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Prologue- The Assignment

Her violet eyes flashed open to meet darkness. Raven's hand flew to her chest protectively as the inky thickness of her surroundings seemed to stifle the very breath from her. She stood like this for a long while, peering unsuccessfully into the black air with her heart pattering frantically against her ribs. Not in fear however as would be expected, but rather in apprehension and surprise.

Raven had become accustom to the unfriendly greeting she often received; it was not that which bothered her, but the fact that they had called her back with such urgency. Mission briefings were formal events, often marked by visitation in dreams, but never had she been wrenched away from her waking hours.

Raven squinted as her eyes caught what looked like a small speck of light in the far distance. Her suspicions were proved correct when it became obvious the light was coming closer, bobbing and swaying to the footsteps of a person whose face and figure where still in shadow. Raven's mind but up a barrier, almost by habit, as she watched a long white gown and an equally white face flicker in the glow of the lantern.

A priestess had arrived for her, and by the look on her face it became obvious that the girl, who was no older than Raven herself, had no desire to observe the niceties. She neared Raven who remained as expressionless as ever, and with two pale fingers reached forward and roughly pressed them to the gem on Raven's forehead. Raven felt it warm under the touch and saw it shed a red glow onto the face of the young priestess before her.

Satisfied the girl dropped her hand and beckoned Raven with a crude gesture of jutting her thumb in the direction she intended to walk, before turning away. Raven followed making sure to keep a good distance behind. Her origin was a tale of infamy in the Order, and one that no one was likely to forget in a long time. She could see from her welcome that the attitude with which she had been treated as a child had been passed on to the younger generation of priestesses. Things hadn't changed much.

In fact, Raven's face still held a small blush from the test she had just undergone. They had sent the girl who was currently escorting her, to check Raven for security reasons. In the eyes of the Order, Raven was corrupt. An abomination of the worst kind. The girl had touched her charka not in greeting, but to make sure that the evil within her was under control and that she was still 'safe'.

It was most humiliating, and often times Raven resented the fact that she was punished for something she had no say in. Instead she was treated as an inferior by people whom she should have had authority over. A light suddenly flashed in her face as the girl in front of her wheeled around to glare.

"Remember your place." She snapped maliciously, her beautiful porcelain features had twisted to form something ugly. Raven glared back without a word, slowly sliding the doors to her mind shut once again, and cursing herself from letting them slip open.

They continued on through the darkness, both silent in mouth and mind. Gradually the blackness around them faded until they were walking down a stone corridor that resembled something out of medieval castle. A favorite décor of the Order, especially when they intended to give their meetings a somewhat intimidating air.

She was ushered into a room down the hall, and the door was slammed shut behind her. Raven looked to see that only a circular section of the room floor was lit, the rest fading into shadow. She knew that was where the elders gathered to speak to her, like a specimen on display. Raven stepped into the center of the ring of light with as much dignity as she could muster, eager to show that she was not afraid.

"Daughter of Arebele, named Raven, the Order welcomes you." Echoed a voice out of the surrounding darkness. Raven bowed her head in response. 'Liars' she thought sourly, but the thought was well masked.

"There are serious matters at hand. We are in need of your assistance." A flicker of surprise past across Raven's face, as she detected a hint of desperation in that last statement.

"What is my assignment?" Raven inquired to the darkness.

"You have a friend by the name of Garfield Logan. He has important information concerning the well being of the Order. You are required to get this information." Raven's eyes widened and it took all the self control she had to keep her jaw from dropping in shock. Beast Boy? What in the name of Azar did they want with him? Never would she have thought Beast Boy to be the one to have something to hide. Let alone something the Order would be interested in. Her curiosity aroused, Raven fought down the swirl of confusion in her mind, and posed a question to the darkness.

"What am I to ask of him?"

"No!" The voice rang out making Raven lift an eyebrow in response. "You are not to ask him directly! He will tell you in time. For now your mission is to make him trust you."

"You are mistaken. I work and live with him. We are friends, teammates, almost family. If he had anything to share, wouldn't he have told me already?" She explained. Raven could not help but doubt the words of the Order.

"Obviously then, the trust is not strong enough. You may be required to use other means." A small frown appeared on Raven's face at these words. Were they requesting torture? But no, they would have called a priestess who specialized in such arts, and Raven knew that they gained no advantages by using her, but perhaps she was missing something. As if sensing her confusion, the elder continued.

"You are an attractive young woman. He is a man. Need we say more?" The explanation was blunt and brought a rush of blood to her face which she knew was obvious to everyone in the room. It was one thing to gain trust through friendship, but to gain it through false lust?

"Y-you want me to…s-seduce him?" Raven managed to choke out. Her mind reeled at the mere idea of their request. "But surely you must understand that my pow-"

She was cut off as something small slid from the shadows with a sound of metal on stone. It stopped at her feet and its shine seemed to wink at her in a most unnerving manner. Raven picked up the object, now identifiable as a ring. A smooth black stone was set on a silver band, but that was not what had caught her attention before. In the center of this black stone was set a diamond shaped ruby which glistened in the light like a drop of blood.

"This will neutralize your powers. Use it and find out what he is hiding." Demanded the voice as Raven continued to examine the ring with great interest.

"And after?" She inquired, running her finger over the ruby as to assure herself it would not wipe away.

"Kill him."


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