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Chapter One: An Unexpected Meeting

I sighed. It was going to be strange moving to a new place. Especially moving to a large city. I have always lived in a small town by the ocean. Well since I was only a year old anyway. But even then I lived in the country with horses and other farm animals. But I'm fourteen now so I'm used to living in a small town and by the ocean.

I opened my ice blue eyes. The music from my CD player blared in my ears. I was sitting in a corner of my "bedroom," my back to the wall. I hated being stuck in the same place for hours with my younger siblings.

I had two brothers and two sisters. The youngest was a 2-year-old boy with reddish blonde hair and blue eyes. The second youngest was a 4-year-old girl with curly blonde hair and blue eyes. The middle child was a 6-year-old boy with blonde hair and blue eyes. The second oldest was an 11-year-old girl with blonde hair and blue eyes.

The youngest was Alexander, but we called him Alex. The second youngest was Samantha, but we called her Sam. The middle child was Jonathan, but we called him John or Johnny. The second oldest was Jessica, but we called her Jess or Jessie. Me I'm the oldest, I'm Jennifer, but everyone calls me, Jen or Jenny. I'm known as the oddball of the family.

I picked up my blue composition notebook. I used it for a sort of journal. I picked up my pencil and flipped to the next empty page and began to write:

Dear Mizu, (I call my journal the Japanese word for water.)

Today I'm moving into our new house Finally! If I'm stuck inside with my family for too much longer with no fresh air I swear I'm going to go crazy! But I'm nervous about moving to a new place. That means a new school and a new home. Plus I've never lived so far away from our small town, let alone a gigantic city on another planet! Well I'm going to go for a walk my legs are cramped and stiff.

Talk to you latter,


I closed the journal and put it in my backpack, which was sitting beside me. I turned of my hand held CD player and put it in the bag as well. I stood and stretched. I picked up my backpack and put it on and walked into the living room of our "cabin."

The three younger kids were chasing each other around the coffee table. Mom and Jess were sitting on the couch reading magazines. I rolled my eyes; I just couldn't understand what was so exiting about them.

I brushed a strand of my sleek, jet-black hair from my face. "Mom, I'm going to go for a walk," I announced.

"That's nice."

I walked out the front door and into the long hallway. I looked at my reflection in the metal walls of the shuttle. I was wearing a plain blue T-shirt and plain blue jeans. On my feet were plain white sneakers. I started to walk down the long hallway.

I walked until I came to the bridge that crossed the launch pad and stopped halfway. I crossed my arms on the railing and leaned heavily upon it. I looked out the large glass window before me.

I watched the stars and planets that whizzed by. I sighed and straightened. I continued to the other side of the bridge. I walked down the hallway. An open door on my left caught my eye. I carefully peered inside. What I saw caused my eyes to grow twice my original size.

There were many different types of machines. Scientists in white lab coats were hurrying from one machine to the next. But that wasn't what caught my eye. There was a single large tube (you know the ones they show on TV? the ones that always have containing strange experiments or monsters?) inside was a strange colored, robotic monkey.

It's fur was a rich, violet color and it's eyes were sea-blue. Around it's neck was a blue collar that matched it's eyes. On the collar was a golden bell. Without thinking I stepped silently into the room. The monkey opened it's eyes and alarms from many different machines went off.

"Experiment: M-778 is waking up!" a female voice shouted.

:I must get out. I must escape.: I heard a gentle female voice say in my head.

I figured the scientists were to busy shouting things to one another in panic to hear the voice at all.

For some odd reason I wanted to go to the monkey. It seemed as though I knew it. It seemed as if I had met it somewhere before. Curious, I walked through the room of scientists; they flipped when they saw me. I ignored their shouts of protest and kept my eyes on the tube and the monkey. Only when I had reached them did I stop.

The monkey's eyes looked from me to the control panel at the base of the tube and back again. I stepped toward the controls. "No! Don't touch that!" a male scientist cried and raced forward. He grabbed my arm and yanked me back.

He wrapped his strong arms around me so tight that I was trapped. "Let me go!" I shouted and squirmed. The monkey in the tube narrowed it's eyes. It's sea-blue eyes began to glow and the glass enclosing it began to crack.

The man dropped me and ran to take cover. I closed me eyes and covered my head with my arms as the glass shattered. I tensed and waited for the pain of a million glass shards to pierce my skin. The sound of glass twinkling as it struck the floor reached my ears but the pain I expected did not come. Slowly I opened my eyes and moved my arms.

The violet monkey stood before me. Concern and worry shone in it's blue eyes. "Are you hurt?" it's voice was the voice I had heard in my head.

I shook my head and looked around me. That glass was scattered around the floor but any that would have hit me went off to the sides. I pushed myself up into a sitting position.

The monkey cautiously came closer to me. Slowly so I didn't scare her I reached out a hand and touched her cheek. I noted how silky her violet fur was. The monkey flinched when my hand made contact with her cheek. Gently I rubbed her cheek with my thumb. "You're not going to hurt me, are you?" she asked nervously.

"No. Why would I? You haven't hurt me so why should I hurt you?" I replied.

The monkey pondered over this for a moment then moved away from my hand. She crawled into my lap and curled up in my arms. She wound her tail around my arm. Awkwardly I stood.

I turned around to see that the scientists had come out from there hiding places. I glared at them in anger. "You should be ashamed of yourselves! You've been torturing this poor monkey! You are all despicable! This is unacceptable! I cannot allow it to continue! I'm removing her from your care!" I shouted angrily.

I marched across the room toward the door. The man who had grabbed me before grabbed my arm. "You have no authority to take this creature from our care."

The monkey growled. She turned her hands into glowing sea-blue eyes that matched her eyes. She's trying to defend me. The man let go of my arm and backed off. The monkey deactivated her claws and I raced out of the room.

I ran all the way back to our cabin. I burst through the door and everyone looked up. "Mom (gasp, gasp) you've got to (gasp, gasp) let me keep her (gasp, gasp)." I said as I panted for air.

"Fine but keep it under control." Mom said and went back to her magazine.

"Thanks Mom!" I cried and ran into my room. I set the monkey down once inside. "My name's Jennifer but you can call me Jen or Jenny."

The monkey bowed, "my name is Jirachi." (Wish in Russian) She said and began to examine the room.

"Hey, Jirachi? Would it be okay if I just called you Wish?"

"Hmmm? Oh sure why not?"

"I can't believe Mom let you keep that beast." Jess said. She was leaning on the doorframe of my room.

"I can't believe Mom is keeping a beast like you." I retorted. Jess huffed angrily and stormed out of the room.

"Now approaching the destination: Shuggazoom City. we will be arriving shortly." A voice over the loud speaker announced.

"This is our stop." I said and walked out into the living room with Wish right on my heels….

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