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Chapter 7- Help from an Unexpected Place

Aang held his staff out to fight. There was no way he was going to loose to this Firebender, whoever she was. His eyes narrowed at the girl, who smirked evilly.

"You think you can win", it wasn't a question. It was a statement. And even though Aang knew he couldn't win, but he wasn't going down without fight.

"You could make it easy for yourself", the Firebender said, "Surrender. Surrender, concede, and you will live"
"Not a chance!" Aang yelled.

"Suit yourself", the Firebender shrugged, "It will be much more fun to bring your body back to the Fire Lord anyways"

She struck before the three kids could see it. They were faster than their brains though, fortunately. Katara dodged left, Sokka dodged right, and Aang dodged up, jumping into the air. He whipped his staff and through the air and sent the mini Firebending army flying backwards into the cavern wall. He landed and straightened himself up. The Firebender girl stood up, blowing a strand of hair out of her eyes. Aang held his staff ready again. Katara and Sokka tensed beside him, Katara getting into her Waterbending position, and Sokka grabbing his boomerang. The Firebender smirked at the resistance attempt, and once again struck faster than the eye could see. Aang whipped his staff through the air and knocked the fire ball into a wall with a gust of wind. He looked back just in time to see more flames heading his way. He moved this way and that, constantly spinning his staff around as a shield. He never got the chance to strike. The Firebender was moving too fast for him. He stepped backwards as the attack ceased, breathing hard. She's too fast, he thought, I can't attack if I have to keep defending myself, and she knows that. I need a plan, and fast!

"Okay!" he said suddenly, dropping his staff, "You win, I surrender!"

"What?.!" Katara and Sokka yelled at the same time, "Aang you can't!" Katara said tearfully, "No!"

"Ah, come to your senses I see", the Firebender nodded approvingly, "There may be hope for you yet. Restrain his friends!" she snapped at a soldier, "I don't want them trying to stop me"

Two soldiers stepped forward and grabbed Sokka and Katara, holding them back. Aang stepped towards the Firebenders, looking convincingly defeated. Just as one of the soldiers reached forward to grab him, he struck. He jumped into the air and kicked with all his might, slamming the Firebenders into a wall. He took aim and hit the two Firebenders that were holding Katara and Sokka back. The brother and sister grinned at each other, and then Aang, who smiled back.

"Wrong move Avatar", the girl Firebender said menacingly, "With out your staff to protect you, you're defenseless. Didn't think about that, did you?"
Aang grimaced. No, he hadn't thought about that. Not at all.

"Now", the Firebender said, standing up, "Say goodbye, and mean it!"
Aang watched as a fireball shot at him. He could hear Sokka and Katara yelling at him to run. But he had nowhere to go. His luck had run out. And suddenly…suddenly he was in a completely different place.

"AANG!" Katara screamed, tears in her eyes. She had watched flames engulf the young Airbender, watched as the Avatar disappeared before her very eyes. Horrible memories started flashing before her eyes.


Twelve-year-old Katara was sitting outside her tent, playing with a ball of snow. It was water, just frozen water, and she knew that. Maybe some day she'd be able to bend it. She grinned at the thought of being a Master Waterbender. It made her feel good, her little bright spot in this life.

"Katara!" a lady stepped out of the tent behind her, her eyes bright and shiny as she looked down at the girl.

"Look!" she jumped up, excited, "I can bend the snow Mom!"
"I bet you can", her mother said fondly, "Would you like to show me?"

Katara nodded, grinning. She waved her hands gracefully in the air. Snow rose on command, but that was as far as she got. The snow got out of control from there, and shot out of her range, slamming into a fourteen-year-old boy, who was standing near a fire.

"Katara!" Sokka raged, furious. Katara's eyes grew wide, and her mother laughed.

"Nice try, my little Waterbender", her mother said, touching Katara's shoulder. Katara grinned. They didn't have much in the South Pole, but they had peace, and that was all that mattered.

WHAM! Katara jumped backwards as a fireball hit the snow almost directly in front of her. Sokka whirled around, looking for the source of the attack, and ran towards his sister and mother.

"What was that?" he asked as he helped the two up. Katara's father stepped out of the tent, looking grim.

"The Fire Nation", he looked at the burn mark on the ground, and then his petrified family. He nodded hardly and looked around, ready for another attack. The snow was turning black. Katara reached out to grab a handful.

"Soot", Sokka said, examining the stuff. Katara quickly dropped it. Fireballs had begun to rain down on them.

"Get in the tent!" Katara's father yelled, shoving his wife and kids into the tent. Gran-Gran was waiting for them, with fear in her eyes. The men of the tribe had begun to assemble as the Fire Nation approached. Katara watched through the slits in the tent as the attack raged.

"Get away from there Katara", her mother grabbed her by the hand and pulled her back. None of them noticed as a fireball came down on the tent.

"The tent is on fire!" Sokka yelled as the tent went up in flames. Katara looked around, scared.

"Get out of here!" their mother yelled harshly. She shoved her children and Gran-Gran out of harms way, out into the cold. But as she made to leave herself, another fireball hit the tent, which went into complete flames.

"NO!" Katara and Sokka yelled at the same time. Katara swung her hands into the air in an attempt to bend the snow onto the flames, to put them out. But each time all she managed was to hit Sokka. All they could do was watch as the tent turned into nothing but smoldering embers. Katara, unable to look anymore, dove into Gran-Gran's arms, crying.

The attack ended at dusk. The Fire Nation retreated. But it was no victory.

"Mom…" Sokka was standing in front of remains of their tent. There were tears in his eyes. Katara put her hand lightly on his shoulder. He looked around and after second the two fell into each others arms, crying.

End Flashback

"Aang!" Katara yelled, wishing her friend would answer, "Aang!"

Where am I? Aang thought, looking around. If he didn't know any better, he'd say it was the Spirit World. But it was unlike any part of the Spirit World he had ever seen

"Hi Aang!" Aang jumped, and looked around. He knew that voice! That same, hyper active voice was the same one that belonged to a friend he had once visited long ago.

"Did you miss me?" Chi materialized as if out of no where in front of him. She looked exactly like Aang remembered her. Same goofy grin. Same brown eyes. Same welcoming air around her.

"Chi!" Aang cried in surprise, "Is it really you?"
"No, it's a flying bison", Chi grinned, "Who else would I be silly?"

"Where are we?" Aang asked, "What's going on?"

"We're in the Spirit World", Chi explained, "I brought you here"
"To have a tea party", Chi said, "To help you, ya goof! You need answers and I have them!"

"Like what?"
"Azula", Chi said, "That's the Firebender who is trying to catch you. Zuko is her older brother. The two are in some sort of competition for you. Zuko was banished from the Fire Nation long ago. Bringing you back will restore his honor. And Azula would like nothing more than to stop that. She's working on her father's orders"
"Who is her father?" Aang asked.

"Fire Lord Ozai", Chi said grimly, her cheerful disposition gone. She looked around suddenly. "You have to go", she said, "I was told not to bring you here. You have to go back to the regular world. But you're in a bit of a bind there", she grinned, "So I'm going to help"
"You are?" Aang asked, "How?"
"Watch and learn my friend"

Sokka took hold of his sister's hand and held it firmly. He was doing his best not to cry as he watched flames engulf his friend. He had thought of Aang as a brother. And now he was gone. There was no hope.

"Sokka…" Katara said suddenly, "Look!"

Something was happening to the ball of flames that had engulfed Aang. They were parting. But in the middle wasn't Aang. Or, it wasn't exactly Aang.

It was Aang's body. But he was glowing. Not just the arrows on his body and his eyes, like when his Avatar Spirit was triggered. No, from the top of his head to his feet, his body was completely white. His hands fell to his sides. He looked around at the Firebender girl and her army. Wordlessly, he raised his hands into the air, and waved the around. The Firebenders were knocked backwards with brute force. They spun down the cavern on a gust of wind, and were expelled through the entrance. The kids waited, but they didn't come back.

Aang bowed his head, apparently satisfied. After a second, the glow around his body died away. As he faded back to his usual self, his knees gave away beneath him and he collapsed. Katara and Sokka ran forward and grabbed their friend as he fell. Katara cradled his head, still crying, only this time out of sheer relief. Aang's eyelids fluttered open. He looked into Katara's eyes. The two looked at each other for along time, and Katara pulled him into a hug, still crying. Sokka stooped down next to them, his hand resting on Katara's shoulder.

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