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"And so, atoms are the basic building blocks of matter that make up everyday objects……….." Mrs. Whitens rambled on and on about some scientific stuff that, well, Bradin wasn't listening to. What he really was doing was staring out the window, daydreaming about surfing and catching the perfect wave, obviously things that a particular teacher wouldn't have any idea about. Whatever…….should I REALLY listen to this lady keep on talking about all this stuff that even puts coffee to sleep? I mean like, come on! Science is my worst subject, even worser than PE!

Suddenly, there was a light knock at the door as it slowly opened, revealing the school's huge receptionist, Mrs. Koch, who was holding a folder of papers in her hands. "Yes Karen (A/N: lol! made up a teacher's name! I think you noticed I made up Mrs. Whitens too…….sorry about that! I have NO idea how Bradin's school is like! Can somebody tell me? Sorry again!), what can I do for you?" Mrs. Whitens looked up from the workbook she was reading from. "We're having a new student at this school, and this is her first class." Mrs. Koch replied, looking directly at the other teacher through her wire-rimmed glasses. "But where is she?" Mrs. Koch stepped to the side, revealing a tall, slender girl behind her.

"Isn't she such a beauty!" Mrs. Whitens exclaimed while staring at her, as did everyone else in the class. "Yes, she is Wendy. But I must go now, so please welcome her here with open arms." Mrs. Koch ushered the teen inside before closing the door quietly behind her, leaving the class and her staring at each other intensely.

"So what name can we add to that pretty little face of yours?" Mrs. Whitens gave the girl her usual brittle smile. "Lin Lee. Lin Lee Chang." She answered, flipping her hair attractively, which turned on plenty of guys, especially Bradin. Wow, she's………hot! Bradin stared at her, sweat already starting to form on his forehead.

Lin Lee was wearing a short, black mini skirt with a chain wrapped around the front, giving her the hot, punk chic look. She was also wearing a black tank top with 'NYC girl' written all over it in red, plus a few chain necklaces and a black wristband. Her shoulder length raven-black hair was tinted with a few red highlights, and her almond-shaped eyes were an astonishing hazel-green. She had a thin body that was definitely good enough to be a model, and her slightly tan skin held no make-up, which was pretty obvious to everyone that she didn't need any.

"Hello there Lin Lee. Welcome to Playa Linda High, and I sure do hope you will like it here! Now, go ahead and please take your seat next to……….." Mrs. Whitens turned around, glancing over at all the hands that were immediately shooted up from all the boys. "……….Bradin" she finally finished, gesturing to her as he slowly raised his hand. Lin Lee nodded as she started walking over to the seat next to the sweaty, blonde surfer. Bradin looked as if he was going to have a heart attack right then and there, as all the envious looks of jealous boys flashed onto him. Geez, I gotta stop sweating like pig! Bradin stared over at Lin Lee as she took her seat, being handed over a science book, notebook, and pencils from Mrs. Whitens.

"As I was saying………." Mrs. Whitens continued on with her long, boring speech of science even longer, reading back to her workbook. Bradin stared at her, trying his best to say something, but nothing came out but a little squeak, that thankfully wasn't heard.

Just say something to her stupid! It can be an introduction for all I care! Talk before some other guy does! Say something! ANYTHING! "Hey, I'm Bradin." He flashed her a sexy smile as she turned around, practically melting on the spot when he stared into her amazing eyes. "Excuse me, but I'm trying to listen to the teacher on what she is saying! Sheesh……" she rolled her eyes with a lil' attitude, focusing her attention once again on her notebook.

Wow, she's got an attitude that I DEFINITLEY like! He smiled, getting more turned on than ever. "So……where are you from" he asked, refusing to give up. She flashed her eyes at him, looking extremely pissed off and mad. "My tolerance level is REALLY low today, so I suggest to you if you want to live for awhile longer, shut up!" she whirled

around and stared at Mrs. Whitens, trying to listen to what she was saying. He grinned to himself. Even hotter when she gets pissed! "I don't take that as an answer, and I won't leave you alone till I get one." She groaned, and gave him a furious look. "Queens, New York!" she hissed at him. "Matches your shirt." Bradin grinned flirtatiously at her, but she just shook it off as if boys do that to her everyday.

Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnngggggggg! (went the bell)

Everyone shot up from their seats and scrambled out of the classroom, glad that they all survived 1st period.

Bradin started to run as he tried to catch up to her, which was an amazing speed for a girl in a skirt. "Why the fuck are you following me?" she angrily glared at him. He smiled at her teasingly. "Your new here, cutie, so you have to come with me to P.E." She looked surprised for a moment, but immediately switched back to warrior mode. "How do you know that I'm going to PE?" "I saw your schedule on your desk." He grinned at her cleverly, running a hand through his blonde hair. She rolled her eyes. "As if I care. And if you EVER call me cutie again, you won't be able to see your arm anymore for the rest of your life."

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