Chapter 8: New Ally...or Foe? Pt 2

"I've met him..." Sakura said sadly, remembering.


Sakura sat knees to her chest on a grassy hill outside of Konoha.. A warm breeze blew as Sakura cried tears of pain; the pale moonlight cloaked her presence. Sakura saw a shadow in front of her, looking up, to see Gaara's towering form.

"Oh. I'm sorry; I must look pathetic right now..." She muttered, wiping away her poignant tears.

"What brings you out here?" Sakura asked casually trying to change the subject of the situation.

"My village..." he said calmly as they both gazed shortly at the moon.

"Why do you cry...?" Gaara questioned monotonously waiting for her reply.

"What do you mean/"

"Are your tears a way of comforting your pain...for a loss of just a reasonless action of the heart?"

"I wouldn't know...possibly both...Sasuke left again...for revenge on his own...without saying goodbye."

"The Uchiha...he is bound to chains for a life to fulfill his destiny that he has chosen...and accepted...To sacrifice means to gain...nothing more..." Gaara alleged walking past her as she continued to weep, her heart torn to pieces.

/End Flashback/

"Whoa…so that's how you met…did you like him?" Naruto asked grinning lecherously. Sakura sighed and smiled sadly.

"As a friend I suppose…I pitied him for how much rejection he's endured…yet admired him…how he could be so wise with just a few words…Anyway, let's get going!" she suddenly cheerfully said, determination in her eyes. Sasuke and Hinata nodded, while Naruto looked as if he had eaten 3 tons of sugar. (very possible for him) They flew into the air, following Sakura who led them all to a desert setting close by. They flapped harder, due to the harsh winds and sand bustling around. Hinata and Sakura stopped panting as they lied behind a rock, protecting them from the wind. Naruto and Sasuke landed, both slightly confused.

"Sorry. It's just, our wings are made of feathers, designed for the skies and breezes, not for harsh winds and rainy days…You both are devils…who have leathery wings with feathers…making them capable for any wea-ahh!" she yelped, as Sasuke held her to his chest, bridal style. Earning a blush, Sasuke smirked. Naruto, instead of grabbing, he slowly kneeled in front of Hinata who blushed a bright red.

"I wouldn't want you to pass out like last time, so I'll wait!" he said laying out his fox-like grin. Hinata then smiled.

"Thank you…Naruto..." she said trying hard to not let the –kun get anywhere near her sentence. She sat in his arms as he shot up holding her tightly bridal style.

"Be careful where you're touching!" Sakura snapped feeling his hands move downwards. Sasuke smirked arrogantly.

"It's not like I haven't touched there before."

That shut her up. They launched themselves into the air as the winds raged on. Sasuke and Naruto glided threw the wind like a fish in water. Sakura pointed that way as she suddenly felt a familiar set of auras.

"There he is! Along with someone else! Let's go." Sakura commanded as Naruto and Sasuke obeyed swiftly soaring toward the direction. They stopped as they saw him, Gaara of the desert. He wore a dark brown long-sleeved zip up shirt, with black leather pants. An ivory colored cloth wrapped like a sash, along with a thick leather belt together forming an x-like shape. The belts attached to a cursed gourd, symbols on it. His hair a crimson blood red and face, as cold as ice. His pale face was adorned with gleaming turquoise eyes, lined with a thick black interior on both sides, showing his tremendous amount of suffering and his life as a demon. He wore a deep frown, threadlike eyebrows furrowed. As rumored, on the left side of his forehead, a tattoo that meant love, meaning he loved himself and the death of others, also on his back, two sets of wings, on his left two large devil wings, attached to the gourd; on his right were two angel wings that glowed luminously with heavenly light.

His sharp eyes suddenly moved toward Sakura, who smiled sadly.

"Hello, Gaara-San. It's been a while…where are your older siblings?"

"Dead. Their lives have been perished to the heavens…" his dark voice replied. He raised a hand and closed it to a clenched fist. The harsh winds ceased in utter silence. The sand fell to the ground, giving Naruto a minute of shock from such power they had witnessed. Hinata gazed with amazement flickering in her empty eyes. Sasuke glared, clenching his fists, smirking in a challenging way.

"Have you already forgotten about me?" a voice called with a heroic drawl. As Sakura and Hinata looked over, they cringed, trying hard to keep a smile. The voice led to a tall man in a green jumpsuit. He wore thick orange leg warmers around his muscular legs, and a belt with his former life's village symbol. Lucky for him, his body was not as disgusting as his face was. He had on a blinding pure smile that sparkled every time, a bowl cut hairdo, and very symmetrical eyes and pitch black pupils, along with caterpillar sized eyebrows that would make you flinch every time they moved. On his back were two angel wings, only chained with golden shackles. Sasuke stared with a peevish glare twitching madly on the inside, and Naruto was being…Naruto.

"Who the heck are you? You look like a dork! But uhhhh….what is with those glowing chains wrapped around your wings huh? Tell me!" he fumed jumping with electrical energy that radiated from his body. Sakura, Hinata and Hinata, almost feeling his stupidity and enthusiasm, sighed in unison.

"My name's Rock Lee! The reason I wear these chains is because all my life, I had worked hard to gain something to live for, and now, until my duty as an angel ends, I shall wear these proudly for my idol, Gai Sensei...who I am grateful is still alive…" Lee cried, tears falling like rivers from his eyes.

"Oh! I know Gai! He looks just like you. He was such a dor—"


"Oww! Sakura-Chan! You didn't have to hit so hard…" Naruto whined feeling the sudden throb of pain on his head.

"My name is Sakura, the guy with black hair is my mate, the girl with white eyes is Hinata, and the boy I just hit is none other than the annoying Naruto." Sakura said ignoring Naruto's pain.

"So…you're Gaara of the desert, the demon of the sand? What's your business with caterpillar boy?" Sasuke inquired, gazing at him stonily.

"I am no caterpillar boy! I have come to challenge the sand demon in battle to determine my strength!"

"I will not stand here to waste time on fighting with a worthless being like you…Haruno, what is your business here to visit me?" Gaara demanded with an irritated expression.

"Please, Gaara-San. Tsunade-Sama needs your help to defend the peace of our three worlds. A dark plot is enabling from what we feel that this could be a chaotic outcome for an ultimate sin someone is planning to commit, so please, join us!" Sakura pleaded. Gaara stood in deep thought, thinking.

"I am on no side of the battle. I am neither angel nor devil, but a wandering curse that stands, doing as I please. Why must I fight, when this battle would result to nothing but more hate and sin? I understand that it is your duty…but it is none of my concern, for the three worlds are linked by the Heaven's light, Hell's shadows, and a mortal's love, hate, and sin.

"Because, it is our duty to protect every element in life and death…Yet someone wishes to throw it all away and create one world without virtue, peace and harmony! What will happen to the souls in Heaven and Hell? Mortal in the world we used to live in? Your siblings, people you cared about? Even if they're gone they're still in your heart…but what if that was all taken away? Please, at least think about it and if you accept, please come to the gates of Hell, and if you wish to wander for eternity…so be it." Sakura said smiling. Hinata hugged Naruto and cried, tears falling from the Sakura's strong words. Naruto comforted her, and held her vulnerable state tightly.

"At least think about it. Let's go." Sakura said disappointed as the four recoiled into the skies. Gaara closed his eyes in yet another deep thought as he flew gracefully into the sky, sand trailing his shadows. Lee stood agitated from the continuous ignorance he was receiving.

"Hey! What about me?"

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