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I think it's Monday March 2nd

After that incident with the leap year I can barely remember the date anymore.

That's one of the good things about school, though; you write down the date at least 3 times every day. You never forget.

Unless you're like Jeremie with a headache. That's a whole different story.

Tuesday March 3rd

Yumi seems a bit concerned for my well being. Actually, everybody seems to be.

What's wrong with someone who thinks they're insane, ACTS insane out of fear, has a pet frog and-


Wednesday March 4th

Had a chat with Jeremie when he was taking a break from Aelita's anti-virus (for once…). He seems to be handling the, for lack of a better term, stress, for the whole thing pretty well.

But he's pretty worried about his relationship with Aelita since she's been ignoring him for a little while.

It's not very often you see a junior Einstein in the making spazzing his glasses off, so I said:

'Jeremie, just chill for a second. If someone doesn't talk to you for a day or two it doesn't mean she doesn't like you.'

'But you don't understand! You have Yu-'

'Yumi has absolutely nothing to do with this. Just take a break from that damn anti-virus already and talk to her, she probably ignores you because of it anyway.'

At that point I thought I went too far.

'…you're right, Ulrich. Maybe I should go talk to her. Thanks, you were a great help.'

Huh? No screaming, head-ripping, enduring speech or sarcasm? What are the odds of that?

7.25 p.m I went to check on Steve, he seems to be OK. But I'm starting to wonder if I should be doing this.

Thursday March 5th

XANA has risen again. Hooray. This time he used acid rain, which, uh, didn't work…

We had a math exam today I totally forgot about. Hopefully I didn't do too bad…

Friday March 6th

I was feeling confused, so I went to talk with Yumi for a while after school.

'Ugh, I just don't know what's happening to me, Yumi. I feel like every morning it's just going to be another boring day.'

'Aren't they always?' she replied.

I shrugged and said, 'With my sort of life, that's an understatement.'

Actually, it's pretty weird. We like each other, but we haven't admitted it. We haven't admitted it and we're not 'an item', so to speak.

I don't get it.

Saturday March 7th

Typical Jeremie fell asleep when I told him to go talk to Aelita the other day, and he forgot. No headache.

Pfft. Moron.

Aelita seemed like she wanted to talk with me and we started talking about the little genius.

'Have you noticed anything strange going on with Jeremie recently?'

'Yeah, he has. He's been talking to me- uhh, many- no, uh. BAH!'

She stared at me funny.

'Are you, as they say, 'getting your worms mixed up'?'

'Yes indeedy, I think so. But back to the matter at hand- I think maybe you should go talk to him. He's been killing himself solving that anti-virus and I think you should give him a break.'

'How?' she said with a raised eyebrow.

I laughed and ran off. 'You'll find a way, because I know you too well, Aelita. Too well…'

Sunday March 8th

Jeremie and Aelita seem to be 'friends' again, which is good. Heh…

William was being more of a prick than he usually is today, which is bad. Actually, he looked like he was flirting.

With Yumi. She seemed to be…enjoying it?

Or did she find it so annoying it was funny?

Odd thinks I'm being overprotective. What does he know? I'll talk to her tomorrow.

Monday March 9th

…I don't want to talk about it.

Tuesday March 10th

Ugh, Yumi seems to be giving me death glares every time I pass her.

Aelita thinks I should go see a…a…uhh…

Counsellor, was it? This whole ordeal has made me forget what one is. Better check my dictionary when I get the chance.

5 minutes later …nice try, Aelita.

10 minutes later Got a C+ in the math test. Damn.

Wednesday March 11th

I went for a walk around the block this evening to clear my head.

But it's like Jeremie's knowledge on computers- you can't forget it.

It's actually made me feel like a hobo.

But I don't want to live in a box!

Thursday March 12th

Yumi's hanging out with William…

This is worrying…

Friday March 13th


Unlucky day indeed.

Saturday March 14th

Too depressed, I just locked myself in my room all day. I didn't check any messages or calls on my cellphone either.

I just sat. And read. While living off Pop Tarts.

…don't ask how I got them. My mom always sent me boxes of them every few months.

At least someone likes me.

Sunday March 15th

Odd asked me if I wanted to go into town for a while, which I gladly accepted. I missed company.

We did the usual. Wander around video game stores and the like, ate, wander, snack, arcade, short walk and then back to school.

Despite the small description, it was really fun.

6.02 a.m …Yumi called me in the middle of the night for some reason.


'Hey Ulrich.'

'Yumi! What the HELL are you doing calling me at this hour?'

'Sorry, but could you meet me somewhere? Maybe like the-'

I hung up at that point. Civilized or not, I need my 8 hours.

Monday March 16th

She's acting a lot more friendly to me this morning. I wonder…


Tuesday March 17th

I looked everywhere for the guy, but to no avail. Maybe Yumi really has forgiven me.


Wednesday March 18th

…Yumi was very, VERY, happy looking this morning.

To be frank this is what happened.

'Hey guys! HEY ULRICH! (smooch)'

…I think I'll join the Giddiot Club.

Thursday March 19th


Friday March 20th

THAT MORON! Odd took my stupid diary and hid it away. There was only way to get it back.

'Only if you dance with me!'

I'm never letting Odd watch Invader Zim again. God, that was embarrassing…

Saturday March 21st

I told Yumi what happened and she bashed Odd over the head with her math textbook.

Doesn't beat hitting him with a dictionary, though…

Sunday March 22nd

William came towards me today looking very angry.


'…is that my new name?'

'Stop playing the retard and tell me where Yumi is.'

What kind of idiot is he? It's a Sunday.



This was fun. Even when he was holding me by the collar.


…after that, maybe it wasn't. Sissi was bouncing over, completely ignorant as to what position I was in.

'Ricky dear, what do you say we go see a movie, huh?'

'If you like your face the way it is, tell me where Yumi is- NOW!'

I couldn't only think of one way to get off the hook…s.

Then I decided to scream 'OH MY GOD! YUMI AND THEO ARE MAKING OUT!'

Doing so ended up with Sissi and William turning around gaping like fish, I kicked Pretty Boy in the shin and ran off.


Monday March 23rd

I told the others what happened the previous day during breakfast.

It was very amusant. Aelita and Jeremie choked on their orange juice while Odd spat out the remains of a bread roll in a passing kid's face.

'Oops, sorry!' he said, before bursting out laughing. Like I figured.

It feels great to be able to speak to my friends again without them staring at me like a freak-

Ooh! Odd left behind some nachos!

Tuesday March 24th

Another day, another failed XANA attack.

Evil sheep? This is getting ridiculous.

Wednesday March 25th

We had a meeting today to discuss XANA's current 'strategy'. Pfft, strategy my freaking FOOT.

'Jeremie,' I started slowly, 'this obviously isn't XANA. Some kid at the other side of the planet probably hacked into him and is making him do stuff without noticing.'

This got a giggle out of Yumi and Aelita, but Jeremie looked like he was going to kill me.

'I'll shut up.' I added, which broke the dam and Yumi fell onto the floor laughing.

Odd was looking at her strangely. She stood up blushing and sat next to me again. 'Sorry. Got carried away.'

Then we talked about…stuff…guu.

Thursday March 26th

Suffering from exhaustion. Can't write.

Friday March 27th

Jeremie noticed how tired I looked today and asked if I was alright.

I told him 'Don't be silly, I feel…'

Apparently I blacked out after that, Yumi said she'd tell me what happened tomorrow.

Saturday March 28th

Blah, she woke me up in the middle of a great dream. I was the president of Saudi Arabia and people were driving wallets instead of tanks…

Oops, um, anyway…

Yumi said that the nurse found out it was a 'touch of the ten minute flu', so to speak. Except I was really, and I mean really, drowsy.

And I still am. Nighty night…

Sunday March 29th

My black haired princess is demanding me to sleep.

Why? I already did the past 3 days. At least she gave me some painkillers earlier.

…wait, I don't need painkillers…aww snap…

Monday March 30th

I am officially not sleepy! Hooray!

Now I needed some way to get back at Yumi. But I didn't want to make her mad.



Ehehe…self explanatory?

Tuesday March 31st

The moment Yumi laid eyes on me she tackled be faster than you could say 'cat'. Which hurt. A lot.

Oh well. At least Odd hasn't done anything.

'Dear Diary! I just saw this really pretty girl today! I think her name was-'

…excuse me for a moment.

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