My name is April Fenton. I'm your average teenage girl; I attend high school, argue with my parents, and have a few friends. Well I guess I can't really call myself average in all aspects. I have long black hair but part of it is white in the front. My eyes are two different colors (my left is green while my right is blue). Though I must admit the strangest thing about meis the fact that I'm part ghost, a power I inherited from my father…oh and I died just about five days ago. I'm alive now thanks to a bit of help from a ghost named Clockwork.

Did I say strange? I meant freaky.

I was killed by my Dad's evil incarnate Dan. However, like I said, Clockwork brought me back to life. I don't remember much about what dying actually felt like. My best friend Carrie thinks that if I remembered it my brain would shut down…but then again Carrie's weird. I barely remember anything from my fight with Dan really; the last thing I remember was flying towards him and his arm moving towards my stomach then the next thing I know I'm being held by my mom who is crying a lot.

After dad finally pulled her away from me my dad's younger self explained what had happened after I had been…incapacitated. I don't know if I believe Dan will stay down just because Clockwork trapped him in time but I really hope so.

Speaking of 'down' after all the excitement dad and everyone else has basically crashed and been asleep on and off for awhile now. Even Danny (dad's name and how I will refer to my dad's past self) stayed a few days to recuperate. We had to keep him hidden from Grandma and Grandpa who made quite a few visits to see if we were okay after the ghost invasion that had been led by Dan. We don't have to worry about that much longer though because Danny will be going back to his own time today.

"April," her mom called causing April to look up from her laptop.

April saved the document she had been typing and shut the computer, "Yeah?"

"Time to go."

April stood up and stretched. She looked down at the floor to find Danny sprawled on a cot at the foot of her bed, a trickle of drool running down his chin. April rolled her eyes and put a hand to the cot. The cot went intangible and Danny sank through and landed hard on the floor.

Danny shot up and looked around wide eyed for a bit, as if expecting an attack. He looked around and realized where he was and glared at April, "Thanks."

"No problem. Come on. It's time to go," she said, heading out the door.

Danny glanced out April's open window and sighed, 'I hope the future stays like this. I can live with this future,' he thought.

((Back to the Past))

It had been five hours since Danny had left with April to go to the future. As soon as they had left Sam and Tucker had gone to Sam's house to wait for him. Sam, of course, was paranoid about Danny's safety and had glanced at the black phone by her couch, "Exactly 1,263 times now Sam," Tucker said with a laugh. He had occupied his time by counting the number of times Sam glanced or looked at the phone. He especially loved it when the phone rang and Sam would make a dash for the phone and answer it with a 'DANNY!' only to be disappointed by it being a solicitor or someone asking for her parents. Sam would then get angry and hang up without even telling her parents someone had called.

Sam glared at Tucker, "Shut up Tucker! If you aren't going to be any help then you can just leave. Besides why can't you wait for Danny at your house…he'll call you too."

Tucker rolled his eyes, "Because I know Danny will call you first and I want to hear the entire story!"

"That's not…" Sam began but was cut off by the phone ringing. She dove for the phone, "DANNY!"

Tucker expected it to be another phone solicitor but was surprised when a familiar voice could be heard on the other side, "Hey Sam." Tucker smirked at Sam, who was ignoring him, but he couldn't help but mutter, "Told ya' so."

Sam resisted the urge to chunk something at Tucker and turned her back to him, phone held firmly to her ear, "What happened? Are you okay? What's the future like now?"

Danny chuckled, "I don't think I can recap all that happened on the phone. How about we meet tomorrow and I'll give you all the details then. I just wanted to call and tell you I'm okay."

"Alright," Sam paused, "but you better tell us everything!"

"Yeah Danny," Tucker called over Sam's shoulder, "like do I have a hott wife or what?"

Danny burst into laughter, 'Typical Tucker,' he thought. "Tomorrow Tuck I promise." Danny hung up the phone and wondered if he should really tell Tucker who he was married to. Though a better question was would he be able to confide in Sam that they were married. Danny blushed realizing he did still have feelings for Sam but he still didn't feel if he was ready to admit them. Tomorrow was certainly going to be interesting.

Final Author's Note: Wow. Just, wow. This is my first completed Danny Phantom fan fic and my second completed fic overall. I would like to take this time to thank all you reviewers for supporting me in this endeavor. I realize there now seems to be a big fan basis for creating Danny's kids but I like to think April holds a special place in your hearts for Fenton kids.

Speaking of April, I have a few plans for her in the future. I don't want to share any secrets (my consultant and minion Crimson Ninja knows most of them though) but let's just say this isn't the last you'll see of April.

Now that this fic is done I suggest checking out my other Danny Phantom fan fic "Of Spooks and Spiders." It's a crossover with Spiderman and Danny is in college. If that doesn't suit you, you are welcome to check out my other DP fic about Danny meeting Yusuke and the gang in a Yu Yu Hakusho crossover I call "Han Rei." Its co written with Crimson Ninja (who hasn't updated in awhile but I'll start pestering him again).

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