Ch. 1

A New Father

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Harry's POV

I was looking through the foggy window. We were already almost to Hogwarts and I hadn't seen Hermione or Ron anywhere. I wanted to show them my new thoughts, my new look. I had changed over the summer, shorter hair made into small spikes, contacts, and a wardrobe of only blacks, blues, and crimson reds.

The sliding door of my compartment opened and I turned to see Hermione and Ron standing in the door.

"Sorry. Wrong compartment." Hermione said. She closed the door and they both started walking away. I smirked. I turned my head back towards the window. The Hogwarts castle was looming up on a hill not to far away. I stood up, took down the trunk above me, and got out my new Gryffindor robe.

Hermione's POV

I was walking with Ron down one of the Hogwart's Express cars. We looked into every room trying to find Harry. At the last room we looked was someone we had never seen before. I instantly knew it wasn't Harry. The spikes and dark clothing were not Harry's type and more importantly Harry wore glasses. When he turned around I started talking.

"Sorry. Wrong compartment." Ron and I left. We were coming close to Hogwarts.

"Why don't we just go back to the prefect compartment? He'll have to show up at the sorting. If he doesn't then he'll certainly be in the common room." Ron assured me. I was still worried. What if something happened to him that nobody knows about? What if he got hurt on the way to the train? I still went through with it though.

Harry's POV

When the train stopped I opened the door to my compartment and head out into the dark starry Hogsmede. There were many carriages being pulled by dark figures. Ever since the death of Cedric I've been able to see them, even ride one. I got onto an empty one way in the back. Nobody else came in and the carriage started going up the hill. When I got there I waited till all of the large groups went in. Then I went inside. Many people were already sitting down chatting loudly. The sound was deafening. I walked slowly over to the Gryffindor table and sat down. People strained over leaning people just to look at me. I looked back and smiled politely. Most people looked away fast.

Hermione's POV

When the train stopped Ron and I went to guide the first years to the boats with Hagrid. When we were done we headed into the waiting prefect carriages that took us to the Hogwarts castle. I still had the mysterious boy on my mind. Something seemed so… familiar about him. Once we got to the castle we headed to the Great Hall. So many people were there. Even more would come once the first years entered. Ron and I sat down and found the mysterious boy, sitting close by.

I whispered to Ron, "I've never seen him before. Do you think…?"

He whispered back, "That can't be him. Harry's just not that kind of person."

We went through with the sorting and eating with out talking at all. Finally it was time to go to their common room. The new Prefects had gotten the honor to show the first years to the common room so we didn't need to worry about them. We went up the stairs towards the Fat Lady, while walking I started a conversation.

"Ron, I've been thinking."

"You always think Hermione."

I rolled my eyes. "Yes, I know that, but this is no time for humor. I do believe that the dark looking boy is… well… Harry."

Ron stared at me. "You're kidding right? I told you once before, Harry is not that kind of person."

"I do understand that, but Harry's been gone all night, but this new boy has been here all night. No one else is missing, and he isn't new so I really can't believe it. What if it is Harry?"

"Just for the moment believe it isn't. If it is we'll get through this together."

"I'm scared, Ron." Ron came over and hugged me. It felt nice being held in Ron's arms. I felt warm. He broke the embrace and put out his hand. I took it and smiled. I believe a new time is happening. If Harry changed, Ron and I can change too. Then we can see his reaction. Ron and I got to the Fat Lady. She was again as every year trying to break the glass with her voice and as every year she failed.

"Well, look who's the new couple already." She smiled politely at us.

"Umm, have you let a boy with spikes and dark clothes on inside?" I asked.

"Actually I just let him in about five minutes ago. How can a boy like that get into Gryffindor? Just tell me! He had the right password though so I let him in."

"Thanks. Zandolshki." The Fat Lady opened and we walked through. Our mysterious boy wasn't in the common room with all of the other old friends so we went up to Ron's room. There sitting on a bed was the boy.

"Harry, is that you?" Ron asked. I took his hand squeezed it tight hoping it wasn't."

Harry's POV

"You've finally figured it out. I see lots has changed while we've been apart." I smiled and looked at the two's holding hands. They both blushed but didn't take their hands apart.

"Why'd you ruin yourself, Harry?" Hermione asked.

"I didn't. I just changed is all. I got to do something, so just leave me alone for some time." I stood from my bed and left the room. I jogged down the steps into the common room, passed all the people, and went through the Fat Lady portrait. I started walking around and ended up in the dungeons. While lingering around looking at the little amount of paintings in the dungeons I found Malfoy leaning against a wall twirling his wand. With my chains on my pants making echoes, Malfoy heard me.

"Who's there?" Malfoy instantly stood straight up with his wand at the ready.

I laughed. "Malfoy, Malfoy, it's just me, Harry. I've just come to take a walk. Care to join me?"

"Why would you ask me? Anyways, you look nothing like Potter. How do I know that it's surely you?"

I shrugged. "You don't need to. Just walk okay? You're starting to bug me with your stupidity."

"Stupidity? I do not have stupidity. Fine, I'll walk with you, but it better be important."

Malfoy and I started walking down the hall. "I've known for quite some time that you've joined with Voldermort."

Malfoy slowed and evilly grinned. "Ahh, you do, do you?"

"Well, having Death Eaters as companions in the muggle world can be quite useful." Malfoy looked at me with shock.

"Who are your companions? Betrayers?"

I laughed. "I was kidding, Malfoy. Just give this letter to You-Know-Who." I stopped and took a blue envelope out of one of my many pants pockets. "If you even try to open it He'll know. I've been keeping in touch."

"Prove it." I took a crimson red piece of parchment out of another pocket and handed it to him. He gasped.

"How'd you get this? This is one of his many hand-made pieces of parchment, truly." A hissing sound was heard in the distance. I smiled to Malfoy.

"I told you I keep in touch. May I have my letter back? I can instead give it to him personally."

"How? The spells around the castle wouldn't let him get near here. How could you…" A snake slithered into view towards us. Malfoy and I bowed. The snake transformed into Voldermort.

"Rise, the both of you." We rose. "Harry, come towards me. Have you an answer?" I walked towards him without hesitation. Footsteps echoed clearly off the stonewalls.

"I do. Malfoy?" Malfoy gave the letter to him and back away a bit. The footsteps became clearer. Voldermort opened the envelope and read the letter. He grimly smiled at me.

"Draco?" Malfoy looked into his eyes. Snape came into view. "Severus?" Severus looked at him. "Both of you. Meet your second master. Malfoy and Snape both bowed to me. I smiled to Voldermort.

"Thank-you, Master."

"Don't call me that. You may call me… Father."

"Thank-you, Father." The word fitting perfectly in my mind. A new father. One much more powerful.

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