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James laughed as he poked his small son's stomach and cooed at the adorable boy. "You look just like I did when I was a baby, yes you do. You're so adorable!" He bent over the tub a bit more and gave the eight month old Harry a kiss on the forehead, then continued to wash him.

When he heard a laugh behind him, he turned and saw Lily, Sirius, and Remus standing at the door, all watching him closely.

"I always did say that James's had an unhealthy obsession with himself," Sirius said.

"You know what? This gets really annoying. Why do you always insist on watching me when I'm taking care of my son?"

"Honey," Lily said. "We don't trust you with our son."

"And why not? I'm a good father."

Lily rolled her eyes at her husband. "James, do you remember that snidgit that you caught that one year at Hogwarts?"

"Yeah, I'm still mad at you for setting it free! It took forever to find and catch."

"Whatever. Can you guess why I set it free?"

"No. I never mistreated it. I always feed it and played with it."


"I don't see what this has to do with you not trusting me with Harry."

"Because, you'll end up throwing him and dropping him."

A large smile spread across James's face and his hands started to move toward the naked baby in the tub.

"NO!" Lily yelled.

"Sirius, help me out, mate." James's pleaded to his best friend.

"Sorry, man. I have to side with your wife on this."

"Come on, let the poor man have some fun," Remus said with a smile. James smiled back at him while the others looked at him like he went insane. "It's not like he'll drop him, he was the best seeker Hogwarts had ever seen, and you know it."

"See, Sirius! Even your boyfriend agrees with me, and he's the careful and smart one! Why don't you?"

"Cause your wife decided to black mail me and said if I didn't she'd tell Remus about the videos."

"What videos?" Remus asked with his eyes narrowed.

"Um, oops," Sirius said and bit his lower lip.

"What videos?" Remus's voice was more forceful.

"Um, the ones where I taped, um...Butterflies! Yes, butterflies. I never taped me and you in our bedroom, or in the garden, or the kitchen table, or-or-or the school library, the school infirmary, or in the Great Hall that one night, or Snape's bed when we went to school, or Lily and James's bed just an hour ago."

"SIRIUS! MY BED!" Lily yelled.

"Oops, I wasn't supposed to say that." He looked around for a hiding place to get away from both his angry boyfriend and his best mates angry wife. When he didn't find anything to hide him, he did the only logical thing. He jumped into the bathtub and hid behind Harry. "You cannot reach me! I am invincible now!" James smiled as Harry's lips puckered and his eyes narrowed in confusion. Then the brightest smile came over Harry's lips as he bounced slightly and threw his arms around Sirius, giggling.

The room laughed all earlier tension evaporating. James took Harry away from Sirius and held out his hand to help him out. He then went to the bed room and as soon as he was far enough away from Lily, he threw Harry high into the air, causing Lily to gasp in terror and an eruption of giggles from Harry. James's laughed again and started to put a diaper and some clothes onto the still giggling boy.


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