Book 2: Earth



To be precise, this is my version of book two, which I will keep up until the actual book two starts. Cross your fingers that book two will be soon. I'll try to update this on a weekly basis, promise.

Chapter 1- A New Adventure Part 1

Aang looked at what was left of the Northern Water Tribe. His eyes fell on Sokka, who was talking to a man. Princess Yue's father. They both looked subdued, and Aang could understand why. Aang felt that to some extend, Sokka loved Yue. It's been a terrible loss, in a terrible war.

"Aang?" he looked around. Katara was there, waiting. "We going Aang?" she asked. He looked around at Sokka again.

"Yea", he said finally. Sokka turned away from the man, and made his way back to his friend and sister.

"Lets get going", he said, "Earthbending next, right Aang?"

"Uh…" Aang wasn't sure what to say. He still hadn't fully mastered waterbending. Katara would be teaching him from now on, but would that really be enough?

"Sokka", Katara said quietly, "It's okay if you're-"
"I'm fine", he said shortly, climbing onto Appa, "Lets go"

Katara and Aang exchanged a look, and jumped onto Appa after him. They took off into the skies, leaving the remnants of the Northern Water Tribe, and some horrible memories behind.

"If we knew each back then, do you think we still could have been friends?"
"Stand and fight, Prince Zuko!"

"Take my hand!"

But he wouldn't listen. He was pulled into the water, deeper and deeper…

"Ah!" Zuko bolted up in his bed, breathing hard. He didn't even remember getting to his bed. He could only assume his uncle had brought him down after he fell asleep…

"Zuko?" speak of the devil. Uncle Iroh was standing in the doorway. "Are you okay Prince Zuko?"

"I'm fine", he said shortly, turning away from his uncle, "I just-"

Crash! The sound came from above. They exchanged a glance before running up to see the cause of the commotion.

"Hello…brother", he got a quick glimpse of a girl with long, dark hair, and dark eyes, before he was knocked out.

"Nice view", Aang said, looking down at the water below them, "The scenery gets kind of boring after awhile though"

"It's getting kind of late", Katara pointed out, "If you want to get in some practice before we go to sleep, maybe we'd better find a place to make camp"

"Okay", Aang said, "That okay with you Sokka?"
"What?" Sokka looked around, distracted, "Huh? Oh, yea, no problem, sure"

Aang and Katara exchanged another glance, but didn't say anything. They both knew Sokka was heartbroken at what had happened to Princess Yue. They also knew he was just covering up his true feelings. They excepted it, and Aang directed Appa to the ground below.

Camp was set up. Sokka worked to make a fire, and Momo was flapping around looking for bugs to eat. Appa was relaxing by a tree. Aang and Katara were trying to practice, but the impatient "tsk" from Sokka were distracting. Again, they ignored it, and tried to practice a little more.

"Okay", Katara said, "I kind of know what you can already do, so lets skip the basics"
"Okay", Aang said, grinning, "I like having you for teacher"

Katara smiled and turned slightly red, and Aang instantly regretted what he had said. They quickly got to work.

Sokka was getting more and more impatient with the fire. Every time he got a little spark, it flashed for a second, then went out. And Sokka was not known for his patience.
Crash! Sokka's head snapped around. Aang and Katara looked around, confused. Another crash sounded, and they saw a flock of birds rise from a group of trees a little ways away from them.

"What's going on?" Aang asked. Sokka shook his head, and stood up. They listened intently, but heard nothing else. "That was weird", Aang said, turning back to the water, "What do you think that was?"

"I dunno", Sokka said, turning back to the fire, "I just hope we don't find out the heard way"

"Help me Sokka", he wandered through…where ever he was, looking around, confused.

"Help me", the voice repeated, "Help me Sokka"

Sokka awoke with a start, and looked around. He had fallen asleep on guard duty, but from the looks of it, nothing had happened while he was out.

"You were talking in your sleep", Sokka looked around. Aang was sitting up, looking at him weirdly.

"I was?" Sokka asked, attempting to laugh, "Oh, sorry if I woke you up"

"You didn't", Aang said, "Are you okay Sokka?"
"I told you, I'm fine", he said firmly, "Go back to sleep. We have to cover some distance tomorrow if we ever want to find you an Earthbending master"
"Okay…" Aang said uncertainly, "Night"


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