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"Well, well Ry. Look who it is! It's your little…lover boy over there, ne?" Joey nudges me in the side, causing me to almost drop my extremely huge Pre-Calculus book onto my toes. …Thankfully though, I'm slick enough to stop it before great pain is inflicted upon my poor feet. Wow, oh god guys, look! The extreme klutz of the century actually had a lucky moment!

…Yeah, surprised the heck out of me as well. And god! What is it with my friends and my "lover boy"! I DO NOT LIKE HIM! I am so SICK of hearing about it! Me, good child Ryou Uzumaki, liking one of the most handsome, and weirdest guys in school? …No. Our relationship goes as far as the door of Chemistry, and that's all.

Oh, and just great. I should make Joey open my locker now, erg… Since he nudged me, my hand slipped on the lock, and now I have to start all over afuckinggain! Jesus! Jesus Christ to the third power!

I give a dignified "humph", and simply continue to spin the knob around, until it clicks on the final '7' of my combo. Pressing the lever up, I open the dull silver door, then turn to my dim witted best friend. "For the last time, Joey, he is NOT my supposed "love interest". I do not wish I had his phone number, or favorite pair of underwear to sniff, nor do I want to ever. At night, I don't dream about kissing him, and I sure as hell don't even THINK of dating him! Ugh!" I reply, a tad irritated. I glower at him slightly through misty green eyes, giving off a displeased frown. Joey just snorts, the oaf, and lifts a hand to ruffle my hair.

"Suuure, you don't, Ry, sure. That's why I always catch you staring at him in Philosophy class. I bet you're sad Ms. Mitsuko gave us assigned seats so you couldn't sit next to him and gawk at him for another hour longer." I give a huff. I do NOT gawk at Bakura! I don't even look at him, unless he's talking to me in class, which he doesn't do often.

…Where did Joey say Bakura was again? I don't see him anywhere. He's not by his locker, or with any of the friends I know he usually hangs out with. Damn this hall and this overload of teenagers!

"Ry, he's…to your right, talking to Sakura."

"…I know!" I give a nervous shuffle, and turn back to my locker after catching a quick glance of the male. I don't understand how anyone can look so good in tattered jeans, a simple black long-sleeved band tee, and a grey hoodie with the sleeves hacked off. I just…don't get it. It's not that I think he looks h-handsome or anything, I just…he looks so cool. You know, the kind of cool you only see in movies; the bad ass who's always wearing sunglasses, even when it's raining, and jamming out to the punk bands in his beat up station wagon. He's one of those kids who just…doesn't even have to try. He's so funny, he makes friends no matter where he goes. Even know he dresses different than the regular popular kids, they all still flock to him. With him, it's not how he dresses, it's all in his personality. He defines cool, I'd even go as far as to say. It's only natural to want to be near him a lot, because he seems like so much fun. Everyone wants to be his friend, so…it's only normal I secretly admire him, right?

I glance back to my locker, and proceed in stuffing my text book into the untidy little space, strewn with the rest of my friend's books, and crinkled papers.

"No, no you didn't. One day Ry, you'll see lying gets you no where. But for now, I'm sorry my friend, but I must depart. Ms. Matsusaka wishes to have a private meeting with me-"

"In another words, you've landed yourself another lunch detention?" I counter nonchalantly, turning to him. He grins, and chocolate eyes swiveling to the ceiling.

"I…guess you could say that. It's only 'cause she loves me so much though, I'm telling ya'!"

"Oh yes, Joey, because Mrs. Matsusaka just adores seventeen-year-olds who call her a fat lush to her face." I can't help but laugh at the thought. I don't even know where Joey came up with such a ridiculous term! Joey scoffs, crossing his bare arms up over his chest. 'Smells like your Mom'…yep. Same tee-shirt as yesterday. God, for once I'd like to have a day where Joey actually woke up for school ON TIME.

"Chh, hey, maybe she's just…different than anyone else!" he counters, pouting slightly. I reach my hand over to give my friend a pat on the back.

"Sorry Joey, but…I doubt that seeming as every single teenager seems to give you at least twelve lunch detentions a year. I guess…they're just all in love with you, right?" I laugh and give him a wink, earning a glare.

"Chh, just you wait until later, Ryou. I'll get you back for that!" I snort and shake my head, gazing once more to my locker, waving "goodbye" as he saunters away. I almost feel sorry for Joey…kind of. After all, it isn't his fault common sense wasn't in his gene pool. I sigh softly, and begin to dig through the pile of books in my locker, attempting to find my Psychology book, since I have that right after lunch. "Awe, crap! I forgot that stupid worksheet at home, didn't I!" I curse to myself as I drag out my book. I knew I forgot something at home this morning! "Ugh, now what? I can't just copy off of someone els-"

"You know, Ryou…talking to yourself isn't a very healthy habit to take up. Then again, you have always been a little strange, haven't you?"

…Oh my goodness.

My mouth drops open as I stare blankly into my locker. I…recognize that voice! He-He said m-my name but he couldn't have! I, I mean…he's never talked to me really outside of class before, Why is…he can't be talking to me, no! Locker 515, two lockers away from me to the left…no. He wouldn't…but then, why did he say my name?

I cant my head to the side, my curious emerald eyes gazing up to find that my hearing doesn't deceive and in fact, he's standing there, next to me; Bakura Izawa, with his dark, intense kohl-lined eyes and stark white bangs defined with jet black streaks…oh man. I can't…help but stare. I think…he notices too, because he's suddenly grinning and moving in just a little bit closer as if to make me even more jittery.

"W-What d-did you say?" I sound out shakily, gaping up at him still.

…Damn it to hell.

It's isn't a crush. I don't…I don't like Bakura Izawa, not like that! But…why do I feel so weak?

His chocolate gaze turns up to the ceiling for a moment, before our eyes meet once again. "You heard me, Pretty boy. Unless of course you left your hearing aid at home today or something," he jokes, giving me a little wink. Even know technically that should be slightly insulting, I can't help but smile up at him all the same.

"N-No, it's not that. I just…wasn't paying much attention, that's all. I had something else on my mind," I say softly, lifting a hand to brush some silvery strands behind my ear. "I mean…usually you don't talk to me outside of class."

"True, but only because half the time I think you hate me! I mean…I wave to you all the time in the hallways, but you never seem to wave back. I don't know, is it embarrassing to let people know you associate with me or something?" My eyes widen.

"You mean…you were waving at me all those times? I just…I don't know, figured they were for someone else. It's n-not at all because I hate you! I love-I mean, I, I just…I like…you. I like you as a friend…a lot!" Oh god, I've already messed up haven't I? God self, you really have a great way of ruining my day/embarrassing me! Why, oh why do I always have to say the stupidest things! For once, can't I just seem…cool? I can already feel a blush beginning to rise to my cheeks. I can't believe I was about to tell him I -loved- him…

A silvery brow of his raises and he nods aptly, eyes staring down at me as if looking for some sort of answer. I'm sorry Bakura, I can't help but be so idiotic around you…I wouldn't blame you if you just walked away right now…

"Yes, I was waving at you weirdo," He grins lightly, "Who else would they have been for? Maybe next time I should scream out your name at the exact same time so you get the point, eh?" He asks as he flicks me in the nose, making me crinkle it up. I laugh softly, shrugging.

"M-Maybe you should. But…what is it you needed exactly, anyways, Bakura?" I tilt my head curiously, closing my locker door to lean against it.

"Well, actually…I was just sort of wondering what you were doing tonight, with it being Halloween, and all; Going trick-or-treating or something?" Hahah Bakura. Ha freaking ha. I roll my eyes and shake my head, turning away from him.

"No Bakura, I haven't done that since I was twelve and all I'm doing tonight is going home and doing a whole damn lot of nothing," I reply mundanely, crossing my arms, "Halloween is for kids. For me, it's just another school night filed with ridiculously hard math homework and annoying children ringing my doorbell every two minutes." Why does he care, anyway? I already know he's doing something better without me. He doesn't have to rub it in…

"Mm, true but we're still kids. You just don't know how to have a good time." He grins, hand reaching out to take hold of my chin, catching me a tad off guard. I can't help but gulp, and stare a bit helplessly up into his eyes. He moves in a step closer, making me press myself back up against the locker. Why…am I acting so weird…?

I don't understand.

"N-Not true…" I counter weakly, hues gazing down to the hand that slowly retreats from my chin down to the locker, successfully pinning me in between said lockers and Bakura.

"Yeah, Ryou…it is." I can't really argue. It's probably true really, and…when his eyes are…staring like this directly into my own, I just can't deny him. No matter what he said at this moment, I don't think I could find it in my heart to disagree. What's happening? Bakura, please stop doing this to me.

Don't be such…a tease…

I want you. But…no..your eyes…they're so alluring and zealous…I'm lost in them Bakura, I am, but what do I do? They have this offbeat passion, this smoldering fire that burns and if…I stare hard enough, I can tell Bakura, you're yearning…for something.

…But what?

Bakura, how can I uncover all of your secrets?

I'm caught out of my trance suddenly when I feel warm fingers graze over my cheek. I can't help but shiver. How can someone so warm give me a chill?

His head dips down low, next to my ear, and suddenly hot, lucid breath beats up against my flesh. I don't…understand him… My eyes close, and my breathing halts for a moment in my throat. I can't think straight when he's so close like this. I'm so tense, my fists are curled. I feel so undeniably weak…

"Come with me tonight, Ryou. Please?" he whispers heatedly, "After all, you need someone to protect you from all the scary monsters out on a night like this. I can't just let you stay home all alone, with you being so innocent, and all." I open my eyes in a puzzled fashion, and watch Bakura pull back and step away, watching me with a smirk. I must look so weird. I can feel the heat rising to my cheeks…but…


Go…with Bakura? I'm so confused, yet…how many ways are there to say "HELL YES!" because my mind wishes to scream it out in every single language. Still, I can't help but be a bit suspicious. Why doesn't someone like Bakura want to spend any amount of time with me? "S-Seriously?" I breathe out disbelievingly.

"Ehh, duh. Seriously."

"Just…you and me?" Bakura gives an irritated sigh, rolling ember depths.

"Yes! Just you and me. Who else? I don't usually take more than one person out at a time on a date. Do you?" But…BACKTRACK.

A DATE! With Bakura! And me! On a date with…

Oh my god.

I…have no idea what to say.

How about yes!

…Thank you brain, I knew you'd kick in sooner or later. I beam, as it's hard not to when you've just been asked out by your crush. I really can't believe this is happening, though. Why of all days, is this one the day I get lucky? "I…I'd absolutely love to y-you know, go…out with you tonight." I can't believe I'm even able to say that sentence and not have it be just a dream! What's best about it is that…Bakura's grinning back, and he seems almost relieved? I don't understand why though; it's not like I would've ever said "no"…not to him…

I don't think I know a single soul who would have. Save…my friends who aren't gay.

"Heh, alright. Then it's settled; I'll pick you up at five tonight, then? Give me your phone number real quick though, and I'll call when I get home to get your address," he says, dragging a pen out from his hoodie pocket. He draws back his sleeve, ready to write it down on his arm. My…phone number is going to be on Bakura's arm! Why is that so cool to me? Something's so wrong because…I can't be this happy over just being asked out, but I am.

"Oh, okay! 347-6421," I sound out slowly, watching him as he concentrates and scribbles down the writing in his neat handwriting.

"That's it? Alright. I'll call you tonight then. For now, I'd better be off to lunch." His hand lifts up, and before I know it, his hand cups my cheek gently, making me lean into the warm touch.

"Okay, I guess I'll see you tonight, then?" I reply softly, giving him a smile, a tad disappointed when his hand moves away.

"Yeah, you will. Can't wait to see you tonight, either. But…don't forget breath mints, alright? I'd hate to make out with you and have it taste gross." He makes a sour face, and my mouth drops open. Maybe I should've said "no" after all! Suddenly, he's chuckling, and he shakes his head, flicking me on the nose. "I'm just kidding, you. Don't get so worked up. I think…I'd like kissing you no matter what you ate." And with a last wink, he leaves me standing there, speechless once again.

Date. Kissing.

My first kiss…

Jesus, Jesus fucking Christ! What am I going to do! I'm already nervous…

I just don't understand today. What did I miss? Why all of a sudden does…Bakura want to go out with me? Why does he want to kiss me, and…what am I going to do if he does? I've never kissed before, oh crap! I hope…I don't embarrass myself too badly tonight.

But most of all I hope…

That this isn't the last time Bakura wants to see me and when we kiss, if at all we do…it's perfect.


Bakura Izawa…

A date…with Bakura Izawa in less-than a half-an-hour, and I have NOTHING to wear!

I know how pathetic that has to sound, but it's so true! Not a single thing I own is good enough. Bakura always looks so good, I just want…to steal all his attention away. I want him to be focused on me, and it's a very selfish thought for me to have but…

I can't help it. How does one dress though, to capture all Bakura's concentration? All I can think of is miniskirts and tube tops, but I doubt that would really be helpful since I suppose Bakura liked me already, right? Which means…he's into guys, so…

URG! This doesn't help at all. There's clothes everywhere on my floor, and nothing really has stood out to me yet.

I frown, and gaze into the mirror annoyed-like once again. Warn navy jeans, a fitted 'Fallout Boy' tee shirt, and my favorite black hoodie will have to do, because I give up. Padding over to my bedroom door, kicking clothes to clear a path, I step into my oxfords, and switch off the light, running down the hall hurriedly to the kitchen to gaze at the clock. "Four…forty-five? Only…Four fourty-five? Erg, why is time going so slow! Why do I have to look like such crud!" I yelp to myself, pounding my fist onto the counter. I still have no idea what to do with myself on this date. I mean…

What do I do when he gets here? What should I say? I sigh heavily and sink to the floor, pressing my head back against the dishwasher. What if he doesn't even show up, and it was all just a stupid joke to make fun of me for? But…Bakura wouldn't really do that, would he? He's not that inconsiderate, right? It's not a joke, and he really does like me. I repeat that sentence over and over to myself but somehow…I still end up worried. I just don't see how after sixteen years, someone like Bakura could really notice me. Why didn't he ask me out before? I mean we've gone to the same school since 9th grade, and only now, in our 11th grade year have we ever talked. Maybe that's the real reason, though? He didn't know me before this year, and now, he's just started to care…

The thought of someone caring about me in that special sort-of-way…

It makes me shiver. Yeah, I have friends, and I have my dad, but it isn't the same. My friends, I know they love me, and my father does as well, but…he's never around, and it's not exactly what I'm looking for. Bakura, however, when I think of him, all these erratic emotions seem to run through my mind. My heart rate hikes up, and…I smile. I remind myself of all our odd little meetings in class, and how our relationship has blossomed from there.

This one time, I remember I was having this absolutely terrible day. I had woken up late to start with, and rushed to get ready, throwing on the first shirt I found, which happened to be a 'Gone Fishing' shirt with a picture of a huge bass on it I only ever wear to bed, and two separate kinds of shoes! One was black, and the other…

Grey. I still don't understand how I made that huge of a mistake. I mean, didn't I notice how differently they felt on each foot, and how each was separately leveled! Not only that, I had no time to brush my hair, and my huge Psychology project was left out on the living room couch. I even forgot my math binder, and my coat, and of course it was pouring, which I didn't notice until I had already left my apartment, and ran out into the stormy weather to my car. Even know it was such a short distance, just a matter of going down two stairwells, I still got soaked. There was a huge puddle next to my car door, too, which I stepped in, getting both my shoes and pant legs all muddy, and I hadn't even gotten to school yet! I almost just stayed home, but I'm glad I didn't, because of Bakura…


"Ryou? I didn't know you liked to fish! Geez, and I always thought you were the Croquet type!" The boy only shook his head softly, jade eyes keeping to his 'Scientific Notation' worksheet. "Ryou?" The talking male sighed, "Ryou! You know, it's no fun to make fun of you if you won't at least fight back."

"H-Huh?" Wary emerald orbs gazed up from the stark white worksheet, meeting his Partner's own within a second. "I'm…sorry. I'm just tired today, Bakura. That's all," he replied airily, sounding extremely disheartened. Bakura frowned, contemplating the somber look on Ryou's face. It didn't fit him, he thought. Ever since the first time he had really laid eyes on Ryou two years before, though they hadn't known each other then, he couldn't help but watch the boy every now and then. Even back then, however, he had always known the same thing; Ryou always looked so much better when he smiled. Whenever he saw the boy smile, he had always gotten this strange sense of warmth, but right now…

He was feeling a tad down, too. He just had to know what was going on to put such a morose expression on that pretty face. Besides, maybe if he could figure out what on earth was going on, there was a way he could…make it better? "Tired..? No. I don't believe that."

"E-Excuse me?" Ryou's head shot up from his paper to eye Bakura curiously.

"You aren't tired, Ryou. Something's wrong, no? I know something's wrong. I've seen you tired before, and when you're tired, you still at least give me a glare. Today though…you're different. What happened?" Bakura asked in a puzzled, gentle manner, placing his chin in the palm of his hand. "If…I had anything to say about it, I'd say it was a late morning?" He gazed down to the bass once again, attempting not to crack a smile. "I just kind of doubt you meant to wear that shirt-not that's it's…not cool or anything." Ryou rolled his eyes, and placed his hands over his face, giving off a fervent sigh.

"Ugh. I have heard at least 20 comments about my damned shirt today! I know it's hideous, but it's the first thing I found! I woke up at 8:30, exactly five minutes before school starts! I did what I could! Yeah, I wasn't able to brush my hair, and I got rained on just walking to my car, my jeans are all muddy, and I'm wearing two different shoes-" Bakura gave a screwed up expression, and backed away from the table to peek down under the table. He gave a snort when he found out this information was true. Ryou sulked. "But ANYWAY. I don't CARE about how I look! Unlike most of these idiots, I just wanted to come to school today so I could get an education, not so I could win a fucking beauty contest! Sheesh!" Ryou exclaimed, panting, clenching a fist. Bakura bit down on his lower lip, attempting not to crack up at the frustrated expression on the boy's face. Something about Ryou being so overly heated, and angry…the defensive look he got on his face…was too adorable.

"I understand, Ry. I have days like that, too, I just…daresay yours are a tad more noticeable?" Bakura grinned, giving the boy a wink. "It doesn't really matter though, you know? Even know all those things happened, to me…you still look good." Bakura watched Ryou, a hint of seriousness in his eyes, making Ryou a little confused, but he couldn't help but smile anyway.

"I…doubt that, but thank you, Bakura. It's the nicest thing I've heard all day."

"Chh, don't doubt me! It's the truth? What, do you need proof?" Bakura raised a silvery brow. "I'm willing to give you proof." A doubtful expression crossed Ryou's face.

"And how, prey tell, do you plan to do that?" Bakura grinned. This was the perfect moment to drop the question. In truth, he had wanted to ask Ryou since the first day of school, but he was either too nervous to ask, or someone would interrupt him when he was just about to ask. It had to be exactly at the right moment, and now seemed to be his perfect chance.

"Well, I was thinking…" Ryou listened with interest.

"Yeah, Bakura?"

"Maybe sometime you and I could…" Ryou's eyes widened.

"Go ou-"

"HEY BAKURA! LOOK, I'M FUCKING DONE WITH THE WORKSHEET! HAH, BEAT YOU CRABASS!" Ryou frowned and stared at Bakura's friend and he in confusion. He was pretty sure he'd never heard the word "crab" used in such a defiling way before. Either way, he turned to his worksheet, and began to calculate the next problem as Bakura and his friend conversed.

"…Can't you see I was busy, you idiot, Mariku!"

"Busy?…" A blank look registered on the sun kissed face of the male. Bakura smacked himself in the forehead.

"…In other words, GO AWAY." Mariku in return, gave an incensed snort, and whirled around, as if to leave the table where Bakura and Ryou sat behind.

"Fine, fine. God, you're always so bitchy when it comes to your little gay friend…" Bakura glared at the male, and as the blonde was stalking away, Bakura made sure his eraser hit him in the back of the head dead on.

"…Idiot," he muttered, shaking his head, turning back to Ryou, who hadn't been paying any attention whatsoever. Bakura watched him for a moment and gave a sigh. "I'm sorry, I'm serious when I say all my friends are idiots." Ryou blinked, and gazed up to him, giving the other a soft smile.

"Oh, it's fine, really. But what we're you going to tell me about bef-" The bell rang, and the room became so noisy, filled with teenagers screaming their lungs out suddenly, all packing up to head to their next class. Ryou could no longer hear himself speak, and Bakura was looking at him cluelessly.

"What!" He hollered over the noise, stepping out of his chair to grab his binder and slip it into his black messenger bag. Ryou sighed, and shook his head, giving Bakura another smile.

"N-Nothing, Bakura. I was just going to say see you later." Bakura frowned slightly, sure that hadn't been what the boy was going to say. Just as he was fastening his bag, he remembered something!

"Ryou! I-!" But…once again, before he could finish, and just as Ryou looked up, Bakura's friends were crowded around him once again, and he was unable to ask him any longer. Ryou, he noticed, looked disappointed as he stared to the other longingly from his place across the table, surrounded by kids he wished he could just push away to ignore. Once he had finally been able to free himself of the mass, it was too late, and Ryou was already on his way out the door.


I still wonder what he had been wanting to ask me to this day, but I suppose it was only to ask if he could borrow my homework to copy or something like that. It obviously wasn't too important, because he never came to ask me again. WAIT!

Actually…there was another time he wanted to ask me something "important", but before he could actually finish, some of his friends yelled out his name, and ran over to us in the courtyard after school, which meant I was once again left out, and left to leave. I caught Bakura's eye though, but for only a moment. He appeared almost…frustrated? Maybe I could ask him tonight, though! After all, maybe he asked me out so we could be alone, so he could ask me this question?

Hmm. But then, he said he wanted to kiss me…That still gives me the damned creeps, just thinking about him so close to me, my arms around his neck, and Ugh! Ryou, stop, stop, stop! I pound myself on the head with a fist, and stand up to glance to the clock once again.

4:54. And oh, hell. There's a pounding at the door, and my heart starts to race suddenly.



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