Harry Potter Meets the Baudelaire Orphans

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Chapter One

Harry Potter was sitting in the dusty, old attic of the Burrow. It was a very isolated place; Harry loved it. He was rarely ever alone those days; always being follwed by Tonks, or Lupin, or Moody. Sometimes it was Mr. or Mrs. Weasley, otherwise it was with Hermione and Ron. But, the old, dusty attic, was the only place no one would foolow him. Probably because of the odd, not to mention quite loud, ghoul that clinked and clanked in the attic; rattling owl cages, throwing books, knocking over boxes and fiddling with an old harp. He was only quiet when Harry was up there- almost like the ghoul understood Harry's sinking, slightly lonely feeling. Although, he wasn't exactly lonely; with all the people around him.

Harry stared blankly at the celing. He pictured his seventh year at Hogwarts; must of it looked like fighting and sadness; but it was mostly a blur. It would probably resemble some of his other years. Every year resembled the others. His mind went blank. He had nothing to think of, really. He felt particularly sad, bored, and somewhat annoyed. He was already sure Dumbledore wasn't dead; he didn't care where Snape and Malfoy where; and couldn't exactly do anything about Voldemort at the time being. He closed his eyes and rubbed his temples.

"Harry…" Someone whispered, but Harry ignored it, probably just being a figment of his imagination. Harry felt like he wanted to drift to sleep… "HARRY!" Hermione yelled in his face. He snapped back to reality, opening his eyes and sitting up. "Are you OK?" She asked, looking at him a little worridly. He looked at her with a repetitive glare.

"Uh- yea, I'm fine, Hermione. I was just relaxing my head- and apparently eyes." He answered standing up. He stretched, his back making a small cracking sound. "Stupid puberty…" Harry whispered to himself, rubbing his back painfully.

"Dinner's ready, if you want anything." Hermione said, walking toward the door. "You sure nothing's bothering you, Harry?" She asked again, with a little less of a worried look stretched across her face. Harry nodded grimly, and followed Hermione down the stairs and into the kitchen.

About an hour after they ate, Harry, Hermione, Ron, and Ginny were sitting in Ginny's bedroom. They weren't particularly doing anything. Hermione was scanning the Daily Prophet, Ron fiddling with a quill, Ginny was struggling to smooth a bit of her bed sheet, and Harry was staring blankly at a wall. He was not blinking, and was occasionally forgetting to inhale and exhale. His eyes flickered to look out the window. It was dark out, but no too dark for a walk.

"I'm going for a walk," Harry said, quickly standing, "Anyone wish to join me?" Hermione looked up from her paper, and she shook her head grimly. Ron was now examining the quill, and did not answer. Ginny also shook her head glumly, unable to smooth the folded bit of her bed sheet. Harry shrugged and whispered to himself, "Your guy's loss."

Harry stepped out the door and into the brisk outside. He walked, and twisted, and turned, walking passed the garden, stopping for a moment to looked at the large pumpkins that were forming. He then walked down a dirt path, into a small, dark forest-like area. He, unlike others, was not nervous or afraid in anyway to walk into the forest. He had been there before, on his way to the Quittich World Cup. There was nothing wrong with the forest during the day, although, he had to agree with himself that it was a bit creepyer at night. Suddenly, he tripped over a tree root and fell flat on his face. "Ow…" He mumbled, standing up and rubbing his nose. He could feel a bit of blood trickling down his face, and he whipped it away. But, before he could move, a twig cracked- he froze. He heard someone shriek quietly, and another twig snap. Breathing deeply, he pulled out his wand slowly. His heart rate quickly rised, and it felt like his heart was lodged in his wind pipe. He slowly walked to where the sound came from. He saw a large bush move a little. He walked to the tree closest to it. "Is anyone there?" He whispered, now quite scared.

"We- we- we need help, please!" They whispered frantically. Harry slowly stood over the bush and pushed it aside. There were three children sitting on the ground, shaking, and cowering with fear. He slid his wand back in his pocket. One of the children was only a baby, just the size of a watermelon. She had four, sharp teeth that sparkled in her mouth, and she was wearing a babies gown, which was filthy and ripped. The next child looked about 12 or 13, and his hair was jet black like Harry's, except cleaner and smoother, and he also wore round glasses, which were cracked in a few spots. He was dressed formally, but his attire was ripped and dirty, and a bit smelly. The last child could've been 14 or 15, and she had long legs and Hermione-length dark brown hair. Her hair was filthy, and was falling over her face. She was wearing nothing but a hospital gown, no shoes, or anything. They were all breathing deeply and tieredly. Harry stared at them.

"What happened to you! Who are you?" Harry asked, staring at them in dismay.

"I'm Violet Baudelaire. This is my brother, Klaus, and my sister, Sunny, and we can explain everything, please just help us." Said Violet, the eldest of the three. Harry nodded.

"Come with me, I'll take you back to my friends house, you can get cleaned up." Harry said, helping them to their feet. "Can you walk OK?" He asked, as Violet limped a little.

"Yes, but can you carry Sunny, she's just learning to walk?" Klaus asked. Harry nodded. "By the way, um-"

"Harry. My name is Harry Potter." Harry said as they walked down the path.

"Global!" Sunny shrieked. Harry looked at her oddly.

"What our sister means," Violet said, "Is where in the world are we?"

"Well, according to the tempeture, texture of the trees and ground layout, I'd say we're in Northern England somewhere." Klaus said, looking at the trees. Harry nodded.

"You can tell where you are by the texture in trees?" Harry asked, bewildered by Klaus's examination. Klaus nodded, smiling slightly.

"I read it in a book once. It was called, The Guild to Trees and Their Mysterious Wonders." Klaus answered.

"Klaus loves to read; I can't count the number of books he's read." Violet said. Harry thought of Hermione.

"You'll really like my friend, Hermione, then." Harry said smiling back to Klaus. They had reached the edge of the forest on the Burrow was in view.

"Ejup!" Sunny said, looking at the great height of the Burrow.

"She says that that house is really large." Violet said, saying like she very much agreed with her sister. Harry smiled.