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A few Weeks Later…

Sonic let out a laugh and glanced back at Tails. He was bent over, searching through an old box. "No way am I just gonna run off, pal." His emerald eyes lit up when he saw the little black box. He pulled it out and grinned.

"What's that?" Tails queried. Sonic flipped open the box and Tails' cobalt eyes went wide. "Holy crap!" He grabbed it and studied the ring. It had rubies shaped to resemble a rose with a single diamond in the center. "You're going to ask Amy to…" Tails looked up into Sonic's eyes. "You are!"

The blue hedgehog laughed again and took the ring. Winking, he ran past Tails, his speed fully restored. The young fox gaped after him. I never thought I'd see this day come…

Sonic ran into Amy's house, instantly realizing that she wasn't there. His eyes narrowed slightly in thought. He shrugged. Might as well just wait.

He walked upstairs, suddenly remembering about the painting under the canvas. He still hadn't seen it…In fact, the painting had been forgotten about in the aftermath of Eggman's demise. Sonic smiled in remembrance. The press had exploded with the news. One particular article had stuck in Sonic's mind…

"The Great Sonic the Hedgehog, is NOT dead, as earlier reports indicated. He is, in fact, alive and well. The true deceased one is none other than his arch-nemesis, Eggman. According to the Blue Blur himself, the one that truly deserves credit is Amy Rose. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, that was certainly not a typo. The entire scheme, the entire plan that ultimately resulted in Eggman's death, was all the result of Amy Rose's careful planning.

The hedgehog's cheeks turned as pink as her fur when questioned about this, but did not deny, nor confirm, her involvement or planning. That leaves this reporter to believe, based on her actions and the comments she did make, that she did indeed plan this whole thing…"

It had gone on to say more about Sonic's relationship to Amy and he grinned now, thinking that he was about to prove it right. He tossed the ring on Amy's bed and walked over to the balcony where the painting stood, still covered. He took it off with a smile, but it died when the painting, finished, was finally revealed to him.

He wanted to touch it, make sure it was real, but he could tell that it was still wet from the way it shimmered in the light. He couldn't believe that she'd painted this…

Sonic stood, pointing a finger forward at whoever would look at the painting. Above his head was the deep blue Chaos Emerald.

Behind Sonic stood Amy, Piko-Piko hammer at the ready. Above her head was the pink Chaos Emerald.

Knuckles stood to his left, grinning slightly, fists punched together. Above his head was the red Chaos Emerald.

Rouge flew just above him, smiling lazily, arms crossed. Above her head was the purple Chaos Emerald.

Tails was on Sonic's right, leaning against the Tornado 2 with a grin on his young face. Above his head was the pale blue Chaos Emerald.

Cream was in the cockpit, head slightly cocked, worry clearly showing in the depth of those innocent brown eyes. Above her head was the yellow Chaos Emerald.

A little farther behind Amy stood Shadow, obviously ready to attack. Above his head was the green Chaos Emerald.

Sonic looked close and saw the Master Emerald in the background, cleverly disguised as a cloud.

Sonic stared at the image, fascinated. He jumped when a soft voice spoke from behind him. "I was going to show you later."

Sonic looked back at Amy, looking as guilty as a child caught stealing cookies. "Sorry, Amy, but I just…" He trailed off after studying her face. "You're not mad at all, are you?"

She shook her head and laughed. "No, I'm not actually. I'm kind of relieved. It saves me from having to show you." She walked over and put her hand in his, linking their fingers. "Wanna know why I painted it like this?"

Sonic looked at the painting. "Yeah, I really do."

"We're there for you, Sonic. Albeit some of us aren't always willing," she said, laughing a little. "That's why I painted Shadow farther behind everyone. Knuckles will always help you, unless he's tricked into fighting against you. That's why he's on you left, rather than your right. Tails is your right-hand man. He trusts you under any circumstances. Why are you here so early?"

Sonic turned her and pulled her into his arms. "I'm here for a few different reasons."

"Really?" Amy snuggled closer to him, relishing in his warmth. "What are they?"

Sonic leaned back from her and picked up the ring box from the bed. He turned back to her, grinning widely. "I had this huge speech planned out that probably would have taken more time than saying the actual vows." He flipped open the box and chuckled when her eyes widened. "Instead, I'm going to do this my way." Sonic took her limp hand in his and squeezed it lightly. "I know I haven't told you this yet, so here goes." He took a deep breath, steadying himself to say three words. "I love you."

Amy's eyes widened further and tears began to fill them. "Oh, Sonic," she whispered. "You know I love you too."

Sonic's grin faltered a little when she said it back. The emotions that swelled inside his chest were almost painful. To hide the pain, he pulled her against him again. "Will you marry me, Amy?" He held his breath, waiting for an answer.

A few seconds passed and Sonic began to feel panic rising inside him. "Amy? Come on, Ames. Answer me." He felt tears fall onto his shoulder and he pulled back to see them falling down her cheeks. "Amy?"

She tilted her head back and leaned forward, stopping just before their lips touched. "Yes, Sonic. I'll marry you." She closed the distance and felt his lips curve under hers. He dipped her back lightly and trailed a hand to the small of her back, supporting her as his other hand slid the ring onto her finger.

When their lips finally broke contact, Sonic rested his chin on the top of her head and grinned to himself. "I love you, Amy Rose." Then he laughed and kissed the top of her head. "I think it'll get easier every time I say it."

"It does, trust me." She pulled him back for another soul-searing kiss that left both of them panting. "Can we do it now?" she asked, opening her eyes. "Right now?"

"Do…You mean get married? Right now? But…" His eyes clouded a little. "I thought you'd have had the whole thing planned out."

"Of course I do, but…" She rubbed her nose against his. "I've decided to throw them all out the window." She let out a laugh and squeezed him in her usual death grip. "I love you, Sonic. I don't really care how we get married, I just want to as soon as possible."

He lifted her into his arms "I bet we can get a license and everything in a few hours if we go to the right place."

Amy grinned widely and nodded her head. "Let's go."

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