Chapter 24

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Harry, Hermione, Ron, Violet, Klaus and Sunny sat at the house table, on their last day at Hogwarts. Harry was sad to be leaving, but knew he could finally do what he wanted to do. Mostly he would try to become an Arour, but he had some plans to go and visit Godric's Hollow over the summer, for old memories. Harry could tell that Hermione and Ron didn't want to leave either, but they had plans for future live too. Harry didn't know what they planned on doing, but he knew it would be good. Dumbledore stood up, and Harry's attention focused on him.

"Well, another year is gone." He said to the school. Malfoy was sitting over at the Slytherin table, and Dumbledore smiled to him. "Our seventh years will be going off to bigger and better places…"

"Nothing and nowhere is better than Hogwarts." Harry said to himself.

"And they'll go on ahead to jobs, and helpfulness…"

"I think I've already helped quite a bit." Harry said, again to himself.

"And I think that everyone here agrees that we should recognize some people." Dumbledore said. Harry blinked. "First and foremost, to Violet, Klaus, and Sunny Baudelaire, the only muggles to ever enter and learn at Hogwarts and helped in the defeat of Voldemort." The Baudelaire's looked at each other in astonishment, and then Harry, Hermione and Ron forced them to stand up. Everybody clapped, and some whistled (mostly Seamus).

"Good job." Harry said to them with a smile. They sat down again and the hall was silent.

"Next, Ms. Hermione Granger, for helping in the defeat of Voldemort, and yet still keeping her grades as high as they can go." Dumbledore laughed. Hermione stood up and blushed, as a few people laughed, but still clapped. After Hermione had stood, Dumbledore continued, "Next for Mr. Ronald Weasley, for also helping in the defeat of Voldemort, and being able to make a joke out of it all." Dumbledore laughed again. Ron's ears turned red, but Harry forced him to stand anyway, and most to Ron's surprised, he got a very loud applause.

"Ron, you made this all a joke?" Harry asked, still laughing.

"No!" Ron said as he said. "I made most of it a joke." Harry had gotten over his fit of laughter until that was said.

"Next, now yes, this person is not a student, but still… to Mr. Severus Snape, for helping in the defeat of Voldemort, and also has brought Mr. Cedric Diggory and Mr. Sirius Black back to life." No one moved for a moment, not even Snape. He looked around then pointed to himself with a weird look, looking at Dumbledore. "Yes, you!" Dumbledore said. Slowly and unsurely Snape stood. A loud applause outburst, shocking Snape, whom had never gotten applause before. "And last, but no least at ALL… Mr. Harry Potter. Every year he has done something to help the wizarding world and this school, including saving the Sorcerers Stone, destroying Riddle in second year, freeing an innocent man, and destroying the Dark Lord Voldemort. He has also won his table the House cup." Harry stood up, and so did everyone else, clapping and cheering for him. Harry looked around and could swear he saw people crying with joy. People were walking over and patting him on the back, and hugging him. Joy ran through everyone that night. Heck, maybe even through Snape.

Sadly, they had to leave the next morning. The train sat silently in the station as everyone packed their bags and met in their common rooms for final goodbyes, and others waited until they were out in the station. Dumbledore pulled Harry, Hermione, and Ron away from the common room, saying it was important. Confused, the trio walked down to Dumbledore's office. The Baudelaire's were there, each carrying one, and only one, bag.

"What's going on?" Harry asked, looking at the sad look on Violet's face.

"Harry, in order for the Baudelaire's to continue their search… well-" Dumbledore said, but had to stop.

"Professor, can't they-" Hermione began.

"They can't. I wish, oh I wish they could stay, but- I, I can't let them." Dumbledore said sadly.

"What do you mean, you can't let them stay!" Ron asked loudly. "Me and Klaus are just starting to get along!"

"No go!" Sunny cried, tugging on Violets dress.

"I know, Sunny. I don't want to leave either." Violet told Sunny.

"We have to keep looking for the Snicket files." Klaus said sadly. "We have to leave."

"What- I- no, no, no, no, no! You, you just can't go!" Harry said, thinking of his and Violet's growing relationship. "They'll have nowhere else to go."

"They have to go on their own." Said Dumbledore.

"This just isn't right, Professor. What'll they do? Olaf is still running rampid!" Hermione said.

"I'm sorry. I'll give you all a few minutes." Dumbledore said, then walked away. Harry's mind was back to its buzzing. Violet started crying, and ran over and wrapped her arms around Harry.

"I wish that I didn't have to go." She told him. Harry broke right there. He didn't care one bit though. He started sobbing into Violet's shoulder, wishing that she could stay. Stay with Harry, and be happy. She could get hurt!

"Mate, I'm sorry." Ron said, patting Harry on the back.

"If we could stay, we would. But, it is physically and mentally impossible." Klaus said, holding back tears. He and Ron shook hands. Hermione walked over to Sunny.

"It was nice meeting you Sunny." She said. Sunny wrapped her little arms around Hermione's neck. Hermione lifted her up and walked over to Klaus.

"Well, it didn't really work out," She said, "But I'll always be your friend." Hermione said, and Klaus smiled. Harry and Violet were still hugging, and somewhat sobbing into the others shoulders. They finally let go of each other. "I'm sorry." Hermione said, putting one hand on Violet's shoulder and one on Harry's.

"We'll get through it." Ron said.

"He's right, so will use." Klaus told Violet. Violet nodded, and Hermione handed Sunny to Violet.

"I'm back." Dumbledore said. He walked back in, holding a pocket watch. "I'm sorry, but it is time for use to part."

"Goodbye." Violet said, and she gave Harry a goodbye kiss.

"Bye." Harry said sadly. Everyone said their last goodbyes. Dumbledore slowly handed the pocket watch to Violet. Harry jumped forward. "NO!" He yelled, but as he tried to grab Violet, the disappeared in a small flash of white. Harry landed with a thud on the floor. He sat there on his hands and knees for at least five minutes, tears rolling from his eyes. Hermione sat next to him.

"It'll be OK, it will. We might see them again." She said. Harry nodded and stood up.

"We better go." Ron said. "Or we'll miss the train." Harry nodded again and bid Dumbledore a final goodbye.

Harry did realize on the train that things would be OK, at least for him. He hoped the Baudelaire's would be fine. But, the again, Harry knew that they were perfectly capable. Harry knew that he might see them again, and he had to put his happiness to the fullest. He was going to live with Sirius, Voldemort was dead, and he had all his friends. The Baudelaire's will be fine he thoughtThere was nothing to worry about then. He was off to bigger and better places, just as Dumbledore had said.

THE END… Or is it?