Disclaimer: Sonic, Eggman, Amy, Knuckles, Rouge, and Tails belong to SonicTeam and all other people who created them.

Chapter 1: New Ruler

"MUAHAHAHA! FAREWELL FOREVER, SONIC THE HEDGEHOG!" Eggman hit a button on his newest creation and a beam shot out and struck Sonic. The weakened hedgehog stumbled and hit the ground.

Amy let out a scream from her cage. "NO! SONIC!" She buried her face in her hands and started crying.

Eggman got out of his machine and walked up to Sonic. He kicked the blue creature and let out a maniacal laugh when he rolled easily. Then he walked over to Amy and tapped the glass of her cage. "Don't worry, Amy. At least now you won't have to chase him down." He laughed and hit a button on the console next to the glass cage and it lifted. "You're free to go. Take his body with you. I don't want that filth near me." Amy picked him up and started to run as well as she could. She heard Eggman's voice behind her. "Don't forget to tell the world, Amy! I wouldn't want anyone to become confused as to who they're new ruler is!"

It's short, so what? I'll try to make the other chapters longer…