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Chap. 2

Raven's eyes darted back and forth cautiously as she made sure the coast was clear. If she was caught it was all over. On tip toe she maneuvered her way through the maze of shelves, carrying her precious bundle in her arms as she slunk along the narrow corridors. Suddenly a woman appeared around the corner, and Raven froze using her cloak as best she could to cover her sacred package. The woman looked startled at Raven's appearance and hastily adjusted her glasses which had slipped down the bridge of her nose.

"May I help you?" She asked peering at the pale girl curiously. Raven shook her head calmly and tried to smile. It must have worked for the lady nodded and smiled back before walking away. Raven's shoulders slumped in relief, but she wasn't safe yet. Hurrying towards her destination she dodged the glances of a few other people and with great agility ducked under a rope line before stopping at a wooden desk.

The man behind it smiled as she slid her purchases face down across the counter. Holding her breath, Raven tried her best to remain calm and collected as he brought the scanner to the barcode on the first book. It beeped and the man set it back down but not before quickly glancing at the cover. Instantly Raven's face blushed a dark crimson and the man glanced up briefly to make eye contact. His mouth was formed in a sly smile and his eyes laughed as he placed the book in the bag.

His attention turned to the other one lying still facedown. Again the scanner beeped as the barcode was acknowledge but as the man went to type at his computer a frown appeared. He tried it again, looked at the screen, and the frown on his face deepened, along with the blush on Raven's cheeks.

"Hey Ann, can you get this thing to scan?" The lady at the register next door came over, her ponytail bobbing as she walked. She smacked her gum as she took the scanner to the barcode about 10 times before flipping it over and looking at the title of the book.

"Hey Phil, can you see if you can go find another copy of Dating for Dummies." She called over to a guy stacking books by the entrance. Raven felt all the blood drain out of her face as a few people turned to stare at the girl who was buying such a book. A little girl giggled and Raven tried desperately to concentrate a little box of bookmarks to take her mind off the humiliation. A few minutes later, a new book was brought over and to her great relief the scanner accepted it.

"Do you have discount card?" Asked the girl still smacking her gum and still totally oblivious to the humiliation she had just caused Raven.

"No." Muttered Raven still glaring at the book marks.

"$24.50" Raven forked over three tens, her finger's trembling in anger as she set the money on the counter.

"You want a book mark?" Asked the girl, noticing the intense glare Raven was giving the little box. Fed, up Raven snatched the plastic bag from the counter and turned her gaze to the girl who choked on her gum in response.

"Keep the change." She snarled before marching out of the bookstore in a fury that would have surely blown up the city had the ring not prevented it.

Beastboy looked up from the screen as the door slid open. Raven marched in with an air that told him right away that someone, somewhere, had been unfortunate enough to piss her off.

"Hey, what's up?" He asked pausing the game to watch the fuming girl make her bulldozer like progress across the living room. Raven let out a growl and continued towards the door, eager for the privacy of her room and most unwilling to discuss her outing, especially with Beastboy.

Unfortunately Cyborg had the misfortune of coming through the door the exact moment Raven wished to pass through. The end result was twitching mass of metal and flesh left her wake as she continued her rampage down the hall. A girlish scream a few seconds later told Beastboy that Robin had indeed become another victim of Raven's wrath as well.

Raven in the meanwhile, had taken refuge in her room after her brief encounter with the Boy Wonder who she had last seen passed out on the floor, a book shaped imprint tattooed on the side of his face. And now as she sat down in a huff, Raven carefully removed the foreign object from the bag and set it on her lap.

It looked so innocent, just like any other book that had passed through her hands. Expect in this book was the knowledge that would show her how to act like all the brainless romantics she had mocked in movies. "Relationships 101: Tips and Tricks to Get You from the First Date to the Alter" She eyed the book warily and with a hesitant hand, flipped it open to the first page.

"Congratulations! You are about to learn everything you need to know about finding and acquiring that special someone in your life! How, you ask? It's a simple and fun process that can be accomplished by following the 10 easy steps listed in this book."

Raven shook her head in disgust and flipped to Chapter One 'Love at First Sight'. Her eyes scanned the passages looking for anything useful that she could use with Beastboy. It especially stressed the importance of talking to the 'apple of your eye' and making sure to take interest in what he/she had to say.From there Raven's hopes began to plummet and all too frequently she found her eyes drifted over to the shelf that held her spell books. It would be so easy just to slip a little something in his morning soy milk…. But no! She had to focus on trying to do this right.

So with a determined mind, Raven turned back to the pages, hoping that somehow they would give her the information she needed to "draw him like a moth to a candle" as the book stated. Unfortunately like the candle, she was just as deadly to Beastboy if he drifted too close.

A few hours later…

Beastboy sat at the table munching on his afternoon snack, while Star and Robin could be overheard chatting on the sofa. He listened in for while, his sharp ears picking up what normal humans would perceive as nothing but a whisper. Robin would joke and Star would giggle, whether or not she actually understood the humor Beastboy didn't know, but the sound of her laughter was enough to encourage the love-sick boy to continue.

Soon however he found the whole thing rather depressing, and with a sigh he set his tofu sandwich back on the plate. It would surely have to be judgment day before Raven would so much as smile at his jokes. Suddenly the door behind swished open and he turned to see Raven enter the common room in a much more calm and collected mood than earlier. Feeling brave he decided to test if his theory was correct.

"Hey!" He piped as she walked into the kitchen clutching a mug. Raven turned to glance at him and for an instance he saw a brief flicker of hesitation and uncertainty pass through her eyes.

"Hey. What's up?" She responded deadpanned, placing the old mug in the sink and retrieving a new one from the cabinet. Beastboy's brow furrowed as he heard these words. For some reason it seemed so unlike her to address him in this manner. On a good day he usually received scowl in greeting.

"Nothing really…" His words trailed off betraying his confusion.

"How was your morning?"

"Excuse me?"

"Did you sleep well?"

"Erm, same as always I guess..."
"Seen anything interesting on TV lately?

"Uh, there was a zombie movie on earlier but I know you don't like 'mindless violence' so…"

"Sounds fun. Nice weather we're having isn't it?" Beastboy sat through these questions feeling as if the world was surely ending. His poor mind spun with the fact that somehow or other Raven was trying to engage him in conversation. This called for some drastic measures.

"Whoa whoa whoa!" He cried out standing up and holding his hand out in front of him as to stop the flow of questions. Raven looked up from the tea kettle she was currently attending to stare at him with a look of dread. Perhaps her tactics had been a little too forward considering the behavior she usually displayed around him. Beastboy seemed to steady himself on the table before looking up to meet her worried eyes.

"Ok…" He breathed, "Now I have no clue what your trying to do me, whether this is some sick way of giving me a heart attack or if you just feel like keeping me on my toes today, but I have to ask… WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?" Raven flinched ever so slightly and her cheeks warmed.

"Can't I just have a friendly conversation with my teammate?"

"Well uh yah but…"

"But what? Did you think I wasn't capable of talking like everyone else, just because I don't show emotions? Am I not allowed to take interest in what my friends do? Is there some rule stating that Raven isn't allowed to engage in social interaction?"

"Uh no it's just… you've never done any of that before…"

"Oh." She said plainly before flipping around again to tend to her tea kettle.

"You know it's not that I mind or anything…" Said a shy voice from behind her, "I mean it would be nice just to talk once and while…" Raven poured the hot water into her mug with trembling hands.

"Talking would be nice." She agreed weakly. She heard a chair move and felt Beastboy come up behind her. In an awkward silence Raven prepared her tea and Beastboy cleaned off his plate, each knowing not what to say.

"Hey guys we're gonna go out for a while okay?" Said Robin saving them both from the uncomfortable quiet.

"K, pick up some soy milk while you're out!" Called Beastboy after the departing couple. If they heard, no answer was given.

"Those two are so unbelievable in love with each other… it's disgusting really." Commented Beastboy.

"Personally I think it do us all good if they just got together. Robin needs a woman to bring down that ego of his." She said getting a lemon from the fridge.

"The way they flirt you'd think they'd realize they're meant for each other." As these words dawned on Raven an idea came to mind. It was so obvious because of the fact she was so used to it, that she failed to realize the best way to learn the art of flirting was right under her nose.

Starfire was the perfect example of a schoolgirl charting out her territory and going in for the kill. If anyone had any advice to offer her it could be Star. She wanted to talk to the Tamaranian, but Raven knew by doing so she would have to reveal the person on which she hoped to display affection. Still Starfire was an understanding being, and she would not be informed of the true motives behind Raven's 'flirting'. But it grieved her somewhat to know she would be betraying the kind girl.

Raven was jarred out of her thoughts as the knife slipped in her hands and a searing pain was felt in her thumb. She dropped the lemon like it was hot and stuck her thumb her mouth. Beastboy who was still standing next to her at the counter noticed and was quick to react.

"Are you okay?" He asked concerned. Raven nodded with her finger still stuck firmly in her mouth. She removed it and glanced at the cut on her thumb, watching as the blood boiled up to the surface and spread a crimson color along her pale skin.

"It's fine. I can heal this, no problem." She brought her other hand up to the cut and proceeded to close her eyes and focus her energy. When nothing happened her eyes popped open. For a second the failure of her powers was a complete mystery to her but then she saw the ring and remembered.

"Something wrong?" Asked Beastboy, confused as to why she hadn't healed it.

"Uh… no it's just, the cut's too small for me to waste me energy on healing it so it would be better to just let it heal on its own."

"Well then let me put a bandage on it at least." Offered Beastboy. His kindness brought a tint to her cheeks.

"No it's fine really…" She said turning away from him. A hand reached out and grabbed her wrist gently to stop her and Raven looked down to see a grey glove resting on her arm. She turned to face his eyes which were staring at her with a great intensity, and she found herself breathless for a reason she could not explain. So strong was his gaze on her that she dropped her eyes from his vivid green ones.

Beastboy opened his mouth to speak but a small sparkle of light caught his attention. Looking down on the hand that he still clutched his eyes settled on the black and ruby ring resting on Raven's finger. As if a spell had been cast upon him, Raven watched his eyes focus in on the deadly token and for a moment she feared he would discover her evil purpose and cast her away.

His other hand came up and moved to touch the ruby stone whose color matched theblood spreading on Raven's thumb. She held her breath, entranced by him and the slow steady movement of his hand towards her finger, but then something snapped and she wretched her hand away almost in fright.

"Please…" She whispered softly as his fingers settled on the empty air once inhabited by the ring. "It was my mother's." She lied. Beastboy shook his head as if clearing his mind from whatever strange force had possessed it moments ago. The intensity in his features diminished and was replaced by the smile Raven knew so well.

"Sorry, it just reminds me of something." He said meeting her eyes again with a friendliness she was relieved to see.

"Oh. Well, the design is common so I'm not surprised." Another lie.

"Well actually I thought it looked…. Well never mind. I'll get you a band-aid." He turned around and began to rummage through a cabinet full of medical supplies.

"Hey do you want a PowerRangers or Hello Kitty one?" Beastboy asked peering at the boxes curiously. When there was no response he turned around to find that Raven had left.


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