Title: Blindsided

Author: Ice Cube

Rating: T

Spoilers: For Supernatural

Disclaimer: Right, if I owned them anywhere outside of my dreams, the characters that are forthwith mentioned in this story would be making me a lot of money and very happy…so no, they aren't mine, and I'm a broke college student who has no money, so if you're going to sue, feel free, you won't get anything.

Characters: Sam, Dean

Archives: Feel free; just let me know where so I can find it again.

Summary: They spend so much time trying to protect him from the worst evils…they would have never seen this coming…

Warnings: To those who think that I am capable of writing a fic that is torture free…I can't, and thus, if you don't want to see h/c, various possible tortures, and other forms of angst, find another story. Also, to those of you looking for slash, when I mean friendship and brotherhood, I take that in the trust you with my life and have no problem telling you about my current crush who is of the opposite sex way. In other words, if you're looking for slash, you won't find it here.

I don't have my stories beta'd, I'm too impatient to wait for someone to proof it after I've written it, so I apologize for any mistakes, and if you email me to tell me that they're there, I'll fix them later. Reviews are always a plus, it's great to know that people are reading my stories and like them, but as I'm a horrible reviewer, I won't hold my breath for them. Flames, however, will be treated with the utmost respect they deserve…they will be ignored completely or poked fun at with friends.

That said, on with the tale…

This is just a teaser for the story that I'm working on...it's the prologue, and it will consist of longer chapter/chapters than this...but prologues are supposed to be short anyway...

This is the first time I haven't finished a story before starting to post it here, but I wanted to get this part up when I was thinking about it, and I found that I kept getting distracted from writing without posting it...I don't understand either, so don't ask me...So, that being said, I apologize in advance if you have to hound me for the next chapter...I've got finals for the next two weeks, and while this will be a welcome escape from studying, well...we'll see...

Dean's job every night was to put the ring of salt around his brother's bed before checking the closet and under both beds. He was supposed to protect his baby brother from anything that came to get him until their father could come to the rescue. Anything eight-year old Sam needed, Dean was in charge of getting during the night. He said his prayers and coached Sam through his, and then made sure the dream catcher above both beds was turned the right way. The twelve-year old was supposed to watch out for Sam at school, protect him from bullies, and mean lunch ladies who wanted to give him inedible food. Dean did all of this without complaining.

After all, Sam was his brother. Sam was his little shadow, growing up to be just like Dean. Sam was his best friend, his confidant, his other half. The two had spent all of their lives on the move, never staying in one place long enough should people start comparing them to the Winchesters of Kansas who disappeared as soon as John was sure that Dean could protect himself and his baby brother. It was all they knew how to do.

When John was 'at work', Dean was Sam's babysitter. He made dinner, checked Sam's spelling homework, and made sure the boy was happy. They played games and watched television when they had one, and since it was all they knew, neither boy knew to complain about their transient life. Dean didn't bother making other friends, he didn't see the need; they'd just get split up a few weeks later when his father moved them again. So he looked after Sam. When the ghost in the apartment they were squatting in came after Sam, Dean was there. When the vampires surrounded the motel they were hiding out in, Dean kept his brother hidden and safe. Sam smelled like garlic for a week after that, but eight-year old Dean hadn't known any better, and he thought it would help.

Because of this, not one member of the small, fractured family ever thought that they would have anything to worry about. Dean was his father's good little soldier, Sam was obedient and quiet, and John…well, John never let the boys see his weakness. He couldn't. But the life they had led up until this point was just the calm before the storm. And when, one day, they were caught in the sudden downpour that brought the first tragedy in eight years to their family, none of them could have seen it coming.