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"Bradin, if I were you, I would rather be working on the assignment Coach Williams gave us, instead of just gawking over a stupid magazine!" Lin Lee pointed out, annoyed.

Bradin just shrugged, still continuing to flip the multi-colored, glossy pages of J-14.

"Why? That assignment he gave us is just crap, if you ask me," he replied. "…..oh, and did you know that girl who stars as Cho Chang in that Harry Potter movie looks like you?" he added in.

Lin Lee rolled her eyes, sighing.

"FYI Bradin: You think that EVERY homework assignment you get is crap!" she looked over his shoulder, taking a peek at the page he was staring at. "She really does? She doesn't look like me! Her nose is too big………."

"She does look like you! See, you're noses are even exactly the same!" he cried out, pointing at a picture.

Lin Lee frowned, "So you think my nose is big, huh?" she asked, sounding a little hurt.

Bradin gaped at her, not really knowing what to say.

"Well, so-,"


Lin Lee raised her eyebrows, staring at Bradin weirdly. "Was that you're stomach?" she questioned.

Bradin grinned sheepishly, blushing a little. "Yeah, sorta. I never ate breakfast yet, remember?" Lin Lee nodded her head, placing her forest green sketchbook carefully on the grass.

She got up, motioning for Bradin to follow her to wherever she was going.


"We're going to search the place for some berries for you to eat. Then we can go hunting for some lunch and dinner," she replied simply, sounding as if she just talking about the weather. Bradin's face paled slightly for some reason.

"Hunting? For what?" he asked, worriedly.

Lin Lee sighed, squatting down on her knees to search a bush. She plucked some hazelnuts and raspberries from them, putting them carefully into a bucket that she fortunately found nearby.

"No, not rabbits or squirrels, if that's what you're thinking, doofus. They're too fast and smart for you to catch, especially since you're uncoordinated and have a terrible ego problem," she replied, observing a rather lumpy hazelnut in her fingers.

She turned it this way and that, placing it down on the ground reluctantly.

Bradin frowned, trying to look in some bushes and copy what Lin Lee was doing, with no such luck.

"I'm not clumsy!" he protested.

She stifled a laugh, already knowing that he was terribly wrong.

"How come you know so much about the outdoors? It's like you're a………nature girl!" he commented, finally finding a single blueberry in a bush. He threw it in the bucket happily.

"Thanks, I'll take that as a compliment!" she laughed, clutching the already filled bucket tightly against her chest.

But she soon stopped in her tracks, shutting her mouth immediately. Her face paled, and her hands soon started to shake. She averted her eyes down to the ground, not looking up at all.

Bradin was starting to get worried about her, and asked, "What's wrong?"

"Hush…….." she whispered, her voice shaking slightly.

Bradin stared at her, confused. "Don't say a word, and whatever you do………don't look up!" she mumbled, not moving a single inch of her body.

She stayed as still as a statue, and somehow as pale as one, too. However, Bradin followed what she said anyway, his nerve endings going insane with worry and wonder. He stared at the ground as well, but nearly jumped a foot in the air, after realizing a pair of huge, hairy brown feet was standing right in front of Lin Lee and himself.

Oh shit! What the fuck?

He felt his body go numb and restless for staying so still so long, and his foot was unfortunately asleep, much to his luck. His curiosity was peaking up to the sky like fireworks, and he was longing for a look to whatever creature (or monster) was staring down at him.

Despite his stupid conscience yelling at him to listen to Lin Lee, he slowly looked up.

Oh……….shit………a BEAR!

The colossal, brown grizzly bear met eyes with the surfer, and with it's hot-temper and fury, bellowed out a huge roar that vibrated around the whole forest, nearly making the earth and ground beneath the humans shake.

"Damn you Bradin! RUN!" Lin Lee screamed frantically, grabbing the shell-shocked boy by the arm.

They both ran away as quick as hares, through painfully sharp bushes and branches that scratched and bleeded them both. The bear distinctively followed behind, lumbering its way with each huge step it made, had the ground shake.

They soon came upon the river, with its calm, clear water flowing peacefully in it. We're trapped. Bradin groaned, not knowing what to do. Both of them soon felt the vibrating steps of the bear come closer and closer each second.

"Quick Bradin, jump in the water!" Lin Lee shouted, fear evident in her voice.

He froze, unsure.

But he still didn't have much time, as time ticked by like a clock, since his life depended on one jump in the river.

He was pretty sure he didn't want to be bear chow, and to at least live up to his graduation day……..

"BRADIN!" Lin Lee screamed desperately.

No longer with hesitation, he grabbed her hand, and with a tight squeeze of reassurance, they both dived into the water.


Bradin's POV

Blue. Green. Colors that to me that have always been beautiful.

But with you're whole entire life depending on you staying underwater for 2 minutes, that's a whole different story.

My eyesight was started to get blurry, and the water was starting to oddly seem purple to me. If I hadn't stupidly looked into that crappy bear, none of this would be happening!

Well, I shouldn't be really thinking that, since my lungs feel as if they're going to collapse without air any second soon.

I slowly looked beside me, making sure that Lin Lee was alright.

Her eyes were tightly shut closed, and her skin was ghostly pale. I gave her freezing cold hand a squeeze, letting her know that I was there.

She opened her eyes, giving me a smile and nod.

She pointed her finger up, motioning for us to finally breathe air.

End of Bradin's POV


Both teens bursted out of the water, taking in the fresh breathe of air.

Air never seemed to be as precious, but to them it meant the world, or at least for the moment.

Both were breathing heavily, and swam slowly back to the edge of land. They collapsed onto the grass, too tired and weak to say another word to each other.

The bear was thankfully nowhere to be seen, and by the looks of it's huge, muddy footprints on the ground, had left.

Lin Lee closed her stinging eyes sleepily, her breathing labored.

"Ya know, I SWEAR if I see another bear again, I'm going to make a fur coat!" Bradin joked, coughing up water as he did.

Lin Lee gave out a weak laugh, coughing up water as well.

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