Hey guys! It's been too long since I've written a Harry Potter fic. Anyway, I hope you like this one. I know the title is from a movie somewhere, but it seemed to fit.

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Summary: She didn't betray them, no. Not by hiding him. Or worse, falling in love with him.

After just one week of staying home, Harry owled her to tell her that he needed her. She packed her stuff and lied to her parents, telling them that she got an internship from the Daily Prophet. Her parents were naturally ecstatic, but still dreaded to lose their baby girl for the rest of the summer. After much debating and persuading that they didn't need to go live with her, she hugged them tightly and lugging her luggage to the fireplace, screamed the name of the place where she knew she was safe, and where Harry was waiting for her.

"Hermione, you came." Harry said warmly and proceeded to give her a welcome embrace. His naturally vibrant green eyes were very pensive, probably still from the shock of Dumbledore's death. He could smell Mrs. Weasley's cooking, which she was grateful for, knowing that a mother figure was what Harry needed right now.

"Of course I would." She said in reply, and just then Ron came into the room. She flinched involuntarily, probably from the fact that she had some kind of feelings for him, but regained composure just in time. She smiled at him.

"Mum, 'Mione's here." Ron screamed, eating a chocolate bar. That was what she loved about him, his sense of innocence, or what some would call ignorance. He always made her laugh, and she'd like to believe that it was that that helped her go through these tough times. And of course, Harry's strong presence that always made her feel protected.

Mrs. Weasley came into the room, looking as cheerful as ever, despite the circumstances. She gave Hermione a motherly hug, and then proceeded to scold Ron. "Ronald! Bring Hermione's luggage up to Ginny's room!" Her tone changed immensely when she spoke to her. "Dear, won't you come into the kitchen and help me finish up our dinner? You better wait up in the dining room, Harry dear. And oh, please call Ginny. Tell her to leave that bloody contraption Arthur got for her. iPin it's called, or something like that." She walked towards the kitchen, humming a little tune.

"How are you? I mean, with Ginny…" She asked, knowing that they briefly dated the previous school year, and that Harry broke up with her at the end of it.

"Actually, we're quite fine now." He said, dusting off a little of the floo powder that got into his shirt. "We even talk sometimes, you know, alone."

"I'm glad." She said, smiling, then followed Mrs. Weasley to the kitchen.

Harry sighed. He felt some sort of comfort knowing that Hermione was here. He did as he was told, going up the stairs and knocking into Ginny's room. The monster that growled inside of him whenever she was near seemed to have tamed a bit, when he saw her lying down in her bed, listening to the iPod Mr. Weasley got her.

"Ginny, dinner's almost ready. Your mum's asked me to call you." He said, going into her room.

She removed the earphones from the player and looked at him with a questioning face. Harry still loved that about her, the way she got away with everything that was supposed to make you mad. "I'm sorry, could you repeat that?" She asked, sitting up.

"Dinner's ready." He said, "And leave your iPod. Your mom might turn it into desert." He joked, or at least tried to.

Ginny laughed. She's accepted that even though she can't be with Harry, she can still be his best friend. And that's what she was, for the past week; a good friend; although it still hurt her to be only that. "Those muggle songs are getting really good. When we go to muggle London, I'd want to get a CD of that Eminem. He's rudely funny." She said, then walked out the door with Harry.

"Just in time," Mrs. Weasley said as they got down from the stairs, and they saw that everyone was in place. The only one that wasn't there was Mr. Weasley, which seemed to bother Mrs. Weasley. "Now, sit down. And eat. Harry, your still looking a bit pale," she said as she spooned some potatoes in his plate, "I must fatten you up somehow."

Everyone laughed, and Mrs. Weasley took her place in the table. "Mum, where's dad?" Ginny asked, spooning in some clear pea soup.

"He's got loads of work at the Ministry, dear, that's why he's going to be a bit late for supper." She said, then suddenly the Weasley clock chimed. "That must be him now."

"Molly? It's me." Mr. Weasley's voice boomed outside the door. "The question, Molly."

Mrs. Weasley rolled her eyes. "Your dearest ambition?" She asked.

"To find out how airplanes stay up." He answered without skipping a beat. "And now…"

"Arthur, please, the children are here." She said, still embarrassed. But then she knew that he wouldn't go in unless she asked him. "Mollywobbles, alright?" She whispered. She backed up to let Mr. Weasley in.

"We have got to change those bloody questions, Arthur." She said, taking her husband's coat. "Now, sit down and have some supper."

"Well, I suppose the questions are getting a bit old," He answered. "Oh, hello there Hermione." He greeted.

"Mr. Weasley," She said, then eating a forkful of meatloaf. "This is really good, Mrs. Weasley."

"Why, thank you dear." She replied graciously, then the rest of them ate dinner in silence.

After an hour or so, Mrs. Weasley cleared up the table and sent them all to bed. "We're gonna be sharing rooms." Ginny said to Hermione, thrilled. "I could show you my iPod! Dad got it for me, when an officemate of his left it at his table. Figured they knew his obsession over muggle contraptions."

"That's wonderful!" She said, then followed Ginny up to the stairs.

The next morning, Hermione was greeted by the smell of bacon on her way down. She stopped dead on her tracks when she saw Ron. He gave her a chirpy smile.

"Good morning, 'Mione. You look wonderful today." He greeted, and Hermione blushed at this. She realized that maybe something really could get through his thick skull.

"Thank y—" But she knew her friend all too well. "What do you want?" She asked with a raised eyebrow.

Ron grinned sheepishly. "Nothing. I just want to say—"

Hermione hit him with her hand. "Well, I don't need to ask." She said, calming down. "I'll find out when you tell me in, oh, about, a minute." She walked away, counting the seconds mentally.

"Alright, remember the chocolate I was eating last night?" He started, "Well, it was muggle. Hisreech, I think. Well, I was wondering if you could conjure me some more. I mean, you are the most brilliant witch in Hogwarts."

"Oh don't sugarcoat it." She said, rolling her eyes and walking off to the living room.

"But Hermione!" He whined, but was silenced when three bars hit his head simultaneously. He laughed, and screamed after her a thank you.

"Good morning, Hermione." Harry said, as she walked into the room. She could see that Ginny was with him, and they were playing Monopoly. The car, a silver game piece, was moving by itself.

"We asked dad to jinx it before he left." She explained, then returned to handing Harry a couple of paper bills. "Want to join?" She asked nicely.

"No, thanks, I'll just watch." She said, laughing weakly. "Who's winning?" She asked.

"I am." Harry said proudly, then proceeded to roll the dice. Ginny just stuck out her tongue at him. Just then, Mrs. Weasley went in.

"Hermione dear, will you join me in the kitchen for just a bit?" She asked nervously, then eyeing Harry. Harry looked back, as if conveying a secret message, then continued to play. Hermione walked behind her, and saw a tall man sitting down when they reached the kitchen.

"Lupin!" Hermione squealed, and she gave him a quick hug. He looked very worn out, his brown coat ripped and his face smeared with dirt.

"Shh, not so loud." He whispered. He then looked at Mrs. Weasley. "Molly," He said, and she understood what he meant. She took some plates and went out.

"Do you know why you're here?" He asked in a hushed, urgent tone.

"Harry asked me to go." She replied, unsure of what was happening.

"I told Harry to send you here, Hermione. Look, you're a very clever witch. And right now, the order needs you. Do you understand?" He asked, his eyes looking at her sternly.

"Yes," She affirmed, "Yes, I understand. What do you need me to do?"

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