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Summary: Sai is Hikaru's elder brother. Being the Go prodigy, Hikaru looked up to his brother until the day Sai broke his promise to Hikaru. Being neglected by his parents for Sai, and being to depress by the events of his life, Hikaru studied Go. Collecting kifus and books he studied Go and as the time goes he became dark and secretive. How can one avenge if he can't defeat his enemy in its own game.


Shindo Hikaru, at the age of 5, was very cheerful. You can always see him smile from day to night. His elder brother Sai was a Go professional and was currently 8-dan. Even though his parents neglect him sometimes his brother will always play Go with him.

Today was May 5 and Sai had promised Hikaru that they will go to the theme park in the afternoon after his title match. Hikaru was so exited. This was a promise Sai said he will never break. A quality time with his brother like this make him happy and loved.

Sai was already at home when Hikaru entered the living room from school.

"Hikaru hurry up and let's go already. I finish my title match today quickly for us to be early and have more time at the park." Sai said while Hikaru tossed his bag at the sofa and was now grinning to his brother.

They were about to live the house when the phone rang. Sai walked to towards the phone and answer it.

Hikaru was now becoming nervous as his brother narrowed his eyes and continued to talk to the caller. He was wishing as hard as he can that this will not be another game that will be delayed or worst make his brother abandon this plan.

Completely musing and wishing, he didn't notice his brother put down the phone and looked at him sorrowfully. Sai was also silently wishing that this won't happen. But he was totally wrong.

"Hikaru…" Sai said and looked at his brother's eyes. Hikaru was also looking at his brother's eyes with sadness.

"I… I'm sorry we can't go to the park today. The director of the institute called me and said I was needed there now." Sai slowly explained to his brother. Hikaru was trembling and his face was now pale. He waited for this very day. Just this one day and he will be happy even his brother will play Go everyday outside the house. He dreaded this outcome. He was so sure that no one will ruin this day.

"You said you won't break this promised. You promised just for this day. Just today." Hikaru said between sob. He was now crying freely and hiccupping that Sai can only do was to stare.

"I'm sorry Hikaru. Maybe we can delay this and move the schedule to another day?" Sai was really sorry. He also doesn't want this to happen but the Go institute needed him.

Hikaru shook his head and run to his room in the second floor. Sai was about to run after him if it isn't for the phone who rung again. Sighing he picked it up again.

Hikaru locked his door and cry all night in his bedroom.

After that day Sai doesn't have anymore free time to spend with his brother. He was worried because Hikaru doesn't smile often now and doesn't chat too much like he used to. He was so busy that it was now affecting his little brother greatly. He knew that their parent favor him and sometimes neglect Hikaru.

He arrived home after his preliminary round for the 9-dan title. He heard loud noises in the living room and walked towards there.

What he saw is something he doesn't expect. Hikaru was watching the television that was playing a video of two men brutally trying to killing each other. Hikaru's eyes were wide and were glued to the video that his elder brother panicked. He snatched Hikaru away from the television as fast as he can and tossed Hikaru to the sofa before he turn off the television.

Hikaru then run towards his room and locked himself once again. Sai was tempted to run after him but decided against it and sat on the sofa. He will ask later his father to cancel the channels that has brutal programs when their dad comes home.

Unknown to Sai, the two men who were trying to kill each other were brothers. He also doesn't know that Hikaru learned something from that video.

He also doesn't know that Hikaru was planning to walk the path Sai was walking on without making himself seen. Sai will also never think that his brother wanted revenge.

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