I'm writing even more humor. So sue me. But I thought this would be a good idea since I starting reading a lot of my old books again. YAY!

This story will cover Ulrich's diary. Not too sure on the others.

Thursday January 1st

Finally, the New Year already! I've been working on my New Year's resolutions.

1. I will work harder at school.

2. I will not insult Sissi as much as I always do.

3. I will get into the habit of reading.

4. I will train more often.

5. I will let my true love know how I really feel.

6. I will not use up all the credit on my cellphone in less than four days.

7. I will convince Jeremie to change his 'style' of underpants.

After reading them over, I'm starting to consider whether I'll be able to succeed in the second (hmm.) or the fifth. Oh well.

My father came home last night with moose antlers on his head. I dread to think why.

1.20 p.m Received a phone call from Odd that didn't make any sense at all. I wonder how much sugar he ate last night.


'…uhh, hi Odd.'



Then he hung up. I really worry about that kid sometimes. Hopefully he'll have calmed down at school tomorrow.

Oh yes, school's tomorrow. Hurrah. Not.

3.00 p.m Got yelled at by my father for no reason whatsoever. I guess hangovers do that to you. Which is why I've made a pact to never drink. Then I'll bet about five years later I'll be chugging every hour like there's no tomorrow.

Friday January 2nd

Well school today sucked badly. Then again, it practically always does. I'm glad it's over for the day.

The only thing that brightened up the day was being able to see my friends again. They hadn't changed very much over the Christmas holidays though, and neither have I.

If only I was at least a little taller.

The corner store had jumbo boxes of 250 pairs of disposable earplugs half price. Score!

3 a.m Odd's still snoring. Help.

Saturday January 3rd

Woke up by Odd's constant bouncing on his bed, hyped up on coffee I presume. He never gets a lie-in at the weekends because he'd rather spend the free time eating. Like a walking stomach.

I however couldn't sleep any longer, so I threw a pillow at him and got changed.

Thank God the happy fit only lasted a few minutes, he was then de-excited enough to actually speak.

'Morning Ulrich.'


'Doing anything today?'

'Not that I know of.'

'I was thinking maybe-'

'You do enough eating already.'

'Have you spoken to Yumi yet?'

'Where the hell did that come from?'

He shrugged. 'I saw her with William yesterday.'

William. That old git's been on my nerves since he first arrived at the school. Always boasting about how pretty his black hair is and his simply fascinating story on how he got kicked out of his old school.…blahdy blah blah freakin' BLAH.

I don't give a damn about bloody love letters (or posters, as he described). He makes me gag every time. Decided to go with the arcade with Odd for the day. Got beaten in The Terminator about 5 times. Didn't care. Had to practically drag Odd back to school since he fell asleep.

Sunday January 4th

God I hate Sundays so much. There's always blah weather, the TV shows playing are complete crap etc etc.

At least I finally got a chance to talk to Yumi for a while. I found her sitting on a bench in the park.

Why the hell do I always get so nervous and jumpy around her?

We talked for a bit about random stuff. I tried to tell her 'the important thing' but my legs went and I fell off the bench. She laughed off me and went back home.

I'll never be able to forgive myself.

Monday January 5th

Tried to find a paper bag to wear to school. Odd nicked it for – guess what – a secret food stash. I'll kill him.

I'm surprised Sissi hasn't popped up yet to do…whatever you would describe her hobby of irritating the hell out of me.

4 p.m Me and my big…er…pen. Sissi the Brat indeed popped up and started swooning. Again.

I knew I should have requested some sort of weapon for Christmas. But I guess 'Enraged Teenager Injures Young Girl With Axe' wouldn't look good as a newspaper headline or on my permanent record.

12 a.m Had a dream about me chasing Sissi with an axe. It was class. Although I was dressed as a farmer and Sissi was wearing a bell. Why the hell do I care, it was the best damn dream I've ever had. If only William were in it too, then I'd die a happy man.

Tuesday January 6th

Boring. Boring. And even more boring. NOTHING HAPPENED.

Went to see Jeremie after school and he was once again glued to his computer. You'd think he'd take a break once in a while from that anti-virus thingy.

'Almost have it…almost have it…'

He pressed the enter key and his computer beeped.

'CRAP! It didn't work.'

Sometimes I wonder if he has split personalities. The smart one, the lovey-dovey one (I knew that word?) and the one with the colourful vocabulary.

Aelita hasn't said much. Ever since we wrote that summary of Shakespeare's (insert the name of the story I can't remember here) in English class she's been engorging herself in his books.

I should get started on my revolutions some time. I'll go to the bookstore tomorrow.

Wednesday January 7th

Sissi was going around on her morning pester-fester. We were sitting on our normal spot: Jeremie sitting on the bench with his laptop, Aelita sitting next to him reading The Merry Wives of Windsor, Odd stuffing himself in the tree with me and Yumi leaning against the tree trunk.

'Well well, if it isn't Ulrich dear and his weirdo friends.'

Yumi snorted.

She turned to me with her 'cute face'. Personally I think it looks like a rat's face that is being forced to live in a jar with no food.

'Ulrich honey, when are you going to come pick me up tonight for our date?'

This girl has no soul. Or a brain for that matter.

'You've got the wrong moron Sissi. Sorry.'

She kept blabbing on about how pretty I was. Pfft, I don't do compliments.

Odd eventually got so annoyed he threw his bag of chips at her. It was a family pack. I hope it hurt.

But Sissi the Brat just looked hilarious with the coloured bags all over her.

'God, no wonder why Odd's so fat. He eats this all the time.'

This struck a nerve. Not Odd's, but Aelita's. You could tell.

She put her book down. (…egad.)

'You…you…' You could see the steam coming out of her ears.


It's official. Miss Stones needs a new taste in reading.

Dandered off to the library once Sissi left us alone. Found nothing but crud. Went to the bookstore. Way better.

Bought one of those miscellany books for a read. It's pretty interesting.

Thursday January 8th

Lalala, I'm in a good mood today for some reason. Reading has created a serious impact on my brain and personality.

So much I didn't even know I was writing for my history essay this morning. Hopefully it should be ok.

10.30 a.m Turned it in. Got detention. Crud.

5.00 p.m Good thing I carry that book everywhere, otherwise I would have died in that room.

Yumi was waiting for me outside. She's so sweet sometimes.


She saw the book under my arm and was actually quite surprised. I showed it to her. She looked impressed.


…mental note: never say that again. Or write it for that matter unless under the brink of insanity.

11 p.m I keep having warped thoughts of me in a mental asylum. I should go out more.

Friday January 9th


It's Friday, it's Friday, it's Friday, yeah!

Then XANA attacked for the first time in forever today, boohoo. He took over a pack of squirrels.

…I hate to admit it but I was impressed. It was fun to watch everyone (cough Sissi and William cough) running around screaming with the furry things all over them.

I could have sat there and watched them all day, but my friends needed my assistance in Lyoko, unfortunately.

I needed the combat practise anyway. A bunch of hornets, took them all down. Easy.

I was on the verge of begging Jeremie not to RTTP, but I stayed put.

Saturday January 10th

Yumi asked me if I felt like going over to her house for a bit. I nearly declined in fear of getting mauled by Mr Ishiyama. But I went anyway.

Once again, we talked about random stuff. This time I didn't go for 'the important thing' that made the stay a lot more enjoyable.

I didn't listen to half of what she said, I was too busy staring at her.

Just my luck, she noticed after about 2 minutes.

'Ulrich? Why are you staring at me?'

I desperately searched my brain for something to say to her.

'Uhh…well…ahh…you see…'

Next time I go book hunting, I should get a dictionary or 'How To Improve Your Vocabulary In Five Easy Steps'.

Yumi looked at me with a strange look on her face.

'Is there anything wrong, Ulrich?'

'Nonono! Nothing's wrong!'

I must have said it too excitedly, because she raised her eyebrow.

So I dashed out the front door faster than you could say 'hi'.

Can't write anymore. Odd's reading over my shoulder and being nosy again. All the more reason to get a dictionary. To throw at him.

Sunday January 11th

I avoided Yumi all day and ran off to hide whenever she passed by. This is like being on the run.

She found me writing in my diary in the forest, so I bolted again.

This is so unlike me. I've always been favoured for my fearlessness and lack of running away from my problems.

But an angry Yumi is a different subject altogether. I should go see her and have a discussion - face to face - tomorrow.

Ehh, not much of a cliffy. Writing this is good for me, because Ulrich is similar to my personality. It's fun too, writing is fun! Please tell me what you think as it's a new writing technique for me, so to speak. xD