

"And I thought angels were all heavenly. You seem very feisty for an angel." he said licking his lips.

"Grrr...You're infuriating!" She fumed with frustration and stuck out her tongue at him.

" You better put back that tongue of yours if you know what's good for you." he said smiling playfully. Sakura yelped and immediately slipped her tongue back in.

"Alright listen, let's just get this over with!" Sakura groaned. Sasuke just shrugged and waited. Sakura started by summoning her healing instrument. She closed her eyes and opened her hands. Sasuke watched in silence. After a few moments, a crystal clear heart appeared in her hands. She glided over toward the patient. She raised the glass heart into the air and started to sing a heavenly song.

I wanted so very much to help

I wanted to take your pain away

I wanted to take this walk for you

I wanted to go in your place

It broke my heart to watch you hurt

I saw the look of heaven in your eyes

Watched you slowly slip away from this earth

I knew God was bringing you to His side

Sasuke closed his eyes as the soothing music flew into his ears. Sakura kept singing gently as the old man's face turned from a pained and tearful frown to a peaceful smile.

Look down and here I'll be

Holding on to your memory

Someday we'll be together, you'll see

God is with us, in that, I believe

You opened your heart and let me

Open the door to heaven

As Sasuke opened his eyes he glanced at the glass heart floating in the air. The patient's soul was slowly slipping away from his body and moving into the heart case. Sakura noticed and smiled while she sang.

I stood by your side that night

That came much too soon

When heaven's door opened

I could feel angels in the room

I feel honored to have had the chance

To be with you, to hold your hand

Look down and here I'll be

Holding on to your memory

Someday we'll be together, you will see

God is with us, in that, I believe

I know when it's my time, you will be

Opening the door to heaven

Where you will be

Whenever you go, never doubt

I'll be with you, always

I'll never let you go

I'll never forget you

You'll live in my heart

As Sakura finished the song, the soul was in the case gleaming a numerous amount of colors. She looked at the man and sighed with relief. His face was not full of pain but it was beaming with joy. Sakura grasped the glass heart case and gently handed it to him. When Sasuke grabbed it, the case dissolved leaving the soul in his hands. He then placed the soul into a small skull shaped bottle. He then flew toward Sakura and grasped tightly onto her shoulders.

"Hold still." he said sternly. He lowered his head down to her neck and started to lick her skin. She first started to push him away, but because of his strength, she gave up and started to moan with pleasure. Sasuke smirked as he bit her neck line hard. She winced in pain. After a few seconds he let go and started to lick the wound clean. Sasuke let go and carried her bridal style out the window and onto the roof. He sat puting her gently on his lap.

"What exactly just happened!" Sakura said as she blushed furiously. He chuckled and licked her on the cheek lovingly.

"You're mine now that I marked you." he said smirking. She started to process his answer in her head thinking of an excuse.

"But we're not supposed to mate until mating season starts! And Mating season isn't for..." Sakura said trying to remember the exact date.

"Tomorrow." Sasuke said smiling arrogantly while Sakura paled.

"Noooooooooo! This can't be right! You're telling me I'm already mated! This can't be possible! And the worst part is I only met you! Plus you stole my first kiss!" Sakura whined starting to pout.

"So you're a virgin." Sasuke said smiling evilly. Sakura blushed and jumped out of his arms.

"Well, at least I won't have any trouble picking a mate tomorrow since I already have one.."Sakura growled as she flew away into the sky fleeting toward her home as the sun started to rise. Sasuke sighed and flew downward toward the gates of hell. He glided threw the building and soon arrived at his mansion. He went inside and lied down on his bed as the sun began to shine. He thought about his new mate and smiled.

"My angel..." he said to himself as her mesmerizing appearance took place in his dream all day long.